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Structuring Your Workout: Intensity

In the world of working out, there are hundreds of misconceptions that keep people from really starting their total health overhaul. Something that sounds doable when you’re fired up on New Year’s Eve but it might not actually make it past the resolution stage when you realize how intimidating it can be to actually change your own life – and exercising is one of the number one most broken New Year’s Resolutions!

One of the most prominent misconceptions is whether or not it is better to work out less during the week, but have those workouts be highly intensive, or if it’s more productive to workout with less intensity more often. When many people fall under the false realization that they have to be doing extreme workouts daily, it decreases their chance of fitness success and depletes their motivation. Often, when it comes to questions that are similar to this, the best thing to do is to refer to our own sense of physical wellness in order to come up with a personalized result. So much of health is intimate and individual, and one size fits all answers have proven time and time again to be failures in terms of giving broad accurate advice. While it will differ depending on your body type, strength, and overall health, there are some guidelines for you to consider.

No matter where you are in your journey, regular workouts are going to benefit you. Personal training Miami classes and group training Miami classes are great ways of getting structured, intensive exercise into your fitness routine. However, it is important to keep a varied schedule when it comes to which muscle groups are being targeted and in what ways. The same boot camp Miami style workout daily will result in the same muscles being torn without time to heal and grow stronger. Walking on days you’re not doing boot camp, however, keeps you flexible and fit. In contrast, only walking will not help you build the kind of muscle you’d get in an intensive fitness program. Ultimately, the answer to our initial question is that a mix of both low and high intensity workouts in an alternating schedule is the best way to keep yourself where you need to be in your fitness journey.

At the end of the day, it seems that moderation and careful attention is the key to making the most out of any structured exercise practices you may engage in. Keep an eye on how your body feels during and after working out, and always adjust to your own limits, boundaries and goals. Total mind body wellness is dependent on having access to information like this that allows you to understand your health and wellness experiences, and to make informed decisions based on those experiences. Finding the right gym is one of the most sure ways you can gain the information and the tools to keep yourself on track with your fitness goals – whether it was a New Year’s promise or not!

Mental Health Through Physical Training

Building a routine for working out is tough, especially if you aren’t used to it. Returning to exercising after years of being lax with yourself is hard. You’re your own disciplinarian, and you’re bound to let yourself get away with skipping your workout, or indulging in comfort food. We all need a little help starting out.

In my own experience, not everybody necessarily needs to work out in a community to keep themselves both challenged and on track. Some people are just born with the gift of self-motivation and they can commit themselves entirely to the task and achieve it, no outside help needed. I am not one of those people – that is to say, I wasn’t, until I used exercise to develop that skillset. While everyone doesn’t need a community like I did, I believe everyone does need access to a gym. The equipment is important, but so is the act of setting aside a time and space that’s sacred – it’s just for your health. Working at my home gym has always seemed like something I can put off until “later” and, of course, later never comes. Forcing myself to go out, and having my trainers and friends hold me accountable when I don’t show up, has been a great motivator. This is especially true in the sense that, when you’re starting out, it can be hard to find your own well of self-generating willpower and motivation. The good news is that is one of the many mental health rewards that regular, structured and dedicated exercise routines will give you.

The gyms Miami has to offer are many. Boot camp style Miami workouts are some of the most exciting and intensive things you can put your body through when you’re getting into the game, but it can be very rewarding to achieve success in such an immediately challenging environment. It’s always good to start somewhere comfortable but aim for a more daunting goal. Walking every day was easy for me starting out, for example, but the kickboxing class scared me but I tried it anyway. It ended up not being my thing, but the act of attending a group training Miami class in kickboxing gave me courage. It was part of me learning my fitness interests and boundaries.

