Depression and Exercise: An Exploration

Exercising can do great things for your mood. Whether in personal training Miami classes or group training Miami classes, getting out into one of the fine gyms Miami has to offer and being present with a dedicated community can be invaluable to your physical fitness training. While it does lift our mood, helping the brain produce seratonin and dopamine, there is a myth that exercising frequently can be a substitute for anti-depressants.

This widespread myth is often quoted at people who have just come out as being ill, and can limit their willingness to get medical help or start working out entirely. It can be very difficult to share this information with other people, especially considering the typical reaction is ignorance, disgust, and misinterpretation. Remembering that individuals with depression and other neurological conditions have actual, physical illnesses that show up on brain scans is vital in treating them with dignity. Just like we can’t will ourselves to feel better when we have the flu, depression doesn’t go away because we want it to or because we walk every day. Suggesting exercise as a cure all can be condescending and hurtful.

Not everyone who is diagnosed with a mood disorder needs to be medicated. Often, dietary changes and exercising, as well as therapy, can be a really great way of helping the brain deal with the disorder in a non-chemical way. For some of us, though, there is no getting better without medication. When the brain is sick, it’s just like any other organ. Everyone’s physical fitness journey is different, but no matter who you are, the most intensive boot camp style Miami workout is not enough to cure a chronic neurological disorder, and the amount of people who suggest this to those diagnosed with these conditions is shocking, especially considering one of the heaviest symptoms can be the inability to get out of bed due to extreme muscle pain, disorientation, and fatigue.

Any real treatment plan involves a degree of exercise. Mental and physical health are intrinsically intertwined. One depends on the other. We need motivation, discipline and willpower to carry out our workout routines, and we need a healthy and active body in order to help us maintain that motivation, discipline and willpower. Energy level, seratonin, adrenaline, and dopamine are all partially regulated through the active body. Depending entirely on medication, especially any medication that one can develop a tolerance for, is not a treatment plan – it’s a band-aid.

While medication can be lifelong, the degree at which it is taken can depend on many factors that shift over a lifetime. Diet and exercise can help decrease the need for heavy dosages, and, combined with therapy and healthy life choices in terms of rewarding our passions, career aspirations, etc. can lead to more balance.

There are many reasons to get out and exercise, especially if your mental health needs a boost. While it doesn’t solve everything, it can certainly lead to a better quality of life.

The Friends Who Work Out Together Stick Together

When I first moved to Miami with my best friend, we made a pact. It was a pact to physical wellness, health and getting our lives together. We had a bit of a dispute as to how to do that, though. Seeing that we had decided to be physical accountability buddies, we were both responsible for making sure the other one worked out, and living together made that part pretty easy. We decided to coordinate our workout schedules and had a long talk about whether or not we wanted to utilize the natural trails, beaches, and oceans of Miami as our gym or if we would commit to a gym membership.

The pros of not getting a gym membership were pretty clear – it would be free. However, not knowing the area proved to be a disadvantage. What if we got lost and couldn’t find our way back? What if the area we wanted to walk and bike in wasn’t really that safe for those activities? Even though swimming in the ocean would’ve been a great all over body workout, there would be parking, parking fees, and people to deal with every single time we wanted to go out. Sometimes, you just want to go to the gym, get your workout game on, and not have to worry about other people. Then again, going to the gym presented another unique problem: our own self-consciousness around people who ‘looked’ healthier than us.

We decided to shop for gyms anyway and found this great local place. At first, I was a little wary, because I saw how many sports professionals swore by the place, and I was worried I would not fit in. After all, I wasn’t an athlete – I’d played a little bit of volleyball in high school and I’ve always dreamed of playing roller derby, but I didn’t count myself as an athlete. However, there was something about this gym that made us feel welcome after all. Maybe it was their extensive facilities, or their emphasis on an individualized workout focus.

The personal training Miami scene is flooded with people who promise to whip you into shape, but I always felt that the promises I found on search engines were kind of vague. Talking to someone in person at the gym itself was incredible, and I immediately felt inspired and encouraged to start taking the steps to be on my own fitness path. Professional training for the two of us actually ended up eliminating our need to be accountability buddies – we had trainers to keep us on our toes. We talked so much about all kinds of ways to get ourselves to go when our motivation was low. Now when we talk fitness, it’s all about our accomplishments, goals and how excited we are. I’d say that we definitely kept our initial moving pact, with the help of a great new gym and an inspiring community of hard working individuals that keep us motivated through their own successes.

