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Advantages Of Getting Help From A Love Coach

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“A love coach? I’ve heard of a life coach or a therapist, but I don’t see why I personally need someone to dictate my love life.”

It is normal to be skeptical of something you have not experienced before. The only way to get rid of your doubts on healers is to experience healing for yourself.

You may have wondered why love coaches exist. It’s because problematic love lives – or a lack of a love life itself – exist. It is these people who will help you be better at handling yourself, your partner, and your relationship. You may have had a relationship that was full of twists and turns at one point in your life–it may already be happening to you now. Sometimes people think it is better to walk away from such relationships and find someone else. What these people don’t know is that relationships can be fixed; it doesn’t have to end so quickly and easily.

While others may get through relationship situations unscathed and unaffected, there are those who may need that little push to move on with their life. With that in mind, here are some advantages of seeking help from a love coach.

A love coach teaches you about hope. Whatever challenge you are in, with or without a partner, keep in mind that there is always hope that you (and your partner) can get through it. Sometimes couples or individuals lose their way and believe that their relationship is going nowhere but downhill, especially when they have been together for so long. A love coach will help remind you about all the good things about your relationship, and why you started it in the first place, and then guide you into recapturing that desire and passion to breathe life to your relationship again.

A love coach empowers you to not just become hopeful, but also to be a better person your partner or future partner deserves, and vice versa. Every single day, you are moved by everything around you, you show it to your partner, and you become more and more aware of all the good things in life, and focus on that for you and your partner.

A love coach helps you understand yourself and your partner. It is by understanding yourself, and embracing who you are, that you will love yourself. And that will result in confidence, self-esteem, self-love, respect, and empathy–just some of the traits that make a person become attractive to another.

A love coach also shows you why it is important to celebrate the love you have or going to have. Because love is such a beautiful and precious gift to give, have, and/or be given, it is only right that you recognize and appreciate its presence and the people you love. If you have no partner yet, a love coach shows you how to share this happiness to the person you care about.

These are just some of the many things you will learn from a professional love coach. Aside from individual sessions, a love coach may also offer workshops and courses. Whether you are attending a workshop alone or with your partner, you can be sure that you will come out a better and more enlightened loving individual.

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5 Common Mistakes When You Exercise To Lose Weight

By Jon Allo

In addition to helping you lose weight, exercise can make you feel better, give you more energy and perhaps even help you live longer. But you’ve got to do it right. Here are 5 common mistakes that everyone usually makes when they start to exercise to lose weight.

1. Doing Too Much Too Soon.

If you are just starting to exercise to lose weight, you should start off light and slow. If you do too much too soon you run the risk of giving yourself an injury or getting so exhausted that you have to wait days before you have the energy to start again. If you have not done any activities for a long time, start with a gentle exercise to lose weight like walking and increase the distance, time and momentum as you feel ready.

2. Not Including Resistance Training In Your Routine.

Resistance, or strength training, is an effective way to exercise to lose weight because muscles burn more calories, even when they are resting. Concentrate on training the largest muscle groups of the body like the legs, back, and chest. Females sometimes worry that this kind of exercise will turn them into a bulky bodybuilder. But it won’t, as large bulky muscles are developed by a very specific, and very hard, exercise program.

3. Only Doing Long Cardio Sessions.

You do need to incorporate some cardiovascular exercise to schedule. It increases your heart rate, conditions your lungs, and burns fat. Interval training is the best cardio exercise to lose weight. This is where you switch between high intensity exercise with low intensity recovery periods. Doing both interval training and resistance training are good ways to lose weight quickly and improve your lean muscle tissue.

4. Eating Whatever You Want Because You Exercise Regularly.

If you have started daily exercises to lose weight it does not automatically mean that you can eat what you want. You can exercise as hard as you want, but if those calories that you’ve burned are being replaced with with unhealthy foods and extra fats, it is very unlikely that you will reach your fat loss goal. To lose weight you need to cut back on fatty and sugar filled fast foods and eat more fresh fruit and vegetables.

5. Doing Exercises You Don’t Enjoy.

Exercise is something many people dread when they want help losing weight. But there are hundreds of good ways to exercise and by giving some of them a try, you’re sure to find at least one that you enjoy. Once you add a few different types of exercises to your routine, you can alter the days you do them or combine them in different orders to add variety and avoid boredom.

