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6 Ways That Exercise For Beginners Gets Results

By Jon Allo

Exercise for beginners can seem like a difficult activity. We all know that regular exercise can make you look and feel great but it can be a challenging if you don’t know where to begin. Here are 6 tips about exercise for beginners to help you get started.

1. Set Yourself An Objective.

Rather than have a vague target like ‘lose weight’ or ‘build muscle’ set a specific goal to do a specific amount of exercise over a specific period of time. As an example, you could commit to go running three times per week for 30 minutes.

2. Keep An Exercise Notebook.

Make sure you keep a note of your exercise sessions to monitor your progress. Write down what exercise you have done during the week and include things like how far you ran, the number of lengths you swam and how you felt after the workout.

3. Start Slowly.

Begin your workout regime gradually. Increase the amount you exercise and the intensity of your exercise session each week. People usually overestimate their capability to exercise. A good general guideline is to start out a routine at 30% less than you think you can handle and then work your way up from there. Then, rather than overestimating and feeling guilty that you have not achieved your objectives, when you underestimate you’ll feel good about exceeding your goals.

4. Find An Exercise Buddy.

Try exercising with a friend or family member. That way you may find it easier to stay motivated and you can both help to encourage each other. You can try new exercise routines together and you’ll be less likely to quit your new exercise plan.

5. Start Small and Build Up.

The best exercise for beginners is something simple like walking. Walk for a short distance or only for a short amount of time at first. When you feel your body is doing well with this pace, increase the distance or time a little and keep building momentum.

6. Find An Exercise You Enjoy.

Exercise for beginners can become something you dread if you don’t enjoy it. There are hundreds of good ways to exercise and by giving some of them a try, you’re sure to find at least one that you enjoy. You may find that you enjoy a 30 minute home workout more than going out to exercise. Once you find a workout that you enjoy doing, stick with it, and you will start to see the benefits in no time at all.

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How To Motivate Yourself — Motivation 101

Have you ever listened to a motivating speaker, felt motivated to make a change in one or more aspects of your life as a result, but then failed to take action upon leaving the conference room or auditorium? Unfortunately, this scenario is all too common.

Consider this; every year on January 1st millions of people outline a list of goals they intend to achieve for the New Year. Yet, all too few accomplish their goals. Why is this?

You cannot achieve your goals and dreams unless you get started. Newton’s Law of Motion certainly rings true when it comes to motivation; bodies at rest tend to stay at rest. Getting started is often the largest hurdle for most people to overcome. However, once you begin a project, initiate an idea or take action steps, most people stay the course and accomplish their goal.

How do the most successful people get motivated, and remain motivated? The answer is simple — commitment. Well, at least that’s part of the answer.

The other parts of the answer involve going after the right goals or targets, having a realistic game plan, maintaining a connection to the established goals, and simply having fun during the process.

Does your Goal Pass the Acid Test?

When you consider your goals and dreams, how badly do you want to achieve them? Are you willing to do just about anything to accomplish them? This is the real acid test. Or, are they merely things that you would just like to accomplish? Herein lies the difference between goals and dreams.

If items on your to-do list, would like to have list, or goals and dreams list don’t really matter enough to you at the end of the day, you aren’t going to be really motivated to press on come hell or high water and accomplish what you need to. So, review your list of goals to see if they pass the acid test. Shorten your list to only those items that pass. Then, commit yourself to working through the process.


There’s a reason professional athletes spend a great deal of time before a game, match or event visualizing. They are focusing on not only accomplishing their goal of winning, but on how they will feel as a result.

Spend time considering what your goals look like? How will you feel the moment that you accomplish them? Who will you celebrate with? And what are the actual benefits or rewards that will accompany this success?

Visualization allows you to feel connected to your goals. And it can build the confidence needed to take that first step.

Defining a Realistic Game Plan

Now that you have identified what your ‘actual’ goals might be and have visualized what it will be like to achieve them, it’s time to determine the steps you need and intend to take. Outline specific action steps and completion dates. This is where so many fail. When defining your plan of action, you must consider what you will accomplish and by what date; otherwise, your goal is simply a dream.