The Ongoing Importance Of Physical Fitness

As children, we are told to get out and play as often as we can. It certainly seems to be of a greater importance with the latest generation, due to the amount of computer-based and screen-based entertainment that children seem to be obsessed with, but even previous generations had an emphasis placed on physical fitness. More than just a way to get us out from under their feet, parents encouraged physical activity both through organized sports like Little League baseball as well as informal neighborhood games like football and soccer. Even in school, this importance was stressed with daily classes in physical education and the annual Presidential Fitness tests.

As rates of childhood obesity continue to grow the current administration has placed a renewed focus on the aspect of physical exercise for our youth. Spearheaded by the first lady, the “Play 60” campaign has been embraced by a diverse number of organizations, from Major League Baseball to World Wrestling Entertainment. This emphasis on a healthy lifestyle tries to incorporate a wide variety of activities, including family hikes and competitive sports, to encourage kids to get an hour a day of physical exercise. The belief is that by encouraging a physically healthy lifestyle, they will feel motivated to be healthier in other parts of their life, especially their diet, and help to stem the tide of obesity.

Of course, a funny thing happens along the way. Kids grow up to become adults, and the carefree times of childhood are replaced with the overscheduled stressed out lifestyle of being an adult. Time becomes a premium, and very few people have the opportunity to continue participating in organized sporting activities, much less the access to any such league that might interest them in the first place. As with more job and career fields centered on the service industry and a more sedentary lifestyle, physical exercise is more important than ever.

Second only to time, and the lack of it, the biggest deterrent people cite when explaining why they do not exercise on a regular basis is a lack of motivation and knowledge. Without knowing the exercises they should be doing and the results they should be looking for, even with a membership to one of the many Miami gyms, they oftentimes fail to create a regimen on their own, and the only thing that gets lighter is their wallet.

Personal trainers are the key to long term success for people interested in living a healthy lifestyle. They have the knowledge and ability to help people from all walks of life to begin and maintain a healthy lifestyle. By continuing to be physically active and following a proper diet and exercise program long after they stop being a child, a person can expect to reap the benefits and enjoy a long and healthy life.

Getting Personal With Personal Training

There is a very good reason why there are so many fitness centers and gyms in Miami. It is because people respond to all different types of physical exercise and are looking for something that feels like a natural fit for them. The merits of weight lifting versus yoga, or spinning versus boot camp fitness classes can be argued forever, but the truth is what works for one person may not work as well for another. The same is equally true when it comes to hiring a personal trainer.

Possibly one of the most important aspects when hiring a personal trainer is understanding where they are coming from and what their background is. If they have been highly athletic their entire life, they may not understand the challenges faced by a person who is working out for the first time. That is to take nothing away from a particular trainer; they may be regarded as one of the best in the field and have extensive training and certification. It simply means their approach may not be the best fit for what a person is looking for, and having that commonality, something to bond over, is important in establishing a productive professional relationship.

The next step is deciding together what your goals are and how the two of you are going to go about obtaining them. The key element here is putting together a comprehensive plan, one that includes diet and exercise, that works for both of you. Once again, if your desire is to improve your flexibility and muscle tone and the trainer you have hired specializes in bulking up through intense muscle training, ultimately you are setting yourself up for failure.

The reason most people hire a personal trainer in the first place is because they recognize the need for accountability and motivation in order to stay focused. If the first decision you make is to align yourself with someone who does not share the same ideology that you do, no amount of blood, sweat and tears is going to overcome that. Eventually the two of you will part ways, and you will most likely left with a feeling of being defeated. That depression will carry over and make it that much harder to start fresh with a new personal trainer.

There are many things a personal trainer is not. They include best friend, private cheerleader, emotional confidant and Friday night drinking buddy. What they are, however, is a person, and the right personal training Miami has for you is the one that can relate to where you are coming from and understand how to get you to where you want to go. Hiring the right personal trainer is easily the most important step between success and failure when pursuing a healthy lifestyle.

