Success What Is It? How Do I Become Successful?

By Paul A Philips

What does it mean to you to be successful? How do you define success? To answer these pertinent questions, let’s first look at what it means NOT to be successful or where success can be questioned as to whether or not it’s genuine. Basically there are 2 circumstances:

1. I have seen a number of people say that they’re going to be successful when they’ll feel happy or fulfilled or having expressed themselves in their ways… etc. Okay, but I have found that these things usually don’t lead to success. Making these things the criteria for success can be a trap. I’ll explain what this means later.

2. Then, for example, take the case of Marilyn Monroe. It has been said that she was one of the most successful actresses ever. However, in spite of this, she spent so much of her time peddling hope, help and victimhood… while her death was suspected to be suicide, which could challenge the definition of genuine success in terms of a successful life living like this…

Indeed, you hear of a number of individuals that are unhappy which goes against what they have on record: Big house, lots of cars and other fanciful possessions…

For example, rock guitar idol Eric Clapton said in so many words that when in the heydays with his band the Cream in the late 1960’s in spite of him getting huge amounts of money and attention he felt like he wanted to commit suicide on a daily basis.

-So what’s missing for these people in these 2 different circumstances?

What can be done so that you don’t end up getting caught in the same traps?

For circumstance number 1 the answer lies in making your targets for accomplishment as specific and measurable as possible. When I’ll feel happy or fulfilled or having expressed myself in ways… is too hazy and not defining.

Define what it is you intend to achieve stating it in the way of: I’ll achieve X by time Y with those specific and measureable results needed. Before setting out on this define for yourself what the conditions of satisfaction will be. Will this be nurturing and fulfilling for you? Does it call and inspire you..?

Basically, the same goes for circumstance number 2. Remember, if something’s missing in your life you have to see it for what it is then manage it. This may sound obvious to some but there are many people who go through their entire life never realizing or identifying success and what’s missing… what needs to be done. As I have been saying in previous articles ‘if you can’t see it then you won’t handle it…’

-It is hoped that this will inspire you enough to start chalking down what it is you intend to achieve on the drawing board for unlimited success!

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Turning Life’s Breakdown’s Into Breakthrough’s

By Paul A Philips

At the queue in a coffee shop the other day I saw a young child have a chocolate bar he had chosen get snatched from his mother who then put back on the shelf. Not able to have the chocolate bar the young boy sobbed bitterly… Typical of children his age he has the philosophy that goes in the way of ‘I want, therefore I must have and when I don’t get it I resent that…’ upset indeed kicks in.

Now compare this to adults. Most adults, when their wants, desires, expectations… in life are not fulfilled they too go into upset. Like the child this means living a life consistent with the Buddhist saying “The source of all suffering is desire…”

For some this upset is only a matter of time since many people have no plans of action; no structure for fulfilment in life as to how they will achieve their goals. Instead their lives are based on relying on the wheel of circumstance, or idle fantasies, romantic notions, expecting something for nothing… which is victimhood waiting to happen?

-All this is in effect the anatomy of upset and the reactions to life’s breakdowns with all those accompanying dramas that many people go into. The breakdowns and related dramas that people go into can be as such that they don’t realize they’re in one.

For example, let’s say, there’s the man that doesn’t make his sales target for the third month in a row. So, in a state of fear/anxiety, wondering if he’ll make the sales target next month and not be sacked as a consequence he stays ’till late at bars having gone into a heavy drinking drama…

Then there is the woman whose breakdowns are related to the fact that she’s unable to keep a steady long-term relationship. So she goes into a promiscuity drama…

Yes indeed, door slammers, cat kickers and cursers could be a number of examples of the many dramas that people go into when their wants, desires, expectations… in life are not fulfilled during a breakdown. The attention seeking ego has more than a hand in the reaction mechanisms…

The solution

The solution is quite simple, but it takes dedication to develop the approach and habits required to make the necessary turnaround for handling life’s breakdowns successfully, turning them into breakthrough’s.

