Are You Of Service To Self Or Others?

By Paul A Philips

Just Imagine for a moment drawing a large rectangle. This rectangle represents everything the average person says in a day or a week or a month or in year… Now, in your mind’s eye imagine shading in a very small area within the rectangle. The small shaded area represents what the average person says that actually means something in his/her life. -Is this how you see yourself?

The point is if you have read my other articles then you’ll know that this is my way of reaching out to you. To get you into action and do something about this sinking ship called planet Earth with its inhabitants. Most people have no idea about the awful plans the hidden powers that be have for the human race with their secret dehumanisation program intended for you, your children and their children to be.

This is your clarion call to action to do something about it. Indeed, it’s a ‘do or die’ situation and to reiterate what I’ve been saying in previous articles, there are 3 things needed to be done.

1. Spreading the word

Shine a light on the criminal cabal to expose the deception and their heinous crimes. Let your friends and family know… Let the world know what’s really going behind the ‘theatre of illusion’ believed by many to be real and encourage others to spread the word just like you. The world needs this more than anything.

2. Do your inner work

The world ‘out there’ is only a mirror reflection of what’s going on with us ‘in there’ with you. In other words, though changing our inner world by monitoring our thoughts, feelings, emotions and intentions, the power of manifestation, meditation, prayer… we can create synergistically an outcome where there will be love, peace and light in the world and the criminal cabal will no longer have an effect.

3. Chose

This one simply means a way of going about the above 2 things. Chose love over fear, calmness instead anger, peace not war, communication over silence and freedom over tyranny…

Don’t underestimate yourself. Insignificance is an illusion. You are more than just a 5 sense meat-and-wires body. There are higher multidimensional levels of reality and you as a conscious being operates on these levels. You can make a difference to the world.

The choice is up to you. Are you in or out?

-Like I said: Are you of service to self or others?

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