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Humanitarian Breakthrough The Power Lies Within You!

By Paul A Philips

Be it through education, mass media brainwashing or some other social engineering programme night and day there’s always someone trying to make you be somebody that’s really not you, making it easy to forget that you’re an individual and this individuality is your greatest strength.

-Dare you be yourself, thwart the plans of someone’s agenda to clone and control you?

It is easy to forget that the power lies within you. There are so many people trying to make you buy into something that takes away your power. See this for what it is; a potentially dangerous and disempowering trap:

Take for instance the doctor. He/she has been designated the power over one’s health. Someone who can ‘fix it’ if and when something goes wrong… No! There is no power for you in buying into that mindset! The control over your health ultimately lies within you. Responsibility is the key.

Then, in ignorance and apathy, we have given away our power to a small number of politicians who easily seduced by money and attention go by unchecked, allowing them to profiteer and make laws following an agenda that does not have our best interest at heart… The solution is getting rid of these con artists, decentralizing political power and quashing this disease called statism…

-I believe that community based societies are the answer and will be the future politics of the new paradigm. For every community to work it MUST have unity, self-sufficiency and the ability to discern.

Happiness is ‘just ’round the corner.’

There are always those trying to make you buy into something with the promise of when you finally obtain or achieve what they’re offering you’ll be happy, having reached your rainbow’s end. The obtainment or achievement of what’s being offered and the accompanying happiness is said to come through the result of exam passes, job promotions, political ideals, financial advisors, pyramid marketing schemes, religious cult gurus or some new found fad… etc.

However, from cradle to grave, for all that time, effort or money the promise of forever happiness as a reward never arrives. It’s always just ’round the corner, never in the here and now. That means you will be forever tail-chasing, going nowhere, never fulfilled or satisfied, having given your power away to those false promises and schemes created by a few select handfuls of individuals who benefit…

Discernment, selling and buying

A young child sees a cheetah and leopard as one of the same. That’s because the young child hasn’t yet learned to discern the differences between these 2 cats, but will of course be able to when it gets older and develops the necessary perception.

-My point is that the development of discernment is a wonderful thing, allowing you to be more effective in life:

When you fall sucker to the ‘one day I will be happy’ tail-chasing reward scheme scenario you haven’t discerned the differences between someone selling you something and your buying of it. You have just blindly accepted that this is the way it is and enter into the scheme. When you discern the fact that someone’s trying to sell, you may realize that it’s a disempowering con scheme and no longer become the affect of it by buying into it: Discerning selling from buying therefore means no longer giving your power away in this way.

In conclusion

-If you want to achieve a real humanitarian breakthrough then do realize that the power lies within you through your individuality and the ability to discern.

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A Guide to Effective Communication and Its Crucial Importance

By Paul A Philips

In spite of a wide range of different subjects getting taught at school, some of the most important things needed to be learnt in life are left out. One example of this is the education system’s lack of a curriculum that embraces the teaching of effective communication.

Effective communication plays a crucial role when it comes to our personal effectiveness in life. Like jigsaw puzzle pieces joining up creating the big picture, effective communication brings together so many different things: Great relationships with family, friends and colleagues or the use of it in projects or for other achievements…

Communication essentially consists of speaking and listening.


Can you really be ‘in the moment,’ speak with clarity, inspire, resolve conflicts or simply just keep communications running smoothly? If you can then you’re pretty darn good at communication, making yourself clearly understood…


Remember, essentially communication is speaking and listening. Given this, then it can be said that listening makes up 50% of our communication so it is crucially important, while underestimated.

Listening isn’t just a case of getting wind of a bunch of words that comes your way and making sense of them. What you may actually get when listening to someone is only your interpretation limited to a viewpoint. For instance, a salesman’s interpretation when listening will be limited to hearing what favours him selling his product. In the case of a mother her interpretation when listening, say, will be limited to what might benefit her child… There are indeed countless situations where we only hear what we want to. Sometimes, because of this we miss opportunities.

The punch line is to realize you may at least at times have a limited viewpoint and make sure you have an interpretative listening for effectiveness and opportunity.


Whether it’s for relationships, winning trophies or career advancement… etc., achievement consists of 3 things. Like 3 jigsaw puzzle pieces joining together forming the big picture achievement is made up of:

1. A goal – What is it you want to achieve? Remember, it is crucial here to be specific and measureable: What is it that will confirm your achievement? By when..?

2. Communication – Whatever it is you want to achieve involves communication along the way.

3. Fulfilment – The chosen goal involving communication is your structure for fulfilment.

-There you have it. This is the foundation for effective communication and its crucial importance in life handling. What is it you intend to achieve?

I hope that this has inspired you to look further into this subject.

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