When defining deliverable dates, be realistic. Set milestones that you can actually accomplish. Setting unrealistic goals is a recipe for disaster. In addition to the ultimate completion date, be sure to insert short term milestones to work as check-points.

For example, if one of your goals is to lose 15 pounds this year, you will first want to break this goal down into bite sized chunks (1 lb. at a time). Establish quarterly weigh in points. After each weigh-in, track your progress against your larger goal. Post your progress in an area that you will see daily for additional motivation; your bedroom, bathroom mirror or refridgerator. If you are on track, reward yourself. If you aren’t on track, take corrective action.

Have Fun with Rewards

If one or more of your goals are long-term, it can be challenging to stay focused over the entire time period. Shorter milestone check-points will provide you with realistic targets where you can check-in to see how you are faring against goal. When you are on track, reward yourself.

Rewards don’t have to be monumental in order to be effective. They must simply represent something of value or personal enjoyment. Treats if you are on a diet, the purchase of a much coveted item, a massage or a night out are simple examples of potential rewards. Your rewards need to be personal and meaningful to you personally in order to motivate you.

Be Flexible

If you get off track during your journey, allow yourself the flexibility to modify your plan. Sometimes you need to adjust the goal. Don’t beat yourself up — learn from the experience, make the necessary adjustments, and get back on track.

Ask for Help

One of the most motivating things can be encouragement from someone you respect, trust, or love. Share your goals with a mentor, family member or friend and ask them to assist you along your journey. Check in with them and give them permission to hold you accountable.

External motivation is often readily available; speakers, a book or a favorite song or tune. Motivating yourself requires focus, dedication and commitment. If you have identified the right goals, formulated a realistic plan and utilize tools along the way, your chances of achieving your goals will be powerfully increased.

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Why A Simple Diet Plan Never Works Out the Way You Want

By Jon Allo

Huge numbers of people all over the world want to lose weight and so having a simple diet plan makes good sense. But it’s sad to say, the many diets don’t succeed because they focus on elimination and restriction. Rather than helping someone to adapt to healthy eating, many diets call for you to practically remove many foods from your daily eating habits and once you’re off the diet, you go right back to eating what you did before and any weight lost goes back on.

An easy weight loss plan means not having to give up all your favorite foods or spend countless hours working out in the gym. The more complicated you make your diet the less likely you are to stick to it and get the results you want.

So What Works When You Want To Lose Weight?

You might be surprised to know that a simple diet plan that works is just about altering your habits. You substitute each bad habit with a good habit. The result, as time passes, is long lasting weight loss.

Make a list of the poor eating habits you have. Then spend a week making notes on what you eat, when you eat it and how much you ate. Don’t change your habits, just keep a note of them. Once the week is over, take a look at the habits you need to replace. Add them to the list you already created. Now, make a list of replacement habits.

For instance, if you discover that you missed breakfast for a few days then a replacement habit will be to eat a healthy breakfast everyday. Your next step is to plan how you can achieve that new habit. Using breakfast as the example, at the weekend you could make a variety of fresh fruit smoothies, mixed with protein power, for quick and healthy breakfasts to last you the week.

One Day At A Time.

To make your diet plan easy to follow, choose one habit to concentrate on at a time. If you try to embrace lots of new habits, your new diet plan can become too tricky and you’ll probably have difficulty in sticking to it. After about 3 weeks you should have found success. Then you can choose the next healthy eating habit to incorporate into your everyday life.

As you progress through your list of new habits, you’re going to see changes. You will to start to have more energy. You’ll start feeling successful and in charge of your health and weight. And you will start to lose weight. Enjoy these occasions and use them to help you stay motivated in your new healthy lifestyle.

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5 Great Cardio Exercises That Don’t Need The Gym

By Jon Allo

If the cost of a gym membership is too expensive and stopping you from getting fit and into shape there are effective cardio exercises that you can do that don’t need the gym. Cardiovascular exercise is regarded one of the most important components in any fitness program because it helps to improve energy, enhance muscle tone and aid better sleep.

