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Ways To Increase Motivation

What pulls you, drives you, pushes you?

It might seem like the people around us are very polarized — some people want to make a difference to the environment, while others want to retire at 50 — but research shows that humans are actually much more complex and multifaceted than this.

It isn’t just one thing that motivates and allows us to make that motivation breakthrough, but many things all at once. Researchers have narrowed down the many motivators to a few distinct categories. If you want to get to that motivation place within, then here are a few pointers that will aid in your self help motivation.

Goal Setting

Setting goals can improve motivation and get you moving. But when setting goals make sure they feel achievable, realistic, and that they really do motivate you. Improving your average sale at work may not push your buttons, though it looks good on a resume — so what does push your buttons? Saving up for a holiday to Fiji? Taking art classes at night?

These sorts of goals might inspire you to push your average sale up, for example, more than just focusing on improving your work performance.

Goals should feel exciting. They are tied in with your dreams you have for your future. If, however, you find that your goal setting is too daunting or feels to difficult, you may have overreached what you feel is capable and achievable. Instead of writing a novel, maybe just start with a short story.

Then work your way up to 5 stories. Once you have completed 10 stories, even if it takes a whole year, writing a novel may not freak you out. It will probably feel more achievable by then.

Understanding Your Drives

According to a study published by the Incentive Research Foundation in 2011, there are four basic drives that determine human motivation: acquiring, comprehending, bonding and defending.

Acquiring is about the tangible benefits we can gain e.g. money, skills, training, promotions, respect, etc.

Comprehending has to do with doing something we feel is meaningful, such as working with complex ideas, creativity, or participating in a job that makes a difference to the world. Bonding all about friendship, camaraderie, and social connection.

Defending takes into account issues around fairness and justice — we are more motivated to work with and for people who treat us (and others) well, than those who treat us (and others) unfairly.

While some people may feel they lean more towards one drive than another, the studies show humans actually need a balance of all four areas. Failing in one area can negatively impact how we feel about all other areas. When you achieve a holistic balance of all four drives, you naturally access that motivation place within, make that motivation breakthrough, and become highly motivated.

Teaming Up

Setting goals, chanting affirmations, working on projects — it all helps, but sometimes you just need a bit more external support.

Some of us thrive from working alone, the triumph is all the more great once you reach the finish line all by yourself. But some of us are team players. Support, camaraderie, creative collaboration — working with others brings a lot to our lives and the things we are trying so desperately to achieve.

If you are not sure what you prefer, just try it. Invite someone to collaborate on a project, partner up with some like-minded colleagues, or join a group. Not only does this sort of networking provide you wish fresh perspectives and ideas, it also provides accountability. Tell people about your goals and projects.

It can really motivate you to know that someone supports your dreams, and is cheering you on.

Conserving Energy

Increasing motivation is hard when you are tired. Often people are hard-working and dedicated to their goals. But dedication can lead to fatigue, if you don’t pace yourself and self-manage your energy output. Even when you love what you do, even when you feel happy and excited, the mind and body need to rest.

Being “on” all the time, or worse, experiencing chronic stress, can lead to fatigue and exhaustion that feels as if it leeches into every part of life. At this point, you need to be realistic. It is hard to be motivated if you have pushed your system too hard.

To increase your motivation, the best thing you can do is take time out and re-fuel. Take a break from your goals, take a break even from your career or job, just for a little while, if it is possible.

People who care about you always want to help out. Ask those around you to share the load, so you can get away for a while. Ask yourself how long — you know the answer. One weekend? A week? A month?

Soon as you get the rest you need, being motivated and enthusiastic about your goals becomes a whole lot easier.

Peter Field is a leading UK therapist. Please visit his hypnotherapy Birmingham website for more information. His ‘Motivate Yourself Now‘ self hypnosis MP3 download and CD are now available.

Best Personal Development Tip – Accept Only What Brings You Joy, Yet Allow All

This article is about developing the most empowering approach, which is knowing that what you can learn and grow from expands your consciousness into a remembrance of the incredible power of love that lives within self. This type of allowance creates incredible joy and fulfillment because you are okay with yourself in all choices and in all moments.