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5 Ways To Tell If Your Weight Loss Plan Is Bad News

By Jon Allo

If you are following a weight loss plan and it does not appear to be helping you to lose weight you need to look at what’s gone wrong. You have taken positive action to lose those excess pounds and it will be very demotivating if you don’t see the results that you want. Here are 5 reasons why your weight loss diet plan is bad news.

1. Your Diet Has No Variety.

The best weight loss plans have a wide range of naturally healthy and tasty things to eat. It’s bad news if your plan doesn’t have sufficient variety, both in taste and in health benefits. You don’t have to stop enjoying flavours when it comes to losing weight. You can eat a healthy balance of low calorie and nutritious foods without the need of just eating dull alternatives. For instance, you can add spices and herbs to your meals without adding loads of calories or fat.

2. You’re Not Exercising.

It’s bad news if your weight loss plan does not include any exercise. Having an easy to follow exercise regime not only ensures you’ll stick with it, but it also makes it more enjoyable. Exercise is key to good health and weight loss. It also improves mood and alleviates stress, both of which are key to healthy weight loss.

3. It’s Making You Feel Tired, Anxious, Or Depressed.

If you choose to follow a rapid weight loss diet it can lead to dehydration and tiredness as they often do not provide enough calories or nutrients that your body needs. Starving yourself can also cause lack of energy, depression, anger, and anxiety. This type of weight loss diet will never provide long lasting results because they are impossible to follow for the long term and most people end up putting on more weight when they stop the diet.

4. You Have Gained Weight And Not Lost Any.

Obviously, the whole idea of a weight loss plan is to help you lose weight as opposed to putting it on. Weight gain can happen for several reasons. It could be due to stress, eating more calories than you burn, or eating unhealthy foods.

5. Your Diet Is Only Temporary.

The only way to lose weight and keep it off forever is to change your habits and learn to make healthy choices, both in the way you eat and how you exercise. If you think of your weight loss plan as a short term fix, it will never yield long-term healthy weight results. Once you stop and go back to eating and not exercising as you did before the weight will go back on.

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5 Misconceptions About The Best Way To Lose Weight

By Jon Allo

The best way to lose weight is to implement a steady change to a healthy lifestyle. Here are 5 pitfalls and myths that surround weight loss that can prevent you from giving your body the nutritional goodness and exercise that needs.

1. You Have To Immediately Make Drastic Changes To Your Diet.

Making sudden and dramatic changes to your diet is not the best way to lose weight as it is unlikely that you’ll be able to stick with them. Start by making small changes with the foods you choose. For example, during the week replace a couple of desserts with a piece of fresh fruit. Have a side salad or steamed vegetables with your lunch rather than always opting for French fries.

2. You Have To Starve Yourself.

Many people think that the best way to lose weight is to drastically reduce eating as many calories as you can by starving yourself. This is an extremely unhealthy way to go about it because your body goes into starvation mode. It is not sure when the next time that it will be fed, so it simply reserves its energy and clings onto your body fat.

3. You Have To Spend Hours In The Gym Every Week.

You do need to include some exercise into your weekly routine if you want to lose weight for good. But this doesn’t mean that you have to spend hours in the gym every week. The best exercise to lose weight is one that you enjoy and that you will want to carry on doing regularly. There are lots of different fun ways to exercise, whether at home on your own, in a group setting or simply by adding more physical movement into your day.

4. You Can Go On A Crash Diet.

This article is about helping you to lose weight for good. Crash diets are normally very restrictive in the kinds of foods that you can eat and sometimes whole food groups will be removed. If you abruptly change to a restricted diet, your body will react by holding less water. You will lose weight but you will not essentially lose any fat. When you finish the diet that weight will most likely go straight back on.

5. You Can’t Have Any Treats.

To lose weight for good you need to have some balance and you don’t have to give up your favourite foods entirely. While you will need to make changes to your diet, you can still enjoy your favourite foods in moderation and lose weight. If you reward yourself occasionally with a treat you will find it much easier to keep to your new lifestyle of improved nutrition and fitness which helped you to lose weight.

