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Important Things You Should Know That Affect You, Your Family and Friends

By Paul A Philips

We know that everyone has a basic right to have a great life: one that’s nurturing, fulfilling and wholesome. However, what most people get out of life compared to that which they have the basic right to is as different as night and day. You only have look at the world at large and see this for yourself. Here are some eye-opening facts.

1. The extent of global wealth inequality is shown by the fact that the wealthiest 85 individuals on the planet have more than the poorest 3.5 billion (Global wealth report 2013).

2. The poorest 3.5 billion of the world population barely has 1% of the total global wealth.

3. The 10% wealthiest people in the world have 86% of the total wealth.

4. The 1% wealthiest have 46% of the total wealth.

5. Average wealth figures for each Western world country can be quite misleading because it masks inequality.

Then there are the rising credit card debts. The average USA person now owes $15,191, while the UK figure is $14,332 and there’s the rise in consequences related to those who can’t keep up with the payments such as homelessness, depression and other mental illnesses. -These debts are only topped by mortgage and student loans.

To summarize, the world and its adult population mainly consists of poverty liners, debt and wage slavers doing things they don’t want to do in their lives, trying to meet the cost of living.

No matter how long it takes, a time for change is needed in the world to end this madness. People, what sort of world do you want for you, your family, children to be, their children and friends? If nothing is done then things will only get worse, but remember, as I’ve been saying, we do have a basic right to a life that’s that’s nurturing, fulfilling and wholesome…

The Solution

-All the above facts and figures are just symptoms of a world not working. Just dealing with the symptoms and not treating the underlying root-cause guarantees that the problems related to the above will keep coming back: lifetime after lifetime, generation upon generation. People will be spending their lives in endless tail chasing scenarios (actually, people don’t go round and round in circles, they go in spirals. So, this would be the case of downward spiraling).

The first thing to understand is that the underlying root-cause related to the troubles of the world needs to be identified then dealt with. So, what is the underlying root cause and how do we deal with it? The answer lies in the wealthiest people on the planet.

These are the individuals controlling the planet by ownership of the banks and major corporations; weapons, gold, drugs and oil and will stop at nothing to usurp the wealth of other people. This is what they’ve been doing for generations. Now, it is time to take back our ownership of the planet by stopping these individuals and their mayhem by applying 3 principles that deal with the root-cause. Then, as a consequence, we will be given the chance to create the life that we really want.

How do we do this?

1. By educating ourselves and others on how the richest peoples play us with their mass deceptions; recognising the unfairness and injustice…

2. Then, start putting intentions in to create of world that is different to the one it is now. Without the planet’s greed-driven enslavers what would you like to see? What would the world look like to you? All these things, when engaged in on by a critical mass number of aware individuals through thoughts, prayers, meditations, and affirmations… the laws of attraction will create a new reality; the new paradigm experience so needed for the world and its inhabitants.

3. As Jimi Hendrix once said “When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.” This key statement reflects the intentions related to the above. If we want a world based on unconditional love; where corporation is above competition… then we have to go about making the transformation peacefully.

I know that the task is enormous, but I hope this has inspired the reader to want to do something.

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Can The Power of Intention Change Your Life and the World?

By Paul A Philips

I know a scientist who works in black operations. The work he’s doing, to put it mildly, is not contributing to humanity, quite the opposite in fact: Conscience-racked, he wants to expose the work he’s involved in to the public at large, but cannot for good reasons. If he did ‘THEY’ would get to his family one by one and then him. If he decided to go AWOL or elope further than a fixed millage radius within his workplace he has a capsule embedded in his body that would get remotely operated to dissolve, releasing a contained deadly poison…

-For me, the most revealing secret he said was this, which has stuck with me for a long time and it’s totally relevant to the above title: He said, the biggest fear the hidden powers that be have is the day the people they’re covertly controlling wake up en masse and realize that when thoughts and intentions are put together and focussed on in high numbers the world can change to such an extent that the very fabric of reality can be bent and reshaped.

For example, he said, if a billion people put their intentions into creating plantation in baron land then this would manifest literally out of thin air or overnight! If this is true, if this could happen, then it would indeed end world hunger….