The first thing is, instead of living a life that’s based on focussing on what you don’t have in life, how about celebrating or dwelling on the things you do. Focus on abundance. Thoughts, feelings, emotional attachments, imaginings of abundance can only breed and make manifest abundance! This is the law of attraction and it’s up to you to make it happen.

When people attach themselves to their wants, desires, expectations… they set themselves up to be upset: It goes in the way of ‘life should go the way I expect it to go, so when it doesn’t I resent that…’ Avoid this. Detachment from this attitude is the key. Catch yourself in the related mechanisms and observe yourself; I can’t stress how important this is for your personal effectiveness…

Instead of getting attached to your wants, desires, expectations.., take the attitude that life doesn’t go the way I expect it to go; it just goes the way that IT goes, then you no longer become the effect of your breakdowns (remember, the source of all suffering is desire).

Then, unlike the child, you grow up, no longer taking the ‘I want therefore I should have’ child’s attitude. Once again, I repeat, observe yourself!

Finally, there’s the usual hindsight from your breakdowns. Ask yourself, what did I learn from my breakdowns? What’s missing that’s needed to produce the necessary turnaround..? What’s missing in the commitment, communications and visions of the possibility of..?Above all, never give up.

-These are the basics for turning life’s breakdowns into breakthroughs. I do indeed hope this has helped.

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Humanitarian Breakthrough The Power Lies Within You!

By Paul A Philips

Be it through education, mass media brainwashing or some other social engineering programme night and day there’s always someone trying to make you be somebody that’s really not you, making it easy to forget that you’re an individual and this individuality is your greatest strength.

-Dare you be yourself, thwart the plans of someone’s agenda to clone and control you?

It is easy to forget that the power lies within you. There are so many people trying to make you buy into something that takes away your power. See this for what it is; a potentially dangerous and disempowering trap:

Take for instance the doctor. He/she has been designated the power over one’s health. Someone who can ‘fix it’ if and when something goes wrong… No! There is no power for you in buying into that mindset! The control over your health ultimately lies within you. Responsibility is the key.

Then, in ignorance and apathy, we have given away our power to a small number of politicians who easily seduced by money and attention go by unchecked, allowing them to profiteer and make laws following an agenda that does not have our best interest at heart… The solution is getting rid of these con artists, decentralizing political power and quashing this disease called statism…

-I believe that community based societies are the answer and will be the future politics of the new paradigm. For every community to work it MUST have unity, self-sufficiency and the ability to discern.

Happiness is ‘just ’round the corner.’

There are always those trying to make you buy into something with the promise of when you finally obtain or achieve what they’re offering you’ll be happy, having reached your rainbow’s end. The obtainment or achievement of what’s being offered and the accompanying happiness is said to come through the result of exam passes, job promotions, political ideals, financial advisors, pyramid marketing schemes, religious cult gurus or some new found fad… etc.

However, from cradle to grave, for all that time, effort or money the promise of forever happiness as a reward never arrives. It’s always just ’round the corner, never in the here and now. That means you will be forever tail-chasing, going nowhere, never fulfilled or satisfied, having given your power away to those false promises and schemes created by a few select handfuls of individuals who benefit…

Discernment, selling and buying

A young child sees a cheetah and leopard as one of the same. That’s because the young child hasn’t yet learned to discern the differences between these 2 cats, but will of course be able to when it gets older and develops the necessary perception.

-My point is that the development of discernment is a wonderful thing, allowing you to be more effective in life:

When you fall sucker to the ‘one day I will be happy’ tail-chasing reward scheme scenario you haven’t discerned the differences between someone selling you something and your buying of it. You have just blindly accepted that this is the way it is and enter into the scheme. When you discern the fact that someone’s trying to sell, you may realize that it’s a disempowering con scheme and no longer become the affect of it by buying into it: Discerning selling from buying therefore means no longer giving your power away in this way.

