Will There Be A New World Order?

By Paul A Philips

I get asked from time to time, will there be a new world order? As far as I can see, the only answer anyone can ever give is, ‘I don’t know.’ Whether it’s defeatist or not, those who say that there will be a new world order, in my view, do not see or have some idea that there is a ‘bigger picture’ going on in relation to the circumstances.

The nature of reality is far greater than our limitations, experienced basically in the 5 sense, 3D world: The formation of life, planets, stars, galaxies and the universe… could not have happened had it not been for the existence of higher dimensions. Then, there is for example, the existence of unconditional love which operates on these higher dimensions.

The very fact that reality and therefore cause and effect operates on higher dimensional levels ought to be enough for people to realize that all is not lost in trying to create a world far different to the new world order planned by the hidden powers that be.

There’s a quote by Alice Walker: “The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.” Most people have been conditioned to believe that they are nothing more than their limitations. Do you think that those who have walked bare footed on hot coals unscathed or yogis having existed in sealed off tanks for over half an hour with only 5 minutes air supply accept that they are nothing more than their limitations? We are spiritual beings. This is where our power comes from. This power has many names and comes under many guises. In the star wars movies it is called the force.

There has never been a time more needed than now for we-the-people to get together and create using our higher dimensional capabilities a world far different to the new world order planned by the hidden powers that be. Do you feel a call to arms? What could YOU do to make a difference?

How do we operate on the higher dimensional levels and bring about the cause and effect needed? The answer lies in applying a number of universal laws. These laws are not merely a bunch of beliefs. Nor are they to be confused with belief systems. They exist and work, just like gravity. They are called the Laws of Attraction and are solid, workable principles which can be applied to create a world that makes a difference for everyone.

The 4 components comprising the laws of Attraction are:

1. Attention – To achieve an outcome, first it is necessary to give it the required attention.

2. Intention – Success in achieving an outcome is dependent on how great the intention is on what has been given attention.

-And that’s it! Achievement, manifestation, producing results… depend on how great your intentions are on what you give attention to. Just how committed could you be?

The other laws serve to keep the above working smoothly.

3. Allowance – Means not letting things get in the way of the above 2. If something happens that goes against what you intend to achieve then don’t become the effect of it. Just simply allow those things to be: It’s okay that it’s not okay! Just keep on keeping on. Never give up on what you want to achieve, keep applying 1and 2 of the laws of attraction.

4. Balance

Means not becoming the affect of your intended achievement; don’t become obsessive or ill with it…

Something the hidden powers that be cannot take away from humans, no matter how bad the enslavement may get, is the fact that we are creative and this is the key. When we get together in numbers and put our focus of attention; thoughts, feeling and emotions… on creating a world that makes a difference for everyone with firm intention we are capable of producing the outcome synergistically. Don’t underestimate this. Our inner work is crucial.

If allowed to go on the NWO will self-destruct, taking the planet and life on it with it. The choice is up to you stop this and produce the necessary turnaround. Is this task important enough for you?

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