Something I do know for sure is there exists an overwhelming body of evidence to show that intentional thought, whether at the individual or group level, can affect the outcome of things. Whether it’s for influencing the outcome of random events or healing intentions or stress reduction… I can give you examples of this by the bucketful, showing that intention is a force to be reckoned with.

-A good place to investigate all this is the ‘Institute of Noetic Sciences’ founded in the 1970’s by Apollo astronaut Edgar Mitchell focussing on collective consciousness and human transformation. Then there’s the work of Dean Radin. His riveting research would soften the most hardened sceptic, showing that thoughts can affect solid matter etc…

Rupert Sheldrake who I consider to be one of the most significant contributors to the ‘new paradigm science’ makes the point in his 10 dogmas of science that for humanity to advance we need to escape the confinements of our current material based dogmas. This means for example embracing the idea that our consciousness is not separate to the world surrounding us but dynamically interactive.

In conclusion

Intention can change our lives and the world about us. The biggest weapon we’ve got against the hidden powers that be and their New World Order enslavement agenda is that if we are united in a cause we can put our same thoughts and intentions together and create a world far better than the current one, where there will be true freedom, love peace and light.

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What Pathway Do You Choose: Service To Self, Or Service To Others?

By Paul A Philips

There is so much deception in the world, even when it’s spelled out; many people just don’t get it because, in disbelief, they think no, this can’t be. In my experience, to get some comprehension of the evil deception, it is not enough to think rationally. It demands you to listen to your heart; pursue that sense of ‘something’s not right’ that keeps elbowing you in the metaphorical ribs.

Breakdowns, crises and hardships… can serve as platforms for growth and the realization that there is so much evil deception in the world after all. Could this be what’s going on in the world en masse? How bad will it get before the realization finally comes to the forefront; to get humans to create through intentions, thoughts, meditations, prayers, laws of attraction… a world that makes a difference for everyone?

For example, it amazes me how so many people on this planet, through religion, choose a life of suffering based on the understanding that their reward will come when they die and go to heaven. What kind of God would want all this suffering?! The kind of God with an ego problem that demands to be worshiped, gets angry and jealous… politically sides with a nation and okay’s the slaughter of innocent men, women and children for a piece of promised land… -This has nothing to do with true God.

Doesn’t this seem suspect to you that manipulation is the operative? The mass manipulation of individuals into living a life based on victimhood. Is someone or something manipulating you? It’s time to get past the denial and start investigating with an open mind. Do realize that ignorance cannot be used as an excuse because all the information you need to know is out there.

In my experience, there are two different individuals. One is where no matter how knowledgeable you are, or good at communicating to this type of individual, they just don’t get that there are all these evil deceptions going on, while they make wrong or even ridicule you without the slightest idea where you’re coming from… -It’s easy to see which pathway they have chosen; the pathway of victimhood through ignorance.

Then there’s the other type like you who gets what’s going on in the world and sees the big picture (or will see in time to come?) You must be this type otherwise you wouldn’t have read this far.

Anyway, what I’m getting at is this. When you profoundly understand many of the deceptions of the world and find the connection between them, culminating in the realization that there are a handful of elite super-rich genetically evil individuals controlling the world by ownership of the banks and major commodities; weapons, oils, gold and drugs… and meet in secret societies to plan global enslavement of the rest of the world…you now have 3 choices.

1. Do nothing: The biggest threat to freedom for you, your family and friends is above all doing nothing…

2. Side with the elite rulers, get paid off… Unlikely, since, as I’ve said, you wouldn’t have read this far.

3. Or do something. Get the word out in any way you can, get actively involved and apply the above mentioned intenetions, thoughts, meditations, prayers, laws of attraction…

As the title of this says “What pathway do you chose: service to self or others?”

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Being Connected Does Not Mean You Connect

Copyright © 2014 Bill Gager

It was one of those hard sunny days that you only get in late summer in New England. The sun cut across the water like a laser through a steel door. I didn’t want to be here. I had a million other things I’d rather do and a million other places I’d rather be.

I was taking my father in law and brother in law for a cruise on the Connecticut River. We were leaving the marina in my Sea Ray. I’d done this a million times. Guiding the boat through the narrow gap between finger piers; catching the tide and wind just right to slip into the freedom of the open river was second nature… that is, on every day but today.