In conclusion

-If you want to achieve a real humanitarian breakthrough then do realize that the power lies within you through your individuality and the ability to discern.

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Achievement Through The Power Of Your Word

By Paul A Philips

There are indeed certain establishments offering various designer plans and products for you as a customer. For examples you can have designer clothes, designer kitchens or designer jewellery… Well, how about designer life? It could be said that in the self-help, self-growth or self-improvement (whatever you call it) categories you can have what could be called ‘designer life.’

One sure-fire way to designer life; a way of designing a life for fulfilment with all the necessary conditions of satisfaction is by achievement through the power of your word. Just how committed could you be to being a person of your word? Would you be prepared to stay up all night to get something done because you said you would..?

Words not only exist to say what and how you’ll accomplish something by a certain time they also create a context in which to view that target for achievement.

Let me clarify this by explaining with an inspiring analogy!

Three builders seen chipping away with their tools at some stones were approached by a man who asked each one ‘what are you doing?’

Curtly, the first man replied ‘I’m trying to hammer this stupid rock into a shape…’ unhappily, checking his watch, waiting for 5 o’clock home time…

Showing more interest than the first the second man said hammering away carefully ‘I’m shaping this rock so that it will fit into the other rocks to make a wall… I don’t mind working here but I’ll be glad when it’s over with and home time…’

Zealously, the third man hammered away at a granite block, some small pieces flew off… Happy with the outcome, that he had achieved what he said he would accomplish at this stage and within the timeframe, he then replied gazing up with pride and enthusiasm ‘I’m building a great cathedral.’

Three men with different attitudes and approaches with the same job to do…

-Going back to what I said earlier: ‘Words not only exist to say what and how you’ll accomplish something by a certain time they also create a context in which to view that target for achievement.’

As in the case of the third man this illustrates how the power of your word can be used to not only hold yourself accountable to achieve a target time but also create a context, a way of seeing your tasks that make them really worth doing.

-So what are you building in your life? Are you building a cathedral? Does your designer purpose in life really inspire you to do things..?

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How Do You Achieve Stability In An Unstable World?

By Paul A Philips

On a global level we get more than our fair share of instability reported by the mass media. With the war between Palestine and Israel, the Iraq crisis, the Russia and Ukraine conflict, the Ebola outbreak… If you don’t live in these areas and are not affected circumstantially I’m sure you get enough instability reported in the place you live by your local media. Then, on a personal level, you have to deal with the threat of or the actual instability related to things such as unemployment, relationship problems and financial debt… etc.

Instability, Instability and more Instability!

The mass media can be nothing more than merchants of gross instability. Many people find it hard not to be the effect of all the negative reporting and then again, reacting to all this doesn’t make any difference either. When something terrible is reported like, for example, 2 children were killed by a missile attack in Gaza, the fact you reacted with sadness or sympathy… is meaningless: The 2 children are still dead and there’s nothing you could have done about it, so why react? You see? You’re being played by media merchandising of gross instability. They’re making huge amounts of money by creating an ether of negativity throughout the world by this kind of reporting.

To not be the effect of this you may want to consider boycotting it. If your telly starts blurting out negative media reports then switch the darn thing off then after a short while notice how you feel a lot better. Sure, if there’s a crisis somewhere in the world, if you want to help in some way then do so but if it is beyond your control and influence then leave it at that.

Achieving stability

Achieving stability means finding a reliable boat to stay afloat on a choppy unstable sea. In this analogy this means achieving stability by first identifying that which needs to be taken care of the most in and amongst the chaos or disruption in your life. Then, identifying the next most important thing to achieve stability with and the next and so on…

Using an example to clarify, let’s say that for some reason, you have ended up in a new area. It could be a new town or different country, whatever. The first thing that’s needed to achieve stability is for you to identify what needs to be taken care of the most at this point in time. Let’s say its finding accommodation. So you get accommodation, then the next thing to achieve for stability is to identify what’s needed next in the order of importance. Let’s say it’s finding a job. Then let’s say the next thing is making friends and so on…

Achieving stability in an unstable world also means finding one’s self in a stable state: Remember, thoughts, feelings, emotions… your way of being can affect the outcome in your life. A calm stable inner being is capable of producing a calm stable outer world surrounding you.