Every challenge gives us something we can learn from. In the world of physical fitness, this is especially true. The mental discipline you can develop carries into every other area of your life. I never thought about exercise that way before until I began to commit my life to it. It’s a constant realization that we are capable of achieving more than we ever thought – that we’re stronger, smarter, and more powerful than we could have imagined. The discoveries you make during your workout journey and the confidence and self-possession it fosters are invaluable. There’s a reason why successful people – whether they are sports professionals, artists, business professionals, etc. – swear by routine workouts. There’s just something there that opens us up creatively and intellectually while we train our bodies.

Depression and Exercise: An Exploration

Exercising can do great things for your mood. Whether in personal training Miami classes or group training Miami classes, getting out into one of the fine gyms Miami has to offer and being present with a dedicated community can be invaluable to your physical fitness training. While it does lift our mood, helping the brain produce seratonin and dopamine, there is a myth that exercising frequently can be a substitute for anti-depressants.

This widespread myth is often quoted at people who have just come out as being ill, and can limit their willingness to get medical help or start working out entirely. It can be very difficult to share this information with other people, especially considering the typical reaction is ignorance, disgust, and misinterpretation. Remembering that individuals with depression and other neurological conditions have actual, physical illnesses that show up on brain scans is vital in treating them with dignity. Just like we can’t will ourselves to feel better when we have the flu, depression doesn’t go away because we want it to or because we walk every day. Suggesting exercise as a cure all can be condescending and hurtful.

Not everyone who is diagnosed with a mood disorder needs to be medicated. Often, dietary changes and exercising, as well as therapy, can be a really great way of helping the brain deal with the disorder in a non-chemical way. For some of us, though, there is no getting better without medication. When the brain is sick, it’s just like any other organ. Everyone’s physical fitness journey is different, but no matter who you are, the most intensive boot camp style Miami workout is not enough to cure a chronic neurological disorder, and the amount of people who suggest this to those diagnosed with these conditions is shocking, especially considering one of the heaviest symptoms can be the inability to get out of bed due to extreme muscle pain, disorientation, and fatigue.

Any real treatment plan involves a degree of exercise. Mental and physical health are intrinsically intertwined. One depends on the other. We need motivation, discipline and willpower to carry out our workout routines, and we need a healthy and active body in order to help us maintain that motivation, discipline and willpower. Energy level, seratonin, adrenaline, and dopamine are all partially regulated through the active body. Depending entirely on medication, especially any medication that one can develop a tolerance for, is not a treatment plan – it’s a band-aid.

While medication can be lifelong, the degree at which it is taken can depend on many factors that shift over a lifetime. Diet and exercise can help decrease the need for heavy dosages, and, combined with therapy and healthy life choices in terms of rewarding our passions, career aspirations, etc. can lead to more balance.

There are many reasons to get out and exercise, especially if your mental health needs a boost. While it doesn’t solve everything, it can certainly lead to a better quality of life.

The Friends Who Work Out Together Stick Together

When I first moved to Miami with my best friend, we made a pact. It was a pact to physical wellness, health and getting our lives together. We had a bit of a dispute as to how to do that, though. Seeing that we had decided to be physical accountability buddies, we were both responsible for making sure the other one worked out, and living together made that part pretty easy. We decided to coordinate our workout schedules and had a long talk about whether or not we wanted to utilize the natural trails, beaches, and oceans of Miami as our gym or if we would commit to a gym membership.

The pros of not getting a gym membership were pretty clear – it would be free. However, not knowing the area proved to be a disadvantage. What if we got lost and couldn’t find our way back? What if the area we wanted to walk and bike in wasn’t really that safe for those activities? Even though swimming in the ocean would’ve been a great all over body workout, there would be parking, parking fees, and people to deal with every single time we wanted to go out. Sometimes, you just want to go to the gym, get your workout game on, and not have to worry about other people. Then again, going to the gym presented another unique problem: our own self-consciousness around people who ‘looked’ healthier than us.

