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Online Courses Fit For Parents

The moment your kids seek their independence and start packing their bags, you and your husband are left with plenty of free time. At first, you tend to be excited about it. If before you always have to take care of your offsprings; now, you can have all the time in the world to relax and probably relive all the happy moments you had with your spouse. You and your partner might also be spending time getting to know each other again, asking what qualities you liked about each other in the first place. But after some time, both of you will get tired of this setting and will then decide to shift your time and attention to more significant things.

For you not to fall in this kind of situation, you can actually prepare ahead of time. During your brood’s last year at home, for instance, begin making plans on how you can make the most out of your leisure time and savings. Among the most fruitful activity you can invest your time and money in is education. This, however, does not necessarily mean going back to school and taking up another degree. You can simply enroll in a short course of your interest at a nearby local school or perhaps take online courses and choose from the wide variety of offerings that can help you further improve yourself.

Listed below are some of the most popular online courses that older people sign up for.

1. Healthy Relationships 101 – It is observed that once children decide to leave their comfort zones, they tend to have a distant relationship with their old folks. For this course, instead of focusing on the kids’ necessities, lessons are more geared towards maintaining or having a healthy relationship with others.

2. How to Improve Memory – With fewer concerns to think about, a lot of empty nesters start worrying about the decline of their memory and the possibility of developing memory deficiency. An online course on how to improve memory helps mature people stay sharp.

3. Small Business Start-ups – This is one of the most popular courses people in their midlife take as they feel that at this time they are more mature, experienced and sure of their actions and themselves. If before they are not willing to take risk; now, they are willing to face the world with great anticipation of hopefully making it big. Taking up this program will help them be ready to assume the position of the boss as well as be knowledgeable enough to turn their business dreams into reality.

4. Drug and Alcohol Abuse 101 – As people get older, developmental experts claim, they develop a burden to give back to the world and strive to help others get their lives in order. Online courses on drug and alcohol abuse can help train them into becoming counsellors and support group moderators.

By spending your free time taking up these courses, you are able to give a whole new meaning to your purpose in life. They maybe short, but they will surely help you a lot.

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Midlife Change – Reinvent Yourself With This Self-Improvement Guide

By Patrick Howard

Life instantly slows down for most people upon reaching their fifties or forties. Psychotherapists on the other hand say that midlife is actually the right time to recreate. This is because at this time of life, a person would already have abundant experience that should result to higher self-esteem and not afraid to show what he can and admit what he cannot. This makes it a lot easier to make a big leap and do what he has always wanted to do.

Life can truly begin at forty and if you wish for this to happen to you (have a fuller, more exciting life, continue learning, et cetera), and here is a self-improvement guide to launch you towards that path.

1. If you’re looking to become your own boss and start a business, do the research before you plunge. According to Vicky Taylor, 55, former insurance analyst and now business owner, reading books, taking classes and online courses on running a company as well as writing a business plan helped a great deal in making sure she had the skills and knowledge for her tea room. Doing this also provided her confidence to feel in control.

2. Try not to focus on how hard the changes will be. Karla Freeman, psychotherapist and author of Creating Magic in Midlife states, “If you only focus on how much time or effort it will take to put your plan into action and make it happen, you’re not going to want to do it.” One of the effective solutions for this is to alternate the hard tasks with the enjoyable and relaxing ones to gain balance.

3. Be surrounded by people who will empower you. It is best to avoid pessimistic people but rather build a good relationship with the kind of people that will stand as encouragement and would support you in different changes you need to take. Finding people with experience in the same field you wish to get involved in, as they will be helpful resources.

4. When you hit your forties or fifties, it’s okay to finally put yourself first. By this time, your children will likely be in their late teens and will have to be independent soon; use this time to focus on yourself and put your needs first (at least part of the time) without feeling guilty in doing so.

5. Be sure to recreate your overall looks and make efforts to look good and fresh, this will help you feel good inside as a reflection of how you feel about your outer appearance.

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5 Easy Personal Development Tips Towards A Fulfilling Life

By Kate Barton

Many people find themselves stagnated in a certain phase where everything has become routine and that they are not willing to explore more of what life has to offer. This feeling is usually experienced by a lot of women after they become mothers because their personal needs are now next to their children as well as husband. It is actually noticeable when a woman’s personality has been taken over by the role as well as duties she has as a mom – she does not care about how she looks and she may not even know what she truly wants being an individual. Although women say that while there is a deep sense of joy in doing that, they likewise wish that they had taken time to actually develop a personality that is not dictated by their role as a wife or mother.

If you want to have a fuller life and develop into your own person but are not sure how to proceed, the following tips from life coaches or mentors will help you on your way.

1. It’s never too late to become what you could have been. Just think about it — even an 81 year old woman can complete university studies. If you’re a Christian, you probably know that Moses, the Israelite who led an entire nation out of slavery, began his work at the age of 80. If you’re nowhere near those ages, you can still pursue higher learning or anything that you have always wanted to try in life but have never gotten around to because you put other people’s needs first.

2. Take small steps towards personaldevelopment. Sometimes the little steps are the catalysts for total change. If you want to present a new you but have no idea where to start, look at yourself in the mirror and make some changes with how you look. This is basically the very reason why make-overs are so popular — because changing a look never fails to lead people to a different perception of themselves.

3. List your barriers and concerns because when you write them, you get them out of your head and into the open where you can start dealing with them. You must be mindful of all the tools you have used previously to overcome these obstacles and all other available self-help solutions.

4. You have to dream big because if you want to establish your own business, you have to envision yourself successful and your services and products greatly in demand. If you do this, you will certainly develop a plan that excites you.

5. Act your way towards the life you have always wanted. Use every day to follow your happiness. For instance, collect inventory for your business. Based on psychotherapists, ?Pretending to be the person you want to be strengthens your action and builds your sense of self.?

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