Being okay with yourself in all situations doesn’t mean you have to like or accept what is occurring in your reality. Just be responsible that it was created exactly the way you wanted it because that is the way you have learned to give or receive your love/acceptance, worth or identity.

The mind is a computer and will only give back information you have given it. If you have recorded painful emotions surrounding your perception of love, it is those perceptions you project on any given subject, (i.e. relationships or money) that crate your outer reality. It is those buried, suppressed emotions that surround your beliefs on receiving or giving love projected on those subjects that keep you in reactive, robot-like behavior.

If you feel that the way you have learned to give or receive love will be taken away, it will be more painful for to receive what you say you desire, even if you are unaware of it. Therefore, you will continue to create what you perceive love to be, even if it is painful, until you are ready to be fully responsible for what you create.

To change how you are experiencing life, you must change how you feel about what you are creating. To be okay with whatever was created as purposeful and good. Finding the purpose and good allows an instant acceptance of self. In time each experience will build upon itself and the acceptance you seek from others will be found within. Do not misunderstand what I am saying, this doesn’t not mean complacency if you desire to continually grow.

Complacency is a killer to the human spirit and growth. This only means to create a space for yourself that allows self to be okay and thereby fulfilled in every given moment. What occurs within is a feeling of fulfillment; this creates a feeling of a continued abundance. In abundance there is a feeling of limitless options. One can begin to change their circumstances by creating a basic foundation of feeling abundant through taking the following steps:

1) Cultivate within self, a desire, motivation and discipline that allows your dreams to become a reality.

2) Be willing to put forth the effort required to have your dreams fulfilled.

3) Have an ongoing belief in yourself no matter the perceived obstacles.

4) Persevere throughout your journey. Know that you and only you are the creator of your reality and no one can do anything to you that you have not chosen to experience.

As harsh as that may sound, it is a prevailing truth. ‘As above, so below,’ reveals a continuing ancient metaphor that tells us that whatever is on the inside of us expresses itself on the outside. If you desire long-lasting and unshakeable results to be in your life, know that this only occurs through internal changes.

How Focussing On The Negative Can Transform Your Life!

By Paul A Philips

It always amuses me when I hear people labelling something as ‘negative’ with all its connotations. As if the negative is something to be ignored or dismissed. Do these people, especially some of those new agers think that negative things will all go away if ignored? That by focussing on the positive will bring about a complete turnaround? What about the old adage, what you resist will persist..?

No. Labelling, invalidating or dismissing something merely as negative may mean that you have missed the point: For example, if I told you that your kitchen is on fire, would you then turn to me and say something in the way of “Oh, you’re talking so negatively. I was happy until now…” Of course you wouldn’t say something so absurd. No, instead you’d try and do something about it. Let’s say you’d race into your kitchen and instinctively try and put out the fire. After putting out the fire, say it was caused by a frying pan with oil; you would indeed then thank me for putting your attention on this.

-The point I’m making here is that many things going on in the world related to unfairness, injustice, greed, lies and deception… will continue until humanity focuses on this inhumanity and seriously does something about it.

Many of these things have got this way because of people’s stand down behaviour, ignorance and apathy… As Einstein said in so many words; the world’s full of danger and the most dangerous people are those who do nothing about it. It’s not just a case of ‘getting off one’s backside…’ but also a discerning ability is needed and to listen to the heart.

Deep inside you have an inner voice coming from your inner being. When this inner voice talks to you it says do something with your life. That inner voice can be quite specific, related to, say, doing things that contribute to others, turning things around related to those negative connotations; unfairness, injustice, greed, lies and deception…

The same above principle applies in relationships. A sudden realization of the negative and a willingness to confront is an opportunity for making the necessary changes for a turnaround.

Negativity is just an interpretation of what’s occurring out there for you. Negativity either controls you or you control it. Given certain situations, which one will it be for you?

Do things have to be perceived as negative? No, you have a choice. Choice is part of what makes you human. In many cases, you have the choice of, instead of instead perceiving something as negative, get it on the level that everything is just the way it IS.