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5 Easy Tips To Help You Burn Body Fat

By Jon Allo

The only way to burn body fat successfully is to put into action an effective overall fat burning program. But it all has to be done in the right way so that you can maintain it and not put all the fat back on when you stop. Here are 5 quick tips to help you burn body fat starting today.

1. Don’t Limit Your Calorie Intake Too Much.

If you limit the amount of calories you eat too much, your body will think that it’s heading into starvation, so it reacts by reducing your metabolic rate to make the most of the food it is getting. For your metabolism to work efficiency and burn calories, eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, protein, lean meats and whole grains. These foods will keep you full, and are not packed with saturated fat, sugar and calories.

2. Don’t Miss Out Breakfast.

To kick start your metabolism out of its resting metabolism rate you need to fuel your body after sleeping. Having a healthy breakfast helps to wake your system and get it working to burn body fat. If you’re skipping breakfast, you’re more likely to reach for high sugar and high calorie snack foods during the morning.

3. Get Yourself Moving.

Research shows that after sitting down for 4 hours or more, your system produces less of the enzyme that helps to burn body fat and cholesterol. But, by just standing up and moving about kicks your system back in to gear. If you sit down for your job, ensure that you get up and move around for 5 minutes every hour.

4. Get An Exercise Routine.

Cardiovascular exercise burns fat and the most calories, but just for the period that you exercise. When you stop exercising, the calorie burn stops. On the other hand, strength or resistance training goes further. You burn calories while you are exercising and you also burn calories after you have stopped exercising. This is because your metabolism needs to restore the glycogen, or energy, back to your muscles. The best exercises to burn body fat are a mixture of both cardio and resistance training.

5. Get A Weight Loss Plan.

One of the problems that people face when they try to lose body fat is that they see the change in lifestyle as a prison sentence. But you have to think about what you are really trying to do and that is to have a healthier lifestyle. You need to make your diet and exercise routine work in such a way that you can stick to it. If you’re too restrictive and never allow yourself to have the things you enjoy, you won’t be able to keep it up.

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Effective Communication The Power Of Living In The Conversation

By Paul A Philips

If ever you want to know who you really are then take a look at the nature of the conversations you have in life. Whether it’s in the nature of how you talk to others or the chatter in your head, the conversations you have going on reflect who you are and is about as exclusive as your fingerprints!

-So for personal effectiveness it’s worth examining the nature of your conversations reflecting the way you see things, how you interact… and how you can shape them for fulfilment and effective communication.

Life as a conversation in your head

2 men walking down the street: Both men have a conversation in their heads about money. The first man is thinking how he’s going to make ends meet, having real issues / concerns about paying next month’s rent and with insufficient funds he also owes money to the bank as monthly dues… etc.

Then there’s the second man. He’s considering how to invest in stocks and shares having received a sizable windfall. He’s estimating how much spending money he’ll need to go on holiday, not leave him short after buying those stocks and shares…

By their own interpretations the first man is having a terrible day while the other is enjoying life, but both men are doing the same thing, walking down the street! You see, the only difference between the 2 men is the different conversations in their heads.

The point to this is that the conversation in our heads can determine what we get out of life. Will your internal conversation run you or will you run it?

Life as an external conversation how you interact with others

Whether it’s the chatter in your head or how you talk to others the nature of the conversation is determined by a number of factors. The point to get is that they’re all interpretive and choice-based. When interacting with others you can create the conversation.

Will you have a conversation based on negativity; in the morass, helplessness or on victimhood..? Or will you create a conversation for opportunity, resourcefulness, contribution, solving problems or sharing yourself on the joy that life really is..?

-You can see that the nature of the conversations you choose determines how life shows up for you. One thing is for sure the conversation merely based on negativity is not empowering for you!

So it’s well worth doing some introspection, asking yourself who I am as an opportunity, a resource, as someone who can help, contribute, solve problems and share myself on a daily basis…

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5 Basic Principles Why Belly Fat Loss Is Important

By Jon Allo

If your health and happiness are important to you, belly fat loss can make a dramatic improvement in your life. When your waistline starts to get near 39 inches or more, there are 5 fundamental reasons why you need to start thinking about ways to lose stomach fat.