More than Muscles: Expanding Health

It’s important to balance your gym time with self-care outside of the workout room. Health is a total package – there’s no way you can be healthy if you’re only focusing on developing your muscles and not your mind! Although brain and body work together in harmony to create a healthier you, we often don’t take into account the third factor – nourishment of the spirit – that keeps us feeling bright, clear, and well. When we don’t nourish our spirit, we fall victim to feeling unbalanced, lifeless, and in some cases, hopeless. Life loses its luster. It’s clear that for too long, fitness magazines and health and wellness organizations have neglected to prioritize this nourishment of the spirit the way it deserves. Expanding our definition of health helps us understand the role that our spirit plays in our daily lives.

If you are used to personal training Miami classes, group training Miami classes can be a great way to reinvigorate our physical workout routine. It brings in all elements of health – you’re working your body, which is helping your brain produce serotonin, dopamine, and all those good chemicals that keep you feeling balanced – but it also offers the opportunity to nourish the spirit. Community is one of the things that we need to live. Doing things that enrich our lives, like meeting new like-minded people who can inspire and encourage us in a given task or environment, can be a vital component in getting and staying healthy.

Taking care of ourselves isn’t limited to just things that make us happy. After all, if you are anything like me and have a sweet tooth, you know that pursuing what you love can ultimately lead you to total unhealthiness (cavities, anyone?).Spirit is about pursuing your human potential. Using the willpower, motivation, and mental fortitude regular workout routines help you build to achieve that end is ideal. It’s unhealthy to be too stuck in one place. We need to constantly expand our boundaries and pursue things that keep our mind exercised in the realm of ideas. Trying new things has been scientifically proven, for example, to create new neurological connections in the brain – it literally makes us smarter, faster, and better. This also leads to a feeling of capability even in – and sometimes in spite of – chaos. In other words, it makes us better problem solvers and helps us achieve a sense of comfort in challenging and less than ideal environments.

Keeping ourselves comfortable can lead to misery. Working out and maintaining a healthy diet is essential in keeping ourselves in the best shape possible, leaving us as ready as possible to deal with whatever life throws at us. Beyond the physical and neurological, though, there’s always the spirit, the soul, the wider purpose – whatever you want to call it – of rounding out your person. Just like physical fitness, this kind of spiritual work is a lifelong journey, and its challenges lead to a richer, fuller life.

My Workout Journey: Community Importance

I never liked working out. In high school, I was always trying to get out of gym class using a variety of excuses. As I got older and I began to witness my physical and mental health deteriorate as a result of poor workout and self-care habits, I returned to physical fitness as a way to improve myself and my body. I joined a local gym and on the days I did not work out there, I walked my neighborhood. I even took up a sport – a less intensive one, but a sport nonetheless – and found myself feeling and eating better as a result. I couldn’t figure out why, as a kid, I’d hated exercising so much. I realized it in the middle of my group training Miami class. Looking around at everyone, I could tell some of us were further in our fitness journey than others, but everyone was enthusiastic and encouraging as we worked side by side for self-improvement. In other words, it was community I was missing.

Sure, in gym class, we have a group of kids working towards a common goal – getting through the hour. I remember enjoying access to the weight room in high school, because it was an individually focused activity, but my school only allowed us to gain access to it senior year and even then, it was booked solid by athletes. Not having a natural talent for sports, I was among the last picked for teams and constantly picked on, made fun of, or forced to be the scorekeeper instead of being encouraged to try for success. It was an attitude I began to internalize, and I got used to ‘health’ and ‘exercise’ being synonymous with feeling lousy about myself. Of course I didn’t want to exercise!

The right gym knows that health is for everyone, and that our paths are individual. Even though I also engage in personal training Miami classes, just being in a room full of people dedicated to bettering themselves is enough to make me want to work my hardest. I will say that seeing sports performance Miami professionals working on the machines beside me can be intimidating, but I’ve never met any adult at the gym who has been less than friendly and encouraging. Sometimes, just sharing a smile with someone who gets how hard it is to start this journey can be enough to keep me going.

It’s still early. Even though I still want to give up – a lot – I know it’s going to get easier as I get used to my new routine. Not working out in a structured way for five years has really taken a toll on my willpower, self-esteem, and energy level. I had no idea all the great things I was missing out on by choosing to be inactive! I’ve been to a few gyms Miami has to offer, but I think I struck gold on the one I eventually signed up for. The boot camp Miami workout is as intense as it is rewarding.

Best Personal Development Tip – Accept Only What Brings You Joy, Yet Allow All

This article is about developing the most empowering approach, which is knowing that what you can learn and grow from expands your consciousness into a remembrance of the incredible power of love that lives within self. This type of allowance creates incredible joy and fulfillment because you are okay with yourself in all choices and in all moments.