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How Enlightened Are You? Do These 10 Questions Describe You?

By Paul A Philips

In recent years, with increasing communications technologies and more readily available information, there’s been a rise in the number of people doing self-growth related courses. Whether it comes from online seminars, through discussion groups, websites, personal gurus of sorts, meditation classes, therapy, or books… more and more are choosing the pathway of enlightenment!

In spite of the enlightenment coming from many disciplines the effects or common denominators that manifest from this state have been said to be basically the same. This is not my attempt to make a full list but here are my 10 questions to find out if you consider yourself an enlightened person.

1. Do you find that you have a greater awareness of the world about you but don’t feel like you’re part of it? In effect you feel like you’re removed but have a greater broader viewpoint, recognising that who you really are is an observer.

2. Are you clearer on what you want to achieve in life and have a greater sense of purpose? Time wasting is now an even lesser option. You value your targets for achievement greater, like developing your relationships and furthering skills…

3. Do you find that you no longer want to be with certain people, some you’ve know for a long time, but because they don’t reflect the new enlightened you? They may be regarded as negative people or company you no longer want to be with?

4. Do you have a greater realization that responsibility is not so much something to shrug but embrace?

5. Does your health mean more to you than ever? You’ve become more aware of the importance of having good nutrition, getting regular exercise, avoiding toxins and focusing more on your attitude for health and well-being.

6. Do you find yourself questioning more? You have a greater want for knowledge, not just what may be regarded as meaningless facts, but really questioning things with regards to the world about you. You’re less likely to believe what the general consensus is on things and also possibly challenge what authorities tell you…

7. Following on from the above point, have you gained a stronger sense of identity in so much you have a greater idea of the realization that your individuality is your biggest strength?

8. Do you appreciate your life more than before? Having been enlightened you’re more likely to express the attitude of gratitude. Your idea of a real good time doesn’t necessarily mean spending a lot of money because you can find enjoyment in the simpler or finer things…

9. Are you more willing to confront things? For examples, you’re more willing to challenge people’s points of view or be more willing to take on new things.

10. Do you have a stronger sense of the spiritual? Many enlightened people say they feel a greater sense of unconditional love and want to help others more.

-Like I said, this is not the complete A-Z list questioning how enlightened you have become but does give at least some indication.

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Are We A Spiritually Impoverished Nation? If So Then What Are The Solutions?

By Paul A Philips

No statistics

There are plenty of statistics for material poverty. For example, Oxfam reports that 1 in 5 in the UK live below the official poverty line. It’s roughly the same for the USA and that includes children.

However, there exists another kind of poverty. It’s not the kind related to a lack of material things but an inner spiritual poverty for which there are no statistics. Who knows how this could be gauged but I will say that it exists in epidemic proportions, 85% plus… yes, it’s that serious:

Yes, we have become a spiritually impoverished nation. Stimulus junkies addicted to worldly things twenty-four seven to make us feel good and in doing so, by whatever form it is, has left a great empty void in our inner spiritual being.

Stimulus junkies receive their payoff from whatever the worldly fixes are, but with this comes a cost. The cost is the impression that something is greatly lacking in life: Having no purpose, feelings of worthlessness, or even despair… are symptoms from living a gratification based life derived solely from the outer world leaving a great void in the inner spiritual being.

The stimulus

Addiction to pornography: There are those who cannot go very long without pornography and would prefer this and be lost in their fantasies rather than have real meaningful loving relationships…

Watching too much TV or playing computer games: rather than do something with their lives that’s nurturing or fulfilling…

Constantly seeking the approval of others: verbal compliments, Facebook hits, Tweets, text messages, smiling faces… getting off on attention seeking…

More money… Working purely for that day when the monthly pay check finally arrives or an unexpected bonus comes along or the share price increases…

-Whatever the stimulus is, happiness or even elation means how much of these things got in a time period, making us a nation full of junkies begging for more and if any of this doesn’t happen then we are unhappy.