Is-ness is the key: Ultimately there is no such thing as positive or negative. Everything is just the way it is. This observer mode viewpoint can put you in an empowering way of being.

-This is how focussing on the negative can transform your life!

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Who Are You Supposed To Be?

By Jessica Rector

What does it mean to be yourself? How are you supposed to be or act? Like who you think you are, who others think you are, who you want to be, or how you want to be perceived?

How much of yourself are you showing to others? You go to work, don’t ruffle any feathers, and then leave. You don’t say too much and aren’t really seen. Your boss barely acknowledges you or knows your name. You try to fly under the radar. You can’t afford to lose this job and have to look for another one. So you don’t do or say too much…just enough to get by.

As you leave each day, you’re unhappy, unfulfilled, but don’t know how to change it or what to do. You think you do a great job at work. So what if you’re not the most talkative or most outgoing. If they knew you outside of work, you are great, but you feel like you’re not quite yourself at work. How can you be, when you feel like you’re walking on eggshells?

You just don’t want too much attention brought your way. Every time you walk through the doors of work, you feel like you’re opening the door to existing…a life of existing, and who wants to just exist?! You want t live. You want to be happy. You want to thrive. This job just isn’t your dream job. You always wanted to be a singer, writer, teacher, manager, or Vice President. You just didn’t want to do this. You had kids and now your career is stuck, stagnant, stale, and you just don’t know how to change it.

How can you tell your kids they can be or do anything if you’re not doing it? If you aren’t taking steps to do that for yourself? Your career isn’t done. Your life isn’t over, so start living it by doing what you want. So maybe it won’t happen to you tomorrow or even in a few months. If you take steps today toward it, it will definitely happen. You’ll start love going to work. You’ll be excited to do the job you’re meant to do.

I remember a Graduate School Professor saying to our class, when you find your calling, you will never feel like you are working. Something resonated with me so much when he said that. I just knew I would one day find what my purpose was, and then it would never feel like work–because I’d love doing it every day. What that looked like, I really didn’t know, but I knew that it could exist one day for me.

When you do find it, you won’t be asking how are you supposed to act or be or how you want others to perceive you. You will be liberated and free. You’ll be able to be completely who you are–goofy, introverted, outspoken, funny, or a leader. People will love you because you are being exactly who you’re supposed to be.

As a single mom and founder of The Single Mom Movement, Jessica Rector is determined to educate and empower single moms. Single motherhood affects everyone. You can Join The Movement, Become An Advocate, or Partner with Us. Do you feel isolated? CLICK HERE and never feel alone. Single moms CLICK HERE for FREE 50 Resources Every Single Mom Needs.

Are You Stuck In A Rut Like The Rest Of The Human Race?

By Paul A Philips

Ever get those momentary twinges of the here-we-go-agains reminding you your life is in a rut? The whole of humanity is stuck in a rut. Yes, humanity has been stuck for generations. Reality’s holographic nature demonstrates that if we are individually intrinsically stuck, reflecting the microcosm, then this will in turn reflect the bigger picture, the macrocosm, how we are stuck in our ways on the group planetary population level…

It’s not just about the changes needed to take us out of this long withstanding rut. The human race needs to wake up to the profound realization that there’s a planetary crisis and engage in making the necessary changes needed for our survival: Let’s talk about thriving at a later date!

How do we go beyond this apparently endless hopeless state we’ve been in as a race for so many generations and triumphantly move on?

Could the answer lie in what keeps us stuck?

Like that caged pet hamster we’ve been running inside the wheel going nowhere fast for far too long. We’re stuck on just about everything under the sun! We only need to avert ourselves of our blind spots and look at the big picture to find this out. Here’s a list of some of those things we as a race have been deceptively stuck on over the centuries.

Money and Religion

I have put money and religion together since in many ways they go hand in hand. The invention of the monetary system by the ruling elite has served to enslave the human race on the physical level. While the other mind control programme religion enslaves us on the spiritual.