We decided to shop for gyms anyway and found this great local place. At first, I was a little wary, because I saw how many sports professionals swore by the place, and I was worried I would not fit in. After all, I wasn’t an athlete – I’d played a little bit of volleyball in high school and I’ve always dreamed of playing roller derby, but I didn’t count myself as an athlete. However, there was something about this gym that made us feel welcome after all. Maybe it was their extensive facilities, or their emphasis on an individualized workout focus.

The personal training Miami scene is flooded with people who promise to whip you into shape, but I always felt that the promises I found on search engines were kind of vague. Talking to someone in person at the gym itself was incredible, and I immediately felt inspired and encouraged to start taking the steps to be on my own fitness path. Professional training for the two of us actually ended up eliminating our need to be accountability buddies – we had trainers to keep us on our toes. We talked so much about all kinds of ways to get ourselves to go when our motivation was low. Now when we talk fitness, it’s all about our accomplishments, goals and how excited we are. I’d say that we definitely kept our initial moving pact, with the help of a great new gym and an inspiring community of hard working individuals that keep us motivated through their own successes.

Choosing Personal Trainers In Miami

With health and fitness being such an important aspect of life in Miami, thanks to the number of professional athletes who call it home, it can be an overwhelming process when it comes to choosing a gym and selecting a personal trainer. Making the wrong choice might not be the end of the world, but making the right one will help you get the results you want faster and more completely.

Choosing a gym is easier, if only because it relies mostly on practical matters. A simple checklist would include some of the following questions:

How convenient is it? That may sound shallow to put at the top of the list, but studies show convenience is the first reason people give when asked why they stopped working out. Part of convenience includes hours of operation, availability of parking and nearby amenities.

What programs do they offer? Some fitness centers and gyms in Miami are designed to have something for everyone while others have a tight focus on a training regimen.

How much does it cost and how long is the membership? After convenience, cost is the next deciding factor in whether people continue to work out.

Do they offer personal trainers, and if not, do they allow outside trainers to use the facility with their clients?

This is where the decision gets tricky. As noted above, the two main reasons why people stop working out is not because they no longer want to, but because they find reasons not to. A personal trainer is certainly a much greater thing than a cheerleader, but part of a good trainer will be the ability to help their client keep the motivation. One of the ways they can do this is by mixing up the training program so the client feels continually engaged. People working out on their own usually stop after a ten week period because they have stopped seeing the quick early results that usually happen and now feel like they are not being productive. If they knew different programs they could start to follow, it might reduce the number of people who quit. Which brings up the final important question: does your trainer know more than one trick? Luckily, personal trainers in Miami tend to be more well-versed than those in other areas, thanks to the number of professional athletes they work with. It is important for them to be able to offer those clients the latest information and training techniques to keep them at the top of the game.

When it comes to personal training in Miami there are plenty to choose from, perhaps too many at first. Keep in mind that the right trainer is out there for you, and you are hiring them. Take your time, make your choice and see the results.

Putting Smart Money Down On Fitness

People always want to think that they are getting the most for their money. In a world where a television show about extreme couponing is popular, everyone is looking for what they think is the best deal, regardless of what they are shopping for. This even includes when what they are interested in is a healthier lifestyle. In their own minds, they weigh out the pros and cons and, in many cases, make a decision that is bad for them in the long run both financially and physically.

They see a fitness center that offers a membership special. Enticing them in with a low introductory rate and unlimited access, many people do not think of how often they will go, but simply how often they can. Without any outside guidance, like that of a personal trainer, they believe they will go from not working out at all to visiting the gym several times a week. In their mind, this makes the cost per visit very low, much less than it would be to hire their own personal trainer or even enroll in a series of fitness classes.

The greatest irony in this current atmosphere of working out is that these people balk at the thought of spending money on a personal trainer in Miami, and yet almost 70 percent of people who pay for a monthly gym membership and do not include any personal training sessions in that package work out less than three times a month. Part of the reason they call it “working out” is that exercise is a physically taxing activity. It takes a lot of will power for an individual to maintain a new healthy lifestyle on their own.