1. Your Future Health.

The most important benefits of belly fat loss are those on your health. By decreasing your waistline, you can reduce your risk for diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. Diabetes is a serious condition and it is the leading cause of blindness and a major cause of kidney disease. When you’re at risk for heart disease, you’re also at risk from suffering a stroke. Strokes cause specific areas of the brain to fail as they have no oxygen and nutrients. Losing belly fat will help you to live a longer life and have more quality of life.

2. Your Appearance.

When you reduce belly fat, your clothes will fit better. You’ll be able to buy clothes at your favorite clothing stores and walk out with something that looks great right off the rack. You’ll no longer worry about how you look in your swimsuit or feeling too embarrassed to tuck in your shirt.

3. Your Self Confidence.

You’ll have more self confidence and feel better about the way you look when you start to lose the weight around your middle. You’ll also feel more comfortable in smaller spaces. Tight spaces can make you feel self-conscious and uncomfortable. For example when you’re sitting in an airline seat when you go on holiday or eating in a enclosed restaurant booth.

4. Your Body’s Joints.

Belly fat loss can reduce the unnecessary strain on your back and other joints and ease your aches and pains. Extra weight can pull your joints out of alignment and put more stress on them. With the weight gone, you’ll feel lighter on your feet and have more energy to go about your daily routine. It will be easier to do simple things like walking up and down stairs, playing with your kids and getting involved in sports and activities.

5. Your Lifestyle.

Belly fat loss for men can help stop the possible problem of erectile dysfunction. Also high blood cholesterol and high blood pressure are problems faced by people who are overweight. Snoring is another common problem because fatty tissue at the back of your throat obstructs your breathing passage when you’re lying down. Losing even a small amount of body fat can reduce your snoring quite considerably so that you, and your partner, can benefit from getting better quality sleep at night.

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Communication Can Make All the Difference in Patient-centered Care

By Karen Denovich

Communication is one of the most important components to everyday life. The same is true in a medical setting.

Patient-centered care ensures you get the information you need to make better decisions about your health. In patient-centered care, the goal is for healthcare providers to work alongside families and patients to identify and meet all of the needs of the patient while meeting all of the professional requirements of the medical staff.

Understanding Patient-centered Care According to the Institute of Medicine, this type of care is defined as “Providing care that is respectful of and responsive to individual patient preferences, needs, and values and ensuring that patient values guide all clinical decisions”.

Patient engagement, as it is sometimes called, is the standard for care because it ensures your needs are understood and met when you are facing medical requirements.

In order to provide high-quality care like this, it is essential for good communication to be in place throughout the patient’s experience with doctors and other medical staff during his or her hospital stay.

There are many ways in which patient-centered care becomes possible when good communication is present. Here are some examples.

Educating patients on their diagnosis is essential. It’s not good enough to simply provide information. It’s also important for you to ask questions and for our team to answer them thoroughly.

It is essential for both the doctor and patient to work together to discuss not just ailments but also healthy behavior. This means engaging patients with information and resources when they may need to begin addressing factors such as weight loss, smoking, or lifestyle choices that may be dangerous to them in the long term.

Good communication means opening up conversations about treatments options. It is a good idea to learn about potential solutions and be willing to ask questions regarding those options.

In this type of care and communication, it is important for doctors, nurses and other medical providers to also take into consideration the patient’s cultural traditions, family situations, values, and social circumstances. In other words, we want to be able to help the patient to meet his or her needs and continue to live life the way he or she desires but with the medical care the patient needs.

There are many ways patients and doctors can come together to open conversations up to discuss specific needs and results. Sometimes, this type of communication leads to difficult topics and conversations.

However, when communication is possible and it is engaged on both sides of the coin, it is possible for better medical decisions to be made for everyone involved.

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6 Fat Fighting Tips For Getting A Flat Tummy

By Jon Allo

Losing belly fat is not rocket science! The processes is basically to fuel your body with the right foods, not overindulge, and using physical activity to burn up the fuel your body has been fed. Here are 6 tips that will help you to lose belly fat.

1. Adapt Your Lifestyle.

The main reason that people have trouble losing belly fat is that they do not change their lifestyle. You have to commit to improving your nutrition and fitness for the long-term by eating healthy and nutritious foods that you like and finding some type exercise that you actually enjoy doing.