Money as an enslavement is more so now than ever when considering the extent of the banks’ debt-based monetary system. So, essentially you have a planet full of people made up of poverty, debt, wage and consumerism tail-chasing slaves…


Originally, humans wanted to find ways in which to address what they didn’t understand; spirituality and their relationship with the spiritual and God. Then came along the shamans, prophets and priests acting as spiritual guides… However, certain people in high places soon realized that religions could be used as a mind controlling tool to enslave the masses for power, profit and political gain.

Religion, because of its mind controlling has become potentially very dangerous. -Atheism, the antithesis of religious fundamentalism can also be described as a by-product of religious mind control. Atheists don’t realize they too have been manipulated: Atheism is the ‘no religion’ religion.


Millions of dollars had been poured into education by the world’s ruling elite with their organizations such as the Carnegie Foundation and Rockefeller Institute. The purpose? To produce a system that basically serves to indoctrinate the masses from the beginning in infants’ schools then right through to the end at Universities.

With its carefully selected curriculum, after someone completes their education they would have been programmed and brainwashed, many up to their eyeballs, ready for the next stage, to fit into the prepared boxes; into jobs to serve the corporations…

This is why organizations such as Carnegie and Rockefeller put in the time, effort and money in the first place, to get the masses to fit passively into those boxes and work for their corporations.

Anyone who sees outside the box, seeing the far greater humanitarian alternative that undercuts the corporation’s greed-driven businesses is suppressed, ignored, ridiculed or even destroyed by the ruling elite’s agents. -Another reason why we’ve ended up with the same old same old…

The education system has stopped people from real critical thinking. There’s a serious need to challenge the authorities while not readily accepting the consensus of the masses view. In short, question everything.


Like the education system the mass media is another form of social engineering, serving to inculcate economic, socially acceptable, moral and ethical values. Essentially, the entire mass media is now in the hands of only 5 major corporations in the USA! All these conglomerates can be linked to the controlling political, economic ruling elites.

By concentrating the ownership into the hands of just a few, that allows the ruling elite to not only more easily control the desired social engineering but also influence public consensus through their media. You have mass media biased coverage in politics, economic, academia, science and technology… as a means for the ruling elite’s own ends.

This results in the masses following media that has little in the way of anything that significantly contributes to human growth.

Science and Technology

For centuries and even today science still holds the view that reality can be explained entirely in terms of materialism, while consciousness is nothing more than an illusory by-product of our brains.

More so now than ever, this ridged and dogmatic purposeless, Godless materialistic view has been widely criticized. Many critics say that it is holding science back: That a broader paradigm approach to science beyond the confines of materialism would lead to greater benefits for humankind.

This conservative materialistic belief has allowed corporations with governments and academic institutions on their behalf to exploit. Thus scientists have been manipulated into using a narrow paradigm approach for corporate profit.

My vision is to see that science will break away from its imprisonment and then give rise to those greater benefits for humankind.

As with science, technology has not been fully allowed to develop for the same reasons. We know that over the years technology may change radically and for the better. However, some technologies stay the same because the corporations will not allow any changes that would undercut their big businesses.

No matter how much more beneficial to humankind, the related corporations with governments, academic institutions and mass media acting on their behalf will conspire to ignore, quash or even unjustly ridicule pioneers with their new alternative cheaper technology.

Take for instance the case of the motor car. Invented well over a hundred years ago the Model T Ford is basically the same in principle as the motor car of today. Nothing much has changed here because big oil who ultimately controls the industry won’t allow less polluting cheaper alternative cars to dominate the market.

There are many other examples where this happens. Take the case of cheaper natural non-toxic cancer therapies.


The major political parties, those that stand any chance of getting elected into office are all funded and backed by the world’s ruling elite. Thus the elections are only 2 or 3 horse races because the ruling elite who’ve made it this way can make sure whoever wins they would have backed.

So those in office will be there ultimately not to serve we-the-people but the wishes of their lords and masters the ruling elite and their new world order agenda. Electing any of the major political parties is therefore not only choosing a going nowhere scenario but a vote for slavery.

The solution would be to start supporting independent candidates that have no ties to the ruling elite and have a genuine want to contribute to humanity.