Studies show that people who have the most success when it comes to beginning a successful workout program have two things in common. They have a strong personal motivation factor – health issues in the family or extreme weight they need to lose – and they find a way to make themselves accountable to keep up with the exercising. Having regularly scheduled sessions with a personal trainer not only gives them that responsibility, it also allows for a program to be designed that fits their needs perfectly. Alternatively, people who attend the same fitness classes or bootcamp on a weekly basis build up a community of support. Classmates encourage each other, and they share in each other’s triumph.

The old saying goes that you get what you pay for. If you want to start living a healthy lifestyle, it does not matter how much money you think you are saving on an annual membership. If you are not going on a regular basis, it is just money you are wasting… money that could get you much better results if spent on a personal trainer.

Are You Presently Attempting To Lose Weight? The Following Tips Can Help You Succeed!

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A super-fantastic way to lose some weight is usually to ratchet down your calorie intake slightly on a daily basis, keeping it gradual so that you will don’t feel the need to face up to. An effective method is to lower your caloric intake by 500 calories.

Logging all you consume in the daytime is the best way to track your caloric intake while you are trying to lose weight. If you need to take note of whatever you put in the mouth area, you’re more unlikely to overeat. Although exercise is essential to slimming down, a diet regime that’s healthy remains considered the easiest way to keep those extra pounds off.

Making sure you might be dining using the right person in a restaurant may help you shed weight. Research indicates both sexes eat more when women can be found and less when guys are. The reasons haven’t been determined, but going out with your girlfriends could tempt your overeating habit, so being familiar with this can help you retain more self-control.

Find other things you can do than simply eat. Lots of people want to cook and eat. This is acceptable. Eating could be very enjoyable. Just make sure that you find stuff that you like equally or even more. Try finding hobbies which will also help you shed weight.

Avoid eating fried food if you wish to succeed at shedding weight. There are numerous ways to cook which are better for you. Try poaching, steaming, broiling or baking. Should you cook your food using these methods, you may literally cook the right path to a slimmer waistline.

A food journal will help you monitor what you’re eating and just how your daily diet is affecting you. When you eat something, record it within your journal. Make sure you jot down precisely how much you ate to be able to track your calories. Moreover, make a note of your mood while eating this food. This enables you to know specifically what you eat daily and maybe provde the reasons the reason you are eating.

Avacados are an excellent diet food because they are very rich and good for you. The fat in avocados is unsaturated fat, which can be healthy for you. Meats can obtain bad fats, although the good fats in avocado mean you may consume this tasty treat guilt-free. Look at a vegetable taco which includes avocado being a healthy alternative during the day.

Cook meals from scratch to economize and help your daily diet. Making homemade meals is a good aid to your excess fat loss. Foods from restaurants have more fat than what you put in your own food. Furthermore, the actual act of cooking burns up calories because you constantly moving.

Keeping a record of your respective gains and losses is essential while you are slimming down. One other good practice is always to look at the weight often. This will likely prompt anyone to renewed effort. The process may increase your motivation. The better motivated you are the easier it can be to achieve goals you possess set for yourself quickly with ease.

Reduce the quantity of calories which you eat every day. A fat gram has double the calories when compared with carbohydrate or protein. Use oil and consume dairy sparingly, while stripping your diets of foods rich in fat. Whenever you add fiber from vegatables and fruits in your diet, you might always feel full, even though you cut high calorie fats.

When you are focused on making a change, it is possible to quickly lose some weight. You are responsible for your very own weight. Improve your life and see it improve.

For more information about the Fat Loss, visit the Weight Diet

The Best Weight Loss Tips Ever

By Patrick M Williams

So you’ve been contemplating whether it is time to finally change your lifestyle for good in order to lose weight. As you probably already know, you have about a thousand options out there whether you are talking about diet or workout programs. It is important to know that if you follow these tips, you will be successful no matter what specific program(s) you choose. These tips deal with your core motivations and what drives you. Until you figure these things out, you will never PERMANENTLY change.