1. Cycling.

Cycling is a great cardio exercise and it’s an excellent way of getting out and about. You can usually buy a second-hand bike at a good price. Start by scheduling a specific time of the day to go cycling or combine the exercise into your daily routine like riding to and from work. When you cycle regularly, it will help you burn calories, improve leg strength and tone your leg muscles.

2. Jump Rope.

Working out with a jump rope, or skipping rope, is a great way to exercise at home. This exercise targets a wide range of muscles in both your upper and lower body. Using a jump rope for at least 30 minutes each day will strengthen and tone the muscles in your shoulders, core, arms, chest, thighs, back and legs. In addition, it will boost your cardiovascular health, burn a lot of calories and enhance your coordination.

3. Walking.

Walking is a safe way to exercise and is even more enjoyable when you go with a friend. Whilst chatting to your friend as you walk, walking strengthens your leg muscles, lowers your blood pressure, helps with weight reduction and improves heart fitness. The best way to perform this cardio exercise is to walk daily at moderate intensity for 30 minutes or more.

4. Running And Jogging

Running and jogging are high-impact cardio exercises that you can do away from the gym. When done daily for about 30 to 60 minutes running helps maintain a healthy weight as it burns a lot of calories. It also improves heart health, adds years to your life, improves brain health, elevates your mood and strengthens your bones, joints and muscles.

5. Swimming.

Swimming is suitable for every age group and fitness level. Most people enjoy a dip in the pool, so why not turn that dip into some laps as a form of exercise? Swimming works your whole body but mostly targets your back, shoulder and arm muscles. Swimming also improves your flexibility, builds endurance, keeps your heart rate up and helps you maintain a healthy weight.

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My Vital Humanitarian Message To You and Your Loved Ones In The Name Of Peace

By Paul A Philips

It doesn’t have to reach crisis point to enhance our awareness and realize who we really are as a humanitarian human race. While that said, our acquiescence is interpreted as an acceptance of the ruling elite’s mandates. So they carry on with their enslavement agenda and the related developments. Indeed it’s a spiritual, mental and physical warfare on humanity.

The key here is for us to realize that we must try to access our full physical empirical knowledge and non-physical ability. The world’s ruling elite and their associates are fully aware that if we accessed these abilities it would be their greatest threat to the war on humanity.

-Access this and we WILL break free from the controlling dominion.

Although still in the minority the growing awakening numbers required to reach that ‘critical mass’ are accelerating exponentially for creating the consciousness needed to make manifest a world that makes a difference for everyone, to free humanity from enslavement and take back our rightful sovereign ownership of this planet.

In light of this, it has gone beyond apparent and is a growing realization that the controllers are getting more and more desperate to try and stop us from this mass awakening.

Look at some of the ways in which the controllers are trying to shut us up, distract or inject fear…

‘Domestic extremists’

Remember not so long ago we had UK Prime Minister Cameron telling us that there would be no tolerance of ‘domestic extremists,’ referring to those ‘conspiracy kooks,’ in other words people who have woken up to the lies… in his overtly fascist language that was indeed disturbingly subject to interpretation… Clarifications, implications..?

Consequently, there were people turning themselves in arriving at police stations jokingly and mockingly with a toothbrush in hand saying they should be locked up overnight, claiming to be one of Cameron’s ‘non-violent domestic extremists.’ The police just told them to go away…

Political correctness

Political correctness is not about protecting minority people from being offended or hurt. Ultimately, it’s about shutting people up, stopping them from justly criticising anything and accusing them should they speak…


Shutting down the debate is of course not the only means of trying to keep us from awakening. Deliberate distraction is another form of trying to stop we-the- people from realizing that things are majorly not right in the world.

Fear mongering

Yes, there’s always some bogey man about that we should all be scared of: ISIS/ISIL, a possible fake alien invasion, some disease lacking in scientific credibility… all of which have been secretly manufactured for the purpose of fear mongering.

(On the subject of ISIS/ISIL, a hint: Why aren’t they attacking Israel? Why aren’t the massive funds/resources being used to attack Israel for perpetrating those atrocities on Palestinians??)

