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Baby Boomers The Wisdom Age Is Upon Us

Copyright © 2013 Robert Owens-Greygrass

So, how are we doing as humans? One look at the news and you can see we are making big changes. We have a collective history that is painful, exciting, scary, beautiful, pitiful, glorious, and at times absurd and ridiculous. We may be in an absurd and ridiculous time right now. We are being trickstered by our own intellect. As we evolve and gain more technological ability and continue to use and abuse more and more resources/products from the earth. We continue to devolve to accept the diminishment of resources, life on the planet, and societies. Are we content to accept to be less than we are? While at the same time consuming more to prove what we think we are?

The majority of people are disappointed, at the very least, in what we have created on mother earth. We are responsible, and yes we are in a major, huge leap in collective consciousness. Hopefully this will lead to physical consciousness, like feeding and housing everyone, maybe a little less warfare, and real health and wellness. We are peering over the edge ready to expand globally, psychologically, socially, spiritually, and I think emotionally. Emotions drive us, if we are uneducated about this we will sabotage our selves over and over again. How do we behave in real emotional intelligence?

Plato said “all learning has an emotional base”.

One way to understand your emotions is a personal exploration of your internal thoughts, intentions, motivations, values, desires, fears, wants and needs. Emotions are far more than the surface feelings of fear, anger, sadness, happiness and the other basic feelings we experience everyday. We experience wide ranges of very subtle feeling all day everyday. That is; if we are not too medicated legally or otherwise, or numbed out by TV or other distractions, like war, poverty, affluence and other trickster qualities. The key is to recognize your emotions and understand how to respond with enough intelligence and coherent thought that we avoid behaving like a raging, spoiled, angry child. It is a choice/path/way to become educated as a more whole person. Immature emotions cause us to overreact or to be overly opinionated. When we are adult/mature in our emotions we act within our opinions and still allow others their opinions without threat, or fear, or loss of self esteem. It’s common to hear people getting too loud about thier opinions when they are fueled by immature, fearful and insecure emotions.

Do you even know if you are an adult? How do you measure that? So how does one grow up? Don’t be undereducated and overly opinionated. Educate your self about human emotion, and how it can suddenly sabotage and interfere with your own reasonableness. Change your emotional growth and expand into a new realm of behavior. Some ways to do that might be…using your immense intelligence, or using one of the worlds varied and countless spiritual/religious ways.

There have been many claims of how the nuclear age, or the information age, or even the industrial age were the greatest changing ages or they were the most influential on human culture.

I suggest that this era of amazing “modern” things including AA, self help groups, all the pop-psychology, personal growth and insight that emerged from those groups, will actually have the most influence on how humans are, do, grow and become. It is the people who choose to heal and become better, that will grow and expand our human culture and our collective consciousness. We have survived through many ages on mother earth, everything from the dark ages, to the industrial age, the nuclear age, horrific genocidal ages. Always within these painful ages, we have created beauty, art, compassionate acts and powerful societies. We are now in the information age……where do we grow from here?

Each era or age that we survived passed faster and faster exponentially as we grew and became more whole collectively and as individuals. I feel we are being called or coerced into this exponential growth right now. It is instinctive in our DNA. Our innate drive and desire is for life and for us to get better. Getting better as a whole human being. Getting better as sociteies. Getting better collectively as human relatives. Getting better in ways that are not measured in material gain, or technology but measured in how we truly behave toward all of life. We are living in the greatest opportunity humans have ever witnessed, to change and evolve forward as a mature, caring species. Caring for all of life, not just “our own kind”.

Right now we are entering the Wisdom Age! The Wisdom Age! Right now within our reach and at our command is our collective experience, intelligence, creativity and capacity to help.

I hope this inspires, refreshes, soothes and motivates you. P.S. I would really like to know what you are thinking about humans and the times we are in. I am serious about this. Click on my link and send me your thoughts.

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