No matter what I did, the wind and current managed to pin my back up against the bulkhead. After my fifth attempt, my tactful brother in law slipped in: “I could of gotten us out of here on the first try.” My blood came to full boil. Inside my head I screamed, “Why can’t I do this!”

Operating the Sea Ray constantly reminded me of the need for Presence. There’s an old saying, “Flying by the seat of your pants.” This is how I learned to navigate the notoriously twitchy boat. Given the slightest shift in wind and current, the Sea Ray would have a mind of its own– and not one of the brightest at that. I learned early on that to put the boat where I wanted it to go, I had to feel the boat through the seat of my pants. That day, the seat of my pants and I weren’t even in the same zip code.

Instead of being present with the boat, I was all up in my head thinking about the million other things and places. With my mind all wrapped up in the world inside my head, I was not connected to the real world. If I’ve learned one thing along the way, it is this: With presence, anything is possible; without it, everything comes down to a crapshoot at best.

One of the most common comments made about famous leaders who are known to be charismatic is: “You feel like he/she is completely with you when you meet.” Putting all of our attention on the people in front of us is presence. In today’s world of “multi-tasking” presence is a lost art. Unfortunately, more than art is lost when we lose presence. I once heard someone say: “It’s not multitasking; it’s doing more than one thing badly.” Communicating is one thing we can’t afford to do “badly.”

Our success in this world comes down to our relationships with the people upon whom the quality of our life depends: family, friends, team members, bosses, prospects, and customers. To realize the true potential of these relationships, we need to be able to connect. It is impossible to connect with another if you are not connected with yourself.

All you have to do is look around you. Everywhere you go: home, work, or a shopping mall. Everyone is focused somewhere other than on where and with whom they are. How many times have you seen people sitting across a table from one another texting on their smart phones? Being connected is not the same as being present.

Over the last 20 years, I’ve noticed a dramatic change in how people interact in the work place. Rarely does a conversation or meeting go by without the participants being on their smart phone, tablet, or computer. I can’t tell you the number of conversations I’ve had with people that took place while they were answering countless texts and emails. What gets lost as a result? — Presence.

Presence enables us to tune into the subtle signals that are always around us. If we follow these signals they will help us to find the best way through a situation. In my example of the cruise with my in-laws, the reason I had trouble steering the boat was… I was not tuned into the small signals that would tell me how the wind and current were affecting the direction of my boat. I find that being in tune with these subtle signals gives me advanced notice of the larger changes to come that can knock me off course. The same is true in any interaction with other people. Being present in the situation allows us to tune into the subtle signals given off by the other person(s). These signals, when followed, provide us with the best course to follow to make the connection necessary to influence others.

Many years ago, I was asked to be the speaker at an awards banquet for top producing financial advisors. The organizer of the dinner asked me to give a talk on a specific subject. Right from the beginning, I could feel a subtle energy coming from the audience. The subject of the talk was not connecting with this audience. Fortunately, unlike on the boat, the seat of my pants and I were in the same room; I sensed I had to change course, or I’d lose this audience into the bulkhead.

I stopped my talk. I asked the dinner organizer to turn up the lights. I said to the audience: “I can go on with this talk or we can turn this into an open forum of question and answer. What do you want to do?” I immediately received an almost simultaneous, “Questions and answers,” from 200 hundred voices. A night that was on track to be a real stinker ended up being a great success.

Prior to this night, I would get completely caught up in my presentations with no presence with the audience. In those days I missed the subtle cues that can make the difference between success and failure.

I have many opportunities to observe my clients in interactions with other people. I often see how the client’s lack of presence with the person(s) with whom he/she is talking leads to missing the very signals that would insure the connection necessary to influence a change in that person’s thoughts, beliefs, and actions. The following are steps you can take to enhance your Presence:

Presence is a decision

The first step in insuring you’re present when you need to be is to commit yourself to the idea of being present. Recently I was working with a senior leader. In a meeting she told me: “I know it seems like I’m not listening; I am. I have to get these emails done.” She knew she wasn’t present yet she believed it was OK. If you wish to connect with people, it is vital that you commit to the idea of being present.

Practice makes presence

Lack of presence is a habit. All habits are built from repetition. If you wish to build the habit of being present, practice every chance you get. After making the decision to be present, take the opportunity to bring yourself back into presence whenever you can. One of the ways I did this was turning off the radio in the car. Instead of listening to the radio I would take the time to be present with the driving experience. There are countless opportunities throughout the day to practice presence. One of the best is to put away your laptop, phone, or tablet whenever someone approaches you for a conversation.