The mass awakening

In spite of humanity taking a physical, mental and spiritual pounding from the controllers there’s good news and then there’s… good news. Yes, we’re waking up en mass. More and more citizens are changing from slumbering mediocre pieces of meat into aware activists calling for a different politic. Calling for governance by the people for the people as was outlined in the ‘Declaration of Independence’ by the US Founding Fathers on the 4TH of July 1776: “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness…”

Much of the awakening can be attributed to the rise of the internet. The internet had originally come from the darkly secretive military industrial complex, but because they don’t have a heart their allowing of it to the people at large has backfired on them…

Evidence for the mass awakening can be found for examples in:

1. Falling sales in mainstream media indicating a lack of confidence

2. A rise in alternative media exposing the truth

3. Increasing mistrust in government while realizing that they serve the corporatocracy rather than our best interests

4. Growing awareness that mass surveillance has stepped beyond the boundaries from protection into intrusion

5. Growing mistrust in the police and an awareness of police militarization… with their indiscriminate violence and petty law enforcements…

The shift

Sure, old habits die hard, but this vitally important all-encompassing principle must be focussed on so that we can gauge and produce the necessary turnaround:

-From divided to united

-Sedated to educated

-Victim to victor

-Overly competitive to more willingly cooperative

-Dysfunctional to functional

-Secrecy to openness

… etc.

Just keep on keeping on in the name of humanitarian peaceful activism and peace then we’ll be unstoppable.

Much love


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5 Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Weight Loss Plan

By Jon Allo

You put can put your weight loss plan back several steps when you give in to cravings for unhealthy, high calorie foods or exercise the wrong way. But there are ways to keep your diet plan on track when everything doesn’t go to plan. Here are 5 weight loss mistakes that can ruin your diet plan and how you can beat them.

1. Not Planning Ahead.

Low blood sugar is one of the most common causes for high calorie food cravings. It’s brought on by eating a food that contains a lot sugar. Your blood sugar spikes and then about one hour later it crashes back down so you reach for more sweet foods. Keep a healthy snack handy in your bag, your drawer at work or your car. Good snacks include things like nuts, rice crackers, vegetables, fruit, or seeds. Natural snack bars are also a good choice but ensure that the bar doesn’t have any added sugar.

2. Low Amounts Of Protein In Your Diet.

Protein helps you stay full longer and it’s a great way to balance your blood sugar level and keep your metabolism steady. Ensure you eat lean protein foods like fish (especially salmon), chicken and turkey (white meat) , eggs, dairy products such as low-fat cheese, milk and yogurt and beans, peas and lentils. You can also supplement your protein intake with whey protein powder.

3. Being Dehydrated.

The feeling of hunger and thirst are much the same and you may just need to hydrate your body. Drinking water can help you to feel less hungry, so you’ll eat less and that will, of course, help your weight loss diet plan. Water is one of the few drinks that has no additives, no salt, and no calories. You can drink loads of it without adding to your calorie consumption.

4. You’re Too Stressed.

When we are stressed it can lead to emotional eating which can really set back your weight loss plan. Take a B-Complex vitamin, get plenty of rest and consider adopting some stress management techniques. Take a good look at your life and decide which things you can cause stressful situations. Learn to cut out what you can and delegate what you can to lighten your load. Find a hobby or form of relaxation that allows you to forget the troubles for just a time.

5. You Don’t Give Yourself A Break.

Your food plan for weight loss doesn’t mean cutting out all your favourite treats. You can still enjoy a treat in moderation and lose weight. For example, if your favourite food is chocolate then, as part of your weight loss plan, allow yourself have a small bit of chocolate each day or on a Friday after you have finished work.

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Success What Is It? How Do I Become Successful?

By Paul A Philips

What does it mean to you to be successful? How do you define success? To answer these pertinent questions, let’s first look at what it means NOT to be successful or where success can be questioned as to whether or not it’s genuine. Basically there are 2 circumstances:

1. I have seen a number of people say that they’re going to be successful when they’ll feel happy or fulfilled or having expressed themselves in their ways… etc. Okay, but I have found that these things usually don’t lead to success. Making these things the criteria for success can be a trap. I’ll explain what this means later.