Such is nature that things don’t just go in circles. They either go in upward or downward spirals. If we’re to free ourselves of this downward spiral rut then we need to educate ourselves and others on how the interests of just a few elite individuals are playing us for their own gain. Say no to playing their game is the answer in mind, body and spirit.

As for you personally, if you’re stuck in a rut then don’t complain if you’re not doing anything about it.

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Can Creativity Be Increased?

By Dr Jill Ammon-Wexler

Increase Your Creativity There is strong evidence that certain strategies definitely increase creative output. These strategies include…

Strategy 1. Embrace Your Problems
One of the most fundamental skills of creativity is the ability to recognize an opportunity and seize it. You have countless opportunities to expand your creative thinking skills. Such opportunities present themselves daily at home, while driving to work, during meetings or lunch – or while just hanging out with friends. There’s really no shortage of opportunities to refine and develop your creativity. The most basic approach is to recognize that a problem  may actually be a golden opportunity for a creative explosion – and seize the moment.

Strategy 2. Challenge Your Creativity Assumptions
It’s natural and necessary to make assumptions about the reality of our everyday world. We would otherwise spend all of our waking hours performing unnecessary mental analyzes of ordinary things. As a result, many times we see only what we expect to see. Our analysis of a situation or a problem is based entirely on assumptions based on our past experience or accepted knowledge. Plus assumptions can become so entrenched it doesn’t cross our mind to challenge them.

A problem may arise simply because we perceive a situation or condition through a set of false assumptions preventing clear thinking. Challenging your assumptions is an important component of creativity. This allows you to look beyond what is obvious or already accepted. And it leads straight to the creative breakthroughs you’re looking for.

Truly creative people in all fields of interest tend to automatically challenge both their own assumptions, and the commonly accepted knowledge about a problem. This mental attitude is the true source of all of the world’s great inventions and businesses. The moment you choose to challenge one of your assumptions as possibly untrue or incomplete,” you are on the way to discovering something new and different.

Strategy 3. Take Some Creativity Risks
A willingness to take risks is at the very heart of creativity. No creative person succeeds without first failing – as failures are part of the process of testing one’s assumptions. There is simply no creativity without failure.

To experience major creative breakthroughs, it’s important to become comfortable taking risks. Each failure you encounter will actually supercharge your creativity by generating new information. If you’re unwilling to take risks and deal with what ordinary people call failure, then you cannot expect to become a great creative thinker.

Modern neuroscience has shown that our brains are literally rewired each time we learn something new by making a mistake. The brain is designed to learn through the trial and error process.

Strategy 4. Use Alternative Thinking
To come up with a creative idea, you will often need a new vantage point. Creating a new solution to an existing problem, for example, may require looking at the problem from a fresh perspective.

There are many tools used by creative thinkers to create such a fresh perspective, including: Brainstorming, MESV creative visualization, and various other means of considering the problem from a fresh vantage point.

Additionally, a great way to kick start your creativity is to look at your problem from the vantage point of another profession. If you are a mechanical engineer, for example, how would an architect view your problem? Or if you are a product designer, how would an interior decorator approach your problem? This approach can lead to some remarkable creative breakthroughs.

Strategy 5. Accept Ambiguity
Many people prefer that everything be clear and unambiguous. They are uncomfortable with anything that seems vague, or could have more than one meaning or application. As a result they tend to be rigid, highly predictable thinkers.

A touch of ambiguous thinking during the idea generation stage of the creative process has the power to bring out genius-level ideas. People who can think ambiguously are fluid and flexible thinkers. The ability to think ambiguously can yield amazing creative insights. This is ability is experienced (and built) when you indulge in wordplay or humour.

Strategy 6. Expand Your Vision
An excellent way to build your creative muscles is to read and explore outside your normal area of interest. This can be especially useful when you are struggling to solve a creative problem.

Strategy 7. Massage your brainwaves
Creative thinking best occurs when your brain is in certain states called alpha and theta. You are in an alpha/theta state when your brain is producing a predominance of slower brain-waves, as opposed to the faster beta brain-waves associated with normal waking consciousness.

