What Sort Of Future Do You Want For Yourself, Your Family and Friends?

By Paul A Philips

Now, I’m putting you on the spot here. Ask yourself, what kind of world, what sort of future do you want to see for yourself, your family and friends? I’m not just talking immediate years here but possibly many, many years ahead. Some changes you may want to consider that would benefit not only you but your children when they get older or even their children to be…

Sure, one individual alone cannot change the world, but whether it was for human rights, freedom from slavery… for these things to have happened they had to start somewhere, so now’s your chance to be the originator or co creator of the changes you want to see.

Encouraged by the Einstein quote: “Only a life lived for others is worth living” allow me to make some suggestions, give you a give a head start by telling you what changes I want to see for the future of humanity. Here’s my outline. I want to see a world where:

1. Cooperation is above competition

Through education and media people have been brainwashed to such an extent that they fail to really see the dog-eat-dog world of unfairness, injustice and suffering related to the massive imbalance on this planet caused by an obsession with competition.

Competition obsession originates from Darwinism and the survival of the fittest, Huxley’s brave new world and eugenics… which, as a philosophy, have allowed a select few world rulers to cream off the planet’s wealth while others compliantly allow. For example, 85 of the world’s wealthiest own as much as the 3.5 billion poorest.

To get back to fairness, justice and non-victimhood, the reverse is needed where cooperation greatly exceeds competition. I’ll exemplify the cooperation paradigm in other points.

2. Most of people’s behaviour is not predicated on money

I’ll take a wild guess here. I’ll say that something like 90% of people’s behaviour is predicated on money. Out of the 7 billion on this planet around 2 billion have get by on about a couple of dollars a day, while most of the western world’s population are nations of debt slaves; student loans, mortgages, credit cards… tied to a job they don’t want to do but at least it pays the bills…

To reverse this and change the way we live it is necessary in some way to remove the ruling elite with their moneyed interests. Something on these lines, where the baking elite were removed happened in Iceland just after the 2008 financial crash. -It’s funny how this received little attention in the mass media.

3. There are changes to the political system

The political system is rigged. It is set up to such an extent that the limited numbers of political parties running for office (usually 2, 3 or 4) are ALL backed by the ruling elite. So whoever wins will not serve we-the-people but the real lords and masters the world the ruling elite with their corporate/banker agenda. Nothing new here, but the real solution is to give votes to independent candidates who have a genuine care for serving we-the-people and not backed by the ruling elite. Could you be one of those independent candidates?

4. There is a new paradigm approach in health and medicine

Indeed, there are many areas where you could get active to see change. Do you have a specialist subject? The subject of health and medicine is close to my heart. This is the area I have been campaigning in for some time.

I am a stand for the possibility of having a genuinely honest healthcare system where welfare concern for people will be placed above profits. Whereby the focus will be on cures rather than symptoms that are in place to just guarantee repeat business for wealthy pharmaceutical companies…

5. GMO is banned

Whether it’s through boycotting the products, telling everyone around you, signing local or global petitions, lobbying your MP… whatever it takes, say no to GMO. Another way you could get active in this (or any other subject for that matter) is by writing articles, blogs or put together your own website… whatever it takes. GMO is one of the most dangerous experiments on the planet. Put in the hands of greed-driven technocrats it endangers our future as a human race… It greatly exploits individuals such as farmers… I’ll leave it there for now and leave the rest for your own research.

In conclusion

Having given just a few examples, I realize that there are many other subjects that need radical changes where you could get active in. Changes are indeed desperately needed for the future of humanity on this planet. The message here is intended as a clarion ‘call to action’ with a sense of urgency.

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