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The Law of Attraction, Five Things To Check If It Is Not Working

By Angelica Young

We have all experienced getting something we really wanted in life whether it was small or big. We then wondered whether it was luck or because we wanted it so much we found a way to get it. Thoughts become things and what you really want from the heart you will get. But… It doesn’t mean that it will show up immediately. We do have to work on attracting our goals and desires and the way we do this is by feeling and being grateful. If you have been trying to manifest your creation for quite some time and nothing seems to be happening and you have thoroughly gone through your check list it’s time to let go and leave the universe to carry out your wishes by leaving the outcome to manifest on its own. This is another method which gives our minds a break from concentrating non-stop but does the same job but in a different order. You could be thinking what an earth is this woman talking about is she mad? We all know the key to manifestation is to think about our goals as much as possible but if you dare to let go and not put demands on the universe by saying “I can’t live without it” or something similar it will manifest because of you are leaving it up to your belief and trust. Simply it means do not care whether you have it or not. Do not use emotional blackmail with the universe because it will ignore you.

Be happy with the bad things and the good things
When bad things happen we learn from them and become stronger even though at the time it makes us feel unhappy so we must be grateful for the experience. For example if we have made a mistake we will definitely not do it again. When the good things happen we must always be grateful to give out postive vibrations that we want more

Reiterate your happiness, feel it and say thank you
Feel the happiness, put a smile on your face and be grateful for even the smallest of things that have given us pleasure. Show others how upbeat you feel and how happy you are with a particular situation. The happy feelings you have will let of wonderful vibrations to the extent of helping others but creating a happy bubble around you. Lastly please say thank you. We are all to happy to curse the world when things go wrong but do we actually give thanks when things go right? Always remember the universe creates balance so we must create balance in our own lives for this to work.

Know why you want it
Be clear in your goals right down to the tiniest detail. Clarity will play a huge part in manifesting your desires but will also put you on a level of certainty rather than being indecisive. The universe needs to know exactly what it is you want or it will get confused and won’t be able to manifest anything.

Your Brain is Neutral
Be careful regarding your thoughts. Your brain is neutral and works exactly the same way as the universe. Positive brings positive and negative brings negative. What you don’t want are thoughts that start getting buried in your subconscious which are negative because the impact on your desired manifestations will be zero.

You have to do some work to make it work
Make sure you tick off your checklist and you are doing everything you should. Check that you are using the 12 Laws of the universe and you are doing your grateful list in the morning and evening and make sure you have your key at all times.

Angelica Young, author of The Midas Key creating wealth, prosperity and abundance through powerful manifestation techniques.