Alpha /theta brain-waves are the reason many people have creative ah-ha experiences during a nap, a stroll, or some other mentally-relaxing activity. But consciously entering into an alpha/theta state can be a challenge. Meditators spend years learning to initiate this state on will, but modern technology has introduced a much faster method of building alpha/theta expertise – Self Growth Planet. Be sure to check it out – your creativity will never be the same. Incidentally, a great side benefit of entering into the alpha/theta brain-wave state is virtually instant stress reduction.

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Build Mind Power

What Humanitarian Changes Do You Wish To See In The World?

By Paul A Philips

We continue as a society to endure the toxic fallout effects of chemtrails, geo-engineering, heavy metals and fluoride, fracking, Fukushima radiation leaks and oil spillages in our seas. Then there are those other toxics assaults in the form of GMO’s, low-frequency EMF’s, radiation…

What about the Ebola virus allegedly another product of bio-warfare but some evidence suggests that its existence has not been genuinely confirmed because of insufficient testing protocol..?

Our immune systems take a further hammering through the increasingly uncompromising demands of the stress-ridden western world reflected by rises in cancer, heart disease and other life-threatening illnesses…

Financial reports have been coming through that many people are worse off now than they were some years ago as the rift between the rich and the poor increases…

Then meanwhile the world’s elite Machiavellian architects of darkness continue their intentions to foment a world war using ISIS / ISIL false flag terrorism… as their global domination agenda surreptitiously advances towards the intended surveillance, militarized police state…

And by the way, It’s funny how the same mass media corporations giving hype to Ebola and ISIS have left out Fukushima.

-As all this goes on it may be difficult for some to realize that the changes you wish to see in the world CAN happen. The trick is to stay focussed on those changes and not be too distracted by the unfolding end-game drama. Or for that matter any other distraction.

Whatever those humanitarian changes you want to see in the world are, there’s a number of ‘common denominators’ needed to bring them into existence. Responsibility and intentionality are the keys involving a mind to heart shift. Thinking from the heart will only encourage what’s needed to be done.

Ultimately it’s about a fight for the survival of love, since the human race cannot allow what’s happening to go on like this, while it must be remembered that planet Earth is a sacred being and its destruction will not be tolerated.

No matter how gloomy the circumstances nothing can take away the fact that humans are creative beings. This is our greatest strength. To become part of the team of humanitarian co-creators needed to make the necessary turnaround, from prison planet to paradise, there are certain universal laws that can be applied. They are the commonly called the laws of attraction.

The universal laws of attraction involve 4 different applications they are 1.Attention, 2.Intention, 3.Allowance and 4.Balance. This reflects the nature of reality and how we can create it to change the planetary experience.

1. Attention – The cycle, what you’re giving and getting in life reflects those things that attract. Hence the saying like attracts like.

2. Intention – Okay, so there are things that attract your attention but how great is your intention to make those things manifest? As I have already said. Intention is the key.

3. Allowance – Is the hardest of these dynamic principle laws to apply. Allowance is the art of letting go, releasing the need to be fixed, rigid and controlling when related circumstances show up for you. For example, if something goes against a function of your intention then ‘its okay that it’s not okay.’ Keep holding the focus of attention on what you’ve set out to achieve.

4. Balance – To keep integrity it is necessary to maintain harmony and balance. Follow your intuitive guidelines.

Finally, a question: Exactly what humanitarian changes do you wish to see in the world that you could make happen by applying the laws of attraction?

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Reasons To Be The Change You Want To See In The World

By Paul A Philips

There comes a point at some time in one’s life when questions get asked like: ‘Who am I?’ ‘Why me?’ ‘Why NOW?’ or ‘How is it I am here..?’ Because of our limited viewpoint we cannot see the multidimensional ‘big picture’ and give completely satisfactory answers to these big questions.

However, go with me on this for a few moments. Let me say that we’re here to ‘break the spell.’ To snap people out of the hypnotic trance that’s rife throughout the world… be it through programming, brainwashing, ignorance, apathy or arrogance… Something has to be done to prevent this ship called planet Earth from sinking: Indeed, the hidden controllers of the world and their insane global domination agenda has to be stopped.