1. It is so important to maintain what I call a “next month” outlook.

How do you want to look after the next four weeks? How exactly do you want to feel? This approach is so much more effective than thinking about completely transorming your body after the next two years. Sure there is a time and place for that, but it can be a little overwhelming at times.

2. Change the way you view (and value) food.

Examine your motivation for eating. I know this may sound a little strange at first, but just think about it. Do you eat because you are “craving” a certain food? Or do you eat out of sheer habits that you have been practicing for years? Obtain a sense of purpose with your eating habits. Let me give you a very simple example. I eat predominantly lean proteins and green vegetables. My next meal is going to be scrambled egg whites along with some sauteed spinach.

3. Don’t view exercise as a chore!

I know what you are thinking. I don’t like working out or I don’t have time to work out. These excuses can seem so concret and valid in your justification-matrix. Just remember that these views and opinions are simply choices you have made. So choose to derive at least some enjoyment from exercise. You don’t have to be cheesy about it, but make a choice.

4. Stop comparing yourself to other people.

There are a few people that can be the exception to this rule. From the hundreds of people I have helped, I firmly believe that it is not a good idea to compare yourself to the fitness model you saw in the grocery store. You will only be hard on yourself

5. Create a vivid picture of the best you and hold onto it as often as possible.

Here’s where I recommend that you let your imagination run wild. If you have a picture of what you used to look like, this can be helpful too. Picturing the future you is much more productive though.

I genuinely hope that these tips can help you change your outlook for the better. Just remember to work on your mental, emotional, and spiritual outlook before really engaging in changing the physical. Once you have done this, then it is time to take massive action! Trust me, you will be so much more successful for it.

Patrick Williams is the owner of Fuel Rx Fitness in Sherman Oaks, California near Ventura Boulevard. Fuel Rx Fitness is the home of “metabolic burst training” and has helped hundreds of people reach their fat loss goals. Go to http://fuelrxfitness.com to learn more about their programs.

Great Fitness Ideas For Everyday

By Samantha Knowles

Whether you are looking to tone up, lose weight, or just get heart healthy, exercise is a great way to do all of those. Don’t be a weekend warrior and injure yourself the first time out, make sure you ease into any new exercise routine to avoid short and long term injuries. Follow these simple rules:

1. Warm up. A proper warm-up should be part of every workout. But don’t waste time and energy with outdated warm-up routines — side bends and toe touches went out with headbands and short-shorts. Whether or not you’re still sweating to the oldies, stick to warm-ups that match the workout at hand. When in doubt, a dynamic warm-up to get a sweat going and prime the body for the real work that lies ahead.

2. Use perfect form. Who wants to keep making the same misstep when you can master the perfect form from day one? Ask for help. Don’t risk injuries by playing follow-the-leader with the biggest guy in the gym. Learn the dos and don’ts from the get-go. Talk to a trainer, get a fitness assessment, or consider investing a few training sessions to learn the ropes. Coaches have been shown to boost motivation, performance, and adherence to training routines.

3. For a fundamental movement like the squat, be sure to stand tall with the chest up, shoulders back and down, and the core engaged. And below the belt, keep a soft bend in the knees while shifting your weight into the heels. Keeping up good form all workout-long is the best way to protect against injury and make workouts more effective to boot.

4. Show and tell. At some point willpower can run out and send those healthy intentions off the rails. Don’t go it alone. Call in the reinforcements to boost motivation and encourage accountability. Try opening up to family and friends about your setbacks and successes. Or, consider starting a blog to get others involved in your get-fit journey. The more people enlisted in the support of the goal, the less likely you are to fail.

5. Compete. When workouts are a competition, winning means losing — weight that is. Whether it’s going head-to-head against an opponent or against our own personal best, research suggests we perform better when we compete. Go all out against the clock, perform as many push-ups as possible, or try to set a new one-rep max. Even if we set our sights too high, it never hurts to have a bigger goal in mind.

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