As Shakespeare wrote “They are but beggars that can’t count their own worth.”

The solution

The first step is the realization that these things are happening and something needs to be done. The solution means kicking the related habits and involves making simple, gradual changes over time to stop existing as a stimulus junkie beggar.

Getting in touch again with your inner spiritual being, living a life based on achieving happiness from within means addressing the required needs. Meditation, prayer, affirmation, controlling thoughts, feelings and emotions… are all ways in which we can guide ourselves back to God.

Be yourself, stop constantly seeking approval from others and live a life based on what you want, but at the same time give generously. Live a life whereby you take on things that will bring wholeness, completion and fulfilment…

How could you bring this about? I will leave the rest up to you.

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Are You Achieving Personal Growth and Development? Do These 8 Signs Describe You?

By Paul A Philips

Personal growth and development means carving out for yourself a life that is nurturing, fulfilling and whole, allowing your self-expression. Indeed, all these things are related to personal freedom, which I consider to be the only thing worth living for.

No matter what practices you undertake to achieve this; whether it’s through finding yourself a mentor, life-coach, guru, therapist or some course related… the outcome, the desired effects are basically the same. That is, there are a number of ‘common denominators’ or signs indicating you are in that ongoing state of personal growth and development.

Not an exhaustive list but here are 8 signs indicating you are achieving personal growth and development. Do you see yourself in any of these signs?

1. You’re in the world but not part of it

You find yourself more aware and have a greater panoramic view of the world than before. However, you get the idea that you’re in the world but not part of it. In short, you feel like you’re more in a detached ‘observer mode’ with regards to the circumstances surrounding.

2. You have a greater sense of purpose

Having a greater sense of purpose in life means that you are clearer than before about what goals to achieve and spend less time related to things that are the opposite, considered to be time wasting. You want to spend more time on developing skills, getting healthier… etc.

3. Splitting from old relationships and finding new ones

The ‘new you’ no longer wants to be with people consistent with the ‘old you.’ You want to find relationships supportive of your personal growth and development.

4. Greater feeling of responsibility

From having a greater understanding of how you can be ‘at cause’ in your life there comes a greater feeling of responsibility. For personal effectiveness, one of life’s golden statements is the saying ‘I am responsible.’

5. Always questioning

You find yourself questioning things more, not easily accepting the consensus of the masses or authority figures. If something comes up contrary to your gut feeling, findings or opinion you have to enquire… and don’t fall shy of expressing your views. You find that life is something to be lived as an enquiry, allowing you to gain more insight.

6. Have a stronger sense of identity

You realise that your individuality is your biggest strength and will speak up for yourself and act accordingly. However, appropriateness comes into play and your increased communication skills allow you to deal more effectively with situations than before, having a greater sense of acceptance for others at the same time.

7. Get more from the simpler or finer things in life

You have a greater realisation that having a good time doesn’t necessarily mean spending a lot of money. Your increased awareness allows you to appreciate the finer or simpler things in life. You see beauty in so many things surrounding such as that in nature or people…

8. Closer to God

People I’ve spoken to who have taught personal growth and development say that the enlightenment attained gets reported by many participants saying they find themselves closer to God. Indeed the report that they are closer to God is subject to much interpretation but there are common denominators: Some say that they have a stronger sense of what is love, whether it’s in relationships or unconditional. From this it is reported that enlightened individuals find themselves more caring.

-So that concludes my 8 signs indicating achievement of personal growth and development. Like I said this is not an exhaustive account and you may have different ideas or perhaps thought of other signs. How did you do? Did you see yourself in any of these signs?

After reading this perhaps you might want to start your own life-changing personal growth and development plan?

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