2. Then, for example, take the case of Marilyn Monroe. It has been said that she was one of the most successful actresses ever. However, in spite of this, she spent so much of her time peddling hope, help and victimhood… while her death was suspected to be suicide, which could challenge the definition of genuine success in terms of a successful life living like this…

Indeed, you hear of a number of individuals that are unhappy which goes against what they have on record: Big house, lots of cars and other fanciful possessions…

For example, rock guitar idol Eric Clapton said in so many words that when in the heydays with his band the Cream in the late 1960’s in spite of him getting huge amounts of money and attention he felt like he wanted to commit suicide on a daily basis.

-So what’s missing for these people in these 2 different circumstances?

What can be done so that you don’t end up getting caught in the same traps?

For circumstance number 1 the answer lies in making your targets for accomplishment as specific and measurable as possible. When I’ll feel happy or fulfilled or having expressed myself in ways… is too hazy and not defining.

Define what it is you intend to achieve stating it in the way of: I’ll achieve X by time Y with those specific and measureable results needed. Before setting out on this define for yourself what the conditions of satisfaction will be. Will this be nurturing and fulfilling for you? Does it call and inspire you..?

Basically, the same goes for circumstance number 2. Remember, if something’s missing in your life you have to see it for what it is then manage it. This may sound obvious to some but there are many people who go through their entire life never realizing or identifying success and what’s missing… what needs to be done. As I have been saying in previous articles ‘if you can’t see it then you won’t handle it…’

-It is hoped that this will inspire you enough to start chalking down what it is you intend to achieve on the drawing board for unlimited success!

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Exercise Can Be Easy When You Want To Lose Weight

By Jon Allo

Regular exercise helps you to lose weight and can make you feel better, give you more energy and even help you live longer. But do you think that exercises to lose weight are like a curse? You don’t like exercise, you’ve had bad experiences with it and the last thing you want to hear is that you need to exercise more. So what can you do?

What is Right For You?

The truth is that if you dislike exercise, you just haven’t found the right exercises to do. You don’t even have to go to the gym as there are some great home exercises to lose weight. The trick is finding the right thing for you. A lot of people think that unless you’re sweating and in pain, you’re not exercising right.

Our bodies are designed to move. In fact, many expert studies have found that moving your body continuously throughout the day is more beneficial than regular exercises to lose weight. If you adopt a lifestyle that supports moving your body continuously throughout the day, you’re going to see results. And they’re results that will last.

Move Your Body Throughout The Day.

An excellent way to see how much you move on a daily basis is to get a pedometer. These useful little gadgets measure your steps and show how active you are in the course of a day. And if you and your spouse have one, you can have a contest to see who is more active!

You could begin by walking a mile in the morning, a mile at lunchtime and a mile after you have finished work. That’s three miles and each mile will only take around 15 minutes to walk. Also, when you’re at work, take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator.

Give Up Your Seat.

Sitting all day will cause you gain extra weight and feel more sluggish. Get up from your desk every 30 to 45 minutes and move your body. Stretch your legs. Set a timer on your computer to remind you.

Find a movement or exercises to lose weight that you enjoy. The more you move your body and get comfortable moving it, the more you’ll want to move it. There’s a snowball effect. Ride your bike to work if you can. Take a dance class or join a group of walkers. The more you move your body on a daily basis, the more it’ll reward you. You’ll lose weight. You’ll keep it off. You’ll feel better knowing you’re doing something fun and rewarding for your body.

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Ignore These 5 Common Myths If You Want To Lose Belly Fat

By Jon Allo

Do you find that when you’re trying to lose belly fat you try a bunch of diets and exercises that promise results but just don’t deliver? If that is the case, don’t worry! You genuinely can lose belly fat and have the flat tummy you want. You just have to be mindful about some of the ‘silent’ taboos that are going around about the best ways to burn body fat.

1. Starve Yourself On A Crash Diet.

The problem with these fast crash diets is that your body goes into starvation mode and slows down your metabolism. This means that your body starts to hang on to as much fat as possible because it thinks that there is no food coming. When you stop a crash diet, any weight that you may have lost will most probably go right back on. Losing belly fat is a slow and steady course of action. You need to plan ahead and focus on your objective. With gradual weight loss you’ll enjoy the results long term.