Having made the decision to serve others (as opposed to service to self) and do something about it, what could you do to make a difference for the world?

It’s true to say that one person alone cannot change the world, but is capable of creating ripples of cause and effect that push out far and wide, potentially influencing others more than can be imagined. The analogy I use is the result caused when throwing a pebble in a pond. Once the pebble hits the water the disturbances are little but it causes concentric ripples to spread out far and wide: And when we focus our energies in numbers on being the change we want to see in the world these ripples of cause and effect get strengthened synergistically.

With regard to the question ‘Who am I?’ Ask yourself ‘Who am I as a resource towards making a difference for the world?’ Do you have some area of expertise that can be used to enlighten others? Could you contribute in the long run to stopping the global domination agenda? What seeds of cause and effect could you plant today that will turn into great trees in the future? How about doing this for your family, your children and their children to be? What will they make of you when their old enough to realize that the hidden powers that be and their terrible global enslavement agenda has happened and you did nothing about it along the way?

Business, baking, finance, political, medical / pharmaceutical, politics, media, law, science, technology, religion… Since almost everything under the sun is based on deception it doesn’t matter what your expertise is. It can be used to expose the hidden powers that be and show how things can be traced back to their dark agenda and wake up enough people to want to see change, just like you.

-This is my plea. It’s time to listen to your heart and take action.

If you liked reading this article then go to www.NewParadigm.ws for more related articles including a free download PDF. NewParadigm is a portal to transformation, consciousness, spirituality, mind, body, health, alternative media and much more… Hosted by Paul A Philips. Once again the link is: http://www.newparadigm.ws/

What Sort Of Future Do You Want For Yourself, Your Family and Friends?

By Paul A Philips

Now, I’m putting you on the spot here. Ask yourself, what kind of world, what sort of future do you want to see for yourself, your family and friends? I’m not just talking immediate years here but possibly many, many years ahead. Some changes you may want to consider that would benefit not only you but your children when they get older or even their children to be…

Sure, one individual alone cannot change the world, but whether it was for human rights, freedom from slavery… for these things to have happened they had to start somewhere, so now’s your chance to be the originator or co creator of the changes you want to see.

Encouraged by the Einstein quote: “Only a life lived for others is worth living” allow me to make some suggestions, give you a give a head start by telling you what changes I want to see for the future of humanity. Here’s my outline. I want to see a world where:

1. Cooperation is above competition

Through education and media people have been brainwashed to such an extent that they fail to really see the dog-eat-dog world of unfairness, injustice and suffering related to the massive imbalance on this planet caused by an obsession with competition.

Competition obsession originates from Darwinism and the survival of the fittest, Huxley’s brave new world and eugenics… which, as a philosophy, have allowed a select few world rulers to cream off the planet’s wealth while others compliantly allow. For example, 85 of the world’s wealthiest own as much as the 3.5 billion poorest.

To get back to fairness, justice and non-victimhood, the reverse is needed where cooperation greatly exceeds competition. I’ll exemplify the cooperation paradigm in other points.

2. Most of people’s behaviour is not predicated on money

I’ll take a wild guess here. I’ll say that something like 90% of people’s behaviour is predicated on money. Out of the 7 billion on this planet around 2 billion have get by on about a couple of dollars a day, while most of the western world’s population are nations of debt slaves; student loans, mortgages, credit cards… tied to a job they don’t want to do but at least it pays the bills…

To reverse this and change the way we live it is necessary in some way to remove the ruling elite with their moneyed interests. Something on these lines, where the baking elite were removed happened in Iceland just after the 2008 financial crash. -It’s funny how this received little attention in the mass media.

3. There are changes to the political system

The political system is rigged. It is set up to such an extent that the limited numbers of political parties running for office (usually 2, 3 or 4) are ALL backed by the ruling elite. So whoever wins will not serve we-the-people but the real lords and masters the world the ruling elite with their corporate/banker agenda. Nothing new here, but the real solution is to give votes to independent candidates who have a genuine care for serving we-the-people and not backed by the ruling elite. Could you be one of those independent candidates?