2. Stay Away From Processed Foods.

Are you eating less but still not losing belly fat? This is probably due to the fact that you are eating the wrong foods. Avoid processed foods that come in a come in a box, can, bag or carton. They are typically modified to prolong shelf life and have high levels fat, sodium and sugar and have little or nutritional value.

3. Move Your Body More.

You need to burn more calories than you are consuming so need to get your body moving. If you drive to work or to the shops, park your car further away from your destination. If you use public transport, get off one or stops early. If you walk an extra 10 minutes each day you can burn off over 280 calories per week.

4. Eat The Right Foods.

Fruits and vegetables are low in calories and high in vitamins and minerals as well as whole grain foods, fibre sources such as flaxseeds and beans and lean meats. Losing belly fat is all about balance and don’t have to give up all the foods you like completely.

5. Have An Exercise Plan.

There are hundreds of different exercise options available and by giving some of them a try, you’re sure to find at least one that you enjoy and that can fit into your weekly routine. Bear in mind that if your tummy exercise just consists of sit-ups or crunches and nothing else, you’ll not get the results you want. To get that flat tummy showing you have to lose the fat that is on top of them first.

6. Be Careful What You Drink.

Alcohol is very high in calories and can cause you to collect fat especially around your stomach. There’s a reason that the term “beer belly” exists so if you want to get a flat tummy, cut down on the booze. Get into the habit of drinking more water throughout the day as it has no preservatives, no sodium, and no calories.

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5 Golden Statements for Handling Life Effectively!

By Paul A Philips

Living a life based on chosen words or statements can be truly empowering. Words, when lived by, not only exist to create the future by taking actions consistent with what you said you’d do but also they make things manifest with your way of being.

Put another way, words serve as a self-fulfilling prophecy. So be careful with what you say as it can have an effect on the outcome… For example, the statement ‘it’s just my luck that…’ could manifest something undesired because you said that would happen!

Living a life based on recognising the power of your word can mean the difference between being at cause with things as opposed to allowing yourself to be subject to the unpredictable wheel of circumstance. Which will you chose?

So, bearing this in mind, here are my 5 golden statements for handling life effectively.

1. I am responsible

Responsibility at least at times can be quite misunderstood. To some responsibility implies more burden; more problems to deal with… but it doesn’t have to be interpreted this way. Responsibility can be wholly embraced: The more responsibility embraced the more control you have in your life.

2. I am self-sufficient

Self-sufficiency is the key to life-handling. How can you ever really grow when you’re not self-sufficient? Self-sufficiency is stability, having a job, enough money, satisfying relationships… When people don’t achieve this they spend most of their time stuck on fear, anxiety, worry… living life one day at a time, preventing real growth, fulfilment and living a life that’s nurturing…

3. If I can’t see it I won’t handle it

In other words if there are things you cannot handle in life then it could be that you’re not aware of the full picture. For example, in business, companies know that having full visibility in the supply chain means minimising the risk. Or, if something is not working in your life then it’s necessary to have the realization that something’s missing; that you need to look outside of your current paradigm and see the bigger picture…

4. Face the communication

This golden statement can be compared to the old adage ‘what you resist will persist’ as in the case of communication. Someone willing to face the communication with whatever shows up in life is a person well and truly committed to living life to the full!

Someone who shy’s away or will not deal with a particular area of communication will have difficult or confronting situations forever showing up in life as patterns related to what it is they will not face the communication in.

For example, the woman who will not tolerate bad language around her will inevitably be forever shocked or offended… Then there’s those who ‘dry up’ in the conversation because someone has touched upon certain areas they cannot confront… This one may be an ego issue…

5. I will not be a victim

Life will show up as a consequence of where you are consciously at: Life manifests as a result of your thoughts, considerations, attitude, emotional behaviour, feelings… and if all this is to a certain extent associated with negativity then you could well end up in situations where you are a victim.

-What goes on internally will manifest externally.

I never underestimate the power to say to myself “I will not be a victim,” making sure that my thoughts, considerations, attitude, emotional behaviour, feelings… do not pull me in to victim conscious. Hence the saying “I am not a victim.” Since the world’s population has a truly overwhelming number of victims I would never underestimate this golden statement.

So, there you have my 5 golden statements for handling life effectively!

I’m sure you could think of other golden statements to live by like mottos… To this end I do hope that this has inspired you!

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