2. You Don’t Have To Exercise If You Eat Less.

Cutting down on high calorie foods is important, but the quickest way to burn fat is exercise. Plan to spend 30-40 minutes working out, three to five times a week. Bear in mind that if you have weight to lose in other areas of your body, you may lose it there first. Abdominal fat is often the last fat to burn away. So don’t give up!

3. If You Exercise Everyday You Can Eat What You Want.

You have to burn more calories than you consume. So even if you are exercising, if you’re still eating more calories than you are burning, you’ll gain weight rather than lose it. The easiest way to make sure you’re burning more than you’re consuming is track what you eat and how long you exercise. There are many applications for smartphones and iPods. You can also find free tracking programs online.

4. The Best Exercises to Lose Belly Fat are Sit Ups and Crunches.

Crunches and sit-ups will not help you lose belly fat. These exercises work and tone your abdominal muscles, but you need to burn off the fat that covers those muscles first. Once that fat starts burning away it’s time to tone those muscles. Tummy toning exercise is also core exercises. They’ll help with good posture, strengthen your back muscles and enhance your stomach muscles.

5. All Foods Are Equal.

Many of foods that say that they are fine to eat as part of a healthy weight loss diet can actually cause more problems than they solve. Foods with excess sugar and salt cause bloating, which makes you feel uncomfortable and makes your stomach look bigger. Make sure that you eat lots of fruits and vegetables and include whole grains to your daily diet too. A diet rich in fibre will help stop bloating.

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How To Build Confidence – The Foundation You Must First Have

There are many books available today that are motivational, inspirational and informational in regards to boosting your confidence level. Many of these tips range from acknowledging and appreciating your strengths to focusing only on positive thoughts. While these tips are helpful and can strengthen your self-confidence, if you don’t have the foundation for practices to be built upon, then many of these tips will not be long lasting. This can cause a tremendous amount of frustration for those that are using these tips and are not seeing any permanent improvement in their own level of self-confidence.

The foundation that needs to be in place before using a process to increase your confidence level is adopting the mindset of being unconditionally responsible. Being unconditionally responsible means that you realize that you are the creator of your experiences, whatever they appear to be. You come to know that you had a hand in influencing the outcome of what you are experiencing. When you embrace this frame of mind, you actually empower yourself because you can then begin to wrap your head around the fact that if you created or at least influenced your experience, you create it differently if you don’t like what you are currently experiencing. With that understanding, you begin to feel less like you are a victim to your circumstances and you actually have some say in what happens to you, the “good” and the “bad”. Using this concept on a day to day level is the beginning of the core foundation for having self-confidence.

In addition to being responsible, you must also be unconditional. This is important because being unconditional allows you to be objective with what you are creating and experiencing as your reality. Being unconditional means you are not judging what you are experiencing and what you have created. There is no good or bad, right or wrong; it just is what it is. Look at all of your experiences in such a way as they are there only to clarify what you say you want in life and how you want to experience that life. Sometimes, you can’t know what you want until you experience what you don’t want. Judging the experience as something that you did or didn’t deserve, only keeps you from receiving the empowering message and insight that would allow you to move to the next level in understanding what you do need to do to have the kind of experiences you would love to have. If you look at your experiences as just experiences, then removing the judgment will truly increase your self-confidence because you are no longer engaging in the negative/destructive self talk that tears down your confidence.

Imagine how empowered you would feel if you went out into the world knowing that you have influence over your reality, and that nothing you do is a cause for judging yourself.

This brings up the third point of being unconditionally responsibile. Even though nothing you do is cause for judgment, it does not mean that you are released from any damage or harm that you would cause on another. If you have harmed another, you must be responsible for that damage you caused them. The good thing is, if you caused the damage, you have the ability to fix it.

Building self-confidence is simpler than you might think if you have the foundation of unconditional responsibility firmly in place. With that foundation in place, any other tips you may receive later on will be more long lasting and more effective in raising your confidence level to where the sky is the limit.

A Passion for Love is one of the best self improvement books that are packed with high level wisdom in knowing what to do to express the love that exists within all of us. Find out more about what you can do to connect more with the love that exists within you to be able to live the life you would love to live.