4. There is a new paradigm approach in health and medicine

Indeed, there are many areas where you could get active to see change. Do you have a specialist subject? The subject of health and medicine is close to my heart. This is the area I have been campaigning in for some time.

I am a stand for the possibility of having a genuinely honest healthcare system where welfare concern for people will be placed above profits. Whereby the focus will be on cures rather than symptoms that are in place to just guarantee repeat business for wealthy pharmaceutical companies…

5. GMO is banned

Whether it’s through boycotting the products, telling everyone around you, signing local or global petitions, lobbying your MP… whatever it takes, say no to GMO. Another way you could get active in this (or any other subject for that matter) is by writing articles, blogs or put together your own website… whatever it takes. GMO is one of the most dangerous experiments on the planet. Put in the hands of greed-driven technocrats it endangers our future as a human race… It greatly exploits individuals such as farmers… I’ll leave it there for now and leave the rest for your own research.

In conclusion

Having given just a few examples, I realize that there are many other subjects that need radical changes where you could get active in. Changes are indeed desperately needed for the future of humanity on this planet. The message here is intended as a clarion ‘call to action’ with a sense of urgency.

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Will There Be A New World Order?

By Paul A Philips

I get asked from time to time, will there be a new world order? As far as I can see, the only answer anyone can ever give is, ‘I don’t know.’ Whether it’s defeatist or not, those who say that there will be a new world order, in my view, do not see or have some idea that there is a ‘bigger picture’ going on in relation to the circumstances.

The nature of reality is far greater than our limitations, experienced basically in the 5 sense, 3D world: The formation of life, planets, stars, galaxies and the universe… could not have happened had it not been for the existence of higher dimensions. Then, there is for example, the existence of unconditional love which operates on these higher dimensions.

The very fact that reality and therefore cause and effect operates on higher dimensional levels ought to be enough for people to realize that all is not lost in trying to create a world far different to the new world order planned by the hidden powers that be.

There’s a quote by Alice Walker: “The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.” Most people have been conditioned to believe that they are nothing more than their limitations. Do you think that those who have walked bare footed on hot coals unscathed or yogis having existed in sealed off tanks for over half an hour with only 5 minutes air supply accept that they are nothing more than their limitations? We are spiritual beings. This is where our power comes from. This power has many names and comes under many guises. In the star wars movies it is called the force.

There has never been a time more needed than now for we-the-people to get together and create using our higher dimensional capabilities a world far different to the new world order planned by the hidden powers that be. Do you feel a call to arms? What could YOU do to make a difference?

How do we operate on the higher dimensional levels and bring about the cause and effect needed? The answer lies in applying a number of universal laws. These laws are not merely a bunch of beliefs. Nor are they to be confused with belief systems. They exist and work, just like gravity. They are called the Laws of Attraction and are solid, workable principles which can be applied to create a world that makes a difference for everyone.

The 4 components comprising the laws of Attraction are:

1. Attention – To achieve an outcome, first it is necessary to give it the required attention.

2. Intention – Success in achieving an outcome is dependent on how great the intention is on what has been given attention.

-And that’s it! Achievement, manifestation, producing results… depend on how great your intentions are on what you give attention to. Just how committed could you be?

The other laws serve to keep the above working smoothly.

3. Allowance – Means not letting things get in the way of the above 2. If something happens that goes against what you intend to achieve then don’t become the effect of it. Just simply allow those things to be: It’s okay that it’s not okay! Just keep on keeping on. Never give up on what you want to achieve, keep applying 1and 2 of the laws of attraction.

4. Balance

Means not becoming the affect of your intended achievement; don’t become obsessive or ill with it…

Something the hidden powers that be cannot take away from humans, no matter how bad the enslavement may get, is the fact that we are creative and this is the key. When we get together in numbers and put our focus of attention; thoughts, feeling and emotions… on creating a world that makes a difference for everyone with firm intention we are capable of producing the outcome synergistically. Don’t underestimate this. Our inner work is crucial.

If allowed to go on the NWO will self-destruct, taking the planet and life on it with it. The choice is up to you stop this and produce the necessary turnaround. Is this task important enough for you?

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