Being okay with yourself in all situations doesn’t mean you have to like or accept what is occurring in your reality. Just be responsible that it was created exactly the way you wanted it because that is the way you have learned to give or receive your love/acceptance, worth or identity.

The mind is a computer and will only give back information you have given it. If you have recorded painful emotions surrounding your perception of love, it is those perceptions you project on any given subject, (i.e. relationships or money) that crate your outer reality. It is those buried, suppressed emotions that surround your beliefs on receiving or giving love projected on those subjects that keep you in reactive, robot-like behavior.

If you feel that the way you have learned to give or receive love will be taken away, it will be more painful for to receive what you say you desire, even if you are unaware of it. Therefore, you will continue to create what you perceive love to be, even if it is painful, until you are ready to be fully responsible for what you create.

To change how you are experiencing life, you must change how you feel about what you are creating. To be okay with whatever was created as purposeful and good. Finding the purpose and good allows an instant acceptance of self. In time each experience will build upon itself and the acceptance you seek from others will be found within. Do not misunderstand what I am saying, this doesn’t not mean complacency if you desire to continually grow.

Complacency is a killer to the human spirit and growth. This only means to create a space for yourself that allows self to be okay and thereby fulfilled in every given moment. What occurs within is a feeling of fulfillment; this creates a feeling of a continued abundance. In abundance there is a feeling of limitless options. One can begin to change their circumstances by creating a basic foundation of feeling abundant through taking the following steps:

1) Cultivate within self, a desire, motivation and discipline that allows your dreams to become a reality.

2) Be willing to put forth the effort required to have your dreams fulfilled.

3) Have an ongoing belief in yourself no matter the perceived obstacles.

4) Persevere throughout your journey. Know that you and only you are the creator of your reality and no one can do anything to you that you have not chosen to experience.

As harsh as that may sound, it is a prevailing truth. ‘As above, so below,’ reveals a continuing ancient metaphor that tells us that whatever is on the inside of us expresses itself on the outside. If you desire long-lasting and unshakeable results to be in your life, know that this only occurs through internal changes.

Personal Training, Miami And Living A Healthy Lifestyle

Miami Florida is constantly ranked as one of the healthiest cities in the country. With the beautiful weather year round, abundant beaches and natural sights, a focus on outdoor sports and activities and accessibility to fresh produce and healthy eating, it seems like a natural fit to be ranked so high. Because it all seems to happen so naturally, people place a greater emphasis on living a healthy lifestyle, and that is why personal training Miami is such an integral part of the city’s dynamic.

The most challenging aspect of living a healthy lifestyle is having the commitment and dedication to see it through. It is easy to change a diet for a few days, or enroll in a gym membership or sign up for boot camp classes Miami and feel the thrill for a few weeks. After a while, the novelty starts to wear off, the anticipated results are not happening as quickly as they were expected to, and it becomes harder to keep a schedule going. People who have tried to make these changes on their own lose the motivation and fall back into old habits. This is why there needs to be a personal training Miami connection to make the changes stick.

Primarily, what a personal trainer in Miami is going to do with each client is develop an initial work out program. Not only will this include time at the gym with one on one personal training sessions and taking advantage of boot camp classes in Miami, it will also include a proper nutrition plan. Diet and exercise go hand in hand when trying to start living a new healthy lifestyle, and it is important that you hire a personal trainer who recognizes that and can help out with the meal planning, or at least has the references to steer you towards somebody who can help specifically with that.

The crucial step for personal training in Miami to be successful is for the trainer to be thinking long term and have several intermediate goals lined up as well as new exercise options. This way their client can measure their success more gradually but more consistently. On their own, a person might want to lose 25 pounds, but if it is not happening quickly enough, they feel like they failed. Personal training Miami focuses on smaller increments – every five pounds as a milestone – so results are being seen. Plus they will have the new workout options to help keep their clients engaged in the process. The longer they keep the commitment going, the more natural the new healthy lifestyle becomes.

Being healthy does not happen naturally, no matter how healthy a city might seem. That is why there is a definite connection between personal training and living a healthy lifestyle.

5 Beginner Exercises For A Flat Stomach

By Jon Allo

When you begin a new workout routine choosing the right exercises for a flat belly is vital if you want to shed belly fat and get a flat tummy. A mixture of cardio and toning exercises are needed to develop the six pack abs you want. Here are 5 of the best newbie workouts for a flat belly that can help you trim that flab around your waistline.

1. Walking.

Walking is one of the best beginner workouts for a flat belly. It’s low impact and is a good for your heart, arms, legs, and butt. An hour of brisk walking can burn as much as 240 calories while also toning up your stomach muscles. What makes walking an excellent workout is the fact that it can easily fit into your everyday schedule. You can walk to and from work or walk to the shops rather than driving your car. If you use public transport, get off a couple of stops early and walk the rest of the way.

2. Cycling.

Regular and stationary bikes are both excellent tools for blasting through calories and toning your ab muscles. They engage several muscles in the lower body including your glutes, quads, hamstrings, calves, and hip flexors. Cycling also brings your core muscles into play as they have to stabilize and balance your torso as you pedal. It’s one of the workouts for a flat belly that you can do with your family as you work towards shedding those unwanted pounds. One hour of cycling can help you to burn up to 1,000 calories.

3. Swimming.

Swimming is a major full body workout that tones all your muscles including your ab muscles. It’s also a very powerful calorie burner. an hour of swimming will burn an average of 667 calories. Swimming is one of the best all round workouts for a flat belly because it makes you work many other parts of your body while exercising your belly. The combination of fat burning and muscle toning is the perfect blend for developing strong, solid, flat abs.

4. Resistance or Strength Training.

Resistance or strength training is considered one of the best flat tummy workouts because even while you’re resting your muscles will be burning calories. Resistance training workouts are not just for men as they are effective flat stomach exercises for women too. Women can be cautious about resistance training as they think that they will develop big bulky muscles. But they won’t. The big bulky muscles that male body builders have are due to the male testosterone hormone and a very specific body building training regime.

5. Plank.

The plank is one of the stationary workouts for a flat belly that tests your endurance while building strength in your shoulders, back, glutes, and abdominals. This exercise will give you rock hard abs since it primarily works the rectus and transverse abdominis muscles.

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5 Drinks To Avoid If You Want To Get A Flat Stomach

By Jon Allo

You have to combine an effective exercise routine with a healthy and nutritious diet if you want to get a flat stomach. It’s a well known fact that you need to reduce your intake of certain foods if you want to lose stomach fat. But what you drink is also important. Here are 5 drinks that will stop you getting a flat stomach fast.

1. Alcohol.

Having an occasional beer with friends is all right. But alcohol is made up of numerous empty calories and a one night of drinking can mean consuming thousands of liquid calories. Rather than your body burning these calories, they are stored as fat and build up around your stomach. Alcohol also heightens your appetite and leads to you craving junk food which will often result in you having even more calories and ruining your flat stomach goals.

2. Soda / Fizzy Drinks.

Soda and carbonated drinks are something that many people surprisingly continue to consume when they are trying to get a flat stomach. However, both regular and diet soda are detrimental when trying to burn belly fat. Regular soda is packed with sugar and causes you to consume more calories than you need. These liquid calories then get converted into body fat and prevent you from getting lean toned abs. Diet soda may contain no calories but they are full of chemicals that increase your appetite and cause stomach bloating.

3. Fruit Juice

Even though fruit juice does provide your body with some nutritional vitamins, it contains high levels of sugar and no fibre. Therefore, it doesn’t reduce your appetite in the same way as fresh fruits and also leads to you eating excess calories which often get stored as body fat. If you do like drinking fruit juice, opt for 100% fruit juice and steer clear of juice drinks that have added sweeteners.

4. Sports and Energy Drinks.

Sports and energy drinks are loaded with calories like sweet fizzy drinks. They may have more added nutrients, but you can find the same vitamins and minerals in low-calorie foods. People who want to get a flat stomach should stay hydrated with water rather than sports drinks. Water has no preservatives, no sodium, and no calories. You can drink plenty of water without adding to your caloric intake.

5. Coffee Shop Drinks.

Special coffee shop drinks like lattes, americanos, cappuccinos and frappuchinos are very high calorie drinks. Speciality coffees can contain around 500 calories or more per cup which is probably more than a whole meal! Black coffee is calorie-free and rich in antioxidants. But once you add heavy cream, flavoured syrups, and/or whipped cream, that simple mug of black coffee becomes a minefield of fat and sugar. If you don’t like your coffee black, add a little skimmed milk.

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