Presence takes awareness

Presence requires making a change. One of the ways our brain resists changing a habit is to ignore any information that supports making that change. As a result, we may often be unaware of our lack of presence. I find the best way to deal with this is to enlist help. I ask people whom I trust to let me know anytime they feel I am not being present. I find this is one piece of feedback others love to give me!

To influence change in someone, we must connect. To connect with another, we must first be connected with ourselves; this connection requires Presence.

Bill Gager is a consultant, coach, and speaker who helps organizations and individuals to communicate to influence the thoughts, beliefs, and actions of others. http://gager360.com

People Do you See The ‘Big Picture’ And How It Affects You, Your Familly And Friends?

By Paul A Philips

There are those aware enough to realize that nothing in the world is as it seems.

What exactly does this mean? Let me explain with an analogy.

The state of the world can be likened to that of an imaginary movie. The setting is a live theatre show. Here in the auditorium something very odd is going on. The audience find themselves strangely rapt with attention at the stage performers, almost to the point of hypnotic trance. The performers, a bunch of adept con artists, tricksters, magicians, conjurors and jugglers…not seeing it as a mere stage act all the things they do and say are generally believed by the audience to be for real!

Okay, true that some have caught a glimpse of what’s going on backstage and realised that it’s all an illusion but they are in a small minority, ignored by the rest.

As this great extravaganza show of smoke and mirrors continues, the audience have no idea of the dire situation they’re in and what’s really happening: Even if they realized and tried to break away, no longer finding themselves mesmerized by the performers they would not go very far. The doors of the auditorium have been purposefully locked to keep them entrapped.

Something else is worth a mention. Although the performers carry out the stage acts, most of what they do is dictated to them by certain individuals hiding behind the scenes. Indeed, these individuals are the ones really calling the shots and controlling the show. The audience have no idea of their existence and how they are to be the hapless victims of their insane dark hidden agenda:

Under the instruction and influence of these individuals hiding behind the scenes controlling the show, the performers turn offensive towards the audience and after destroying the audience in whatever way they can the performers then turn on themselves. In the final reel of this horror movie, hopes of escape for the few survivors amongst the carnage are soon blighted when the controllers behind the scenes destroy the auditorium, causing it to go up in smoke and flames…

In the last scene the camera goes someplace else and focuses on a fine untarnished building, another auditorium. Here another show will soon begin and be played out in the same destructive way as before, care of those hidden controllers who operate from and reside some place far, far away…

What does all this represent?

The auditorium is planet Earth. The theatre performers are those selected by the backstage hidden controllers to run the planet. They comprise a small number of certain senior politicians, corporate execs, royals, financiers, academic authorities, military and industrial leaders… i.e. an elite few at the top of various hierarchical organizational trees working together. Their illusory stage acts represent the lies, deceptions and cover-ups given out to the human race to keep them in servitude, fear, dumb-down and fallen victims to their ongoing hidden enslavement agenda. As mentioned in the audience analogy most of the human race has no idea that anything is going on.

One of the most useful forms of control used by those running the planet to keep the human race in ignorance, misinformed and misled is the false mainstream media construct. Programmed and brainwashed to the point of almost total distraction humans have allowed themselves to seriously lose touch with reality and nature.

Who are the ‘hidden controllers’, the ones telling those running the planet what to do? -For now, to avoid complication and confusion, their identity will not be mentioned.

‘The doors of the auditorium purposefully locked to entrap the audience’ symbolises how the human race is unknowingly losing more and more of its freedom to those controlling and running the planet. This has been going on for a very long time. The powers that be are very cunning, resourceful, careful and extremely patient: Every action planned and implemented towards enslavement has been done in small baby steps so that it goes by unnoticed over the years.

As mentioned in the film analogy, some have noticed and caught a glimpse of what’s going on back stage and realised that the theatre illusion is a massive deception used to cover up the ulterior motive, but they are in a small minority, ignored by the rest…

Insidious; masquerading as we-care-for-you, while covertly hostile in approach, it has now been considered by those controlling and running the planet that everything has been put in place and there is nothing you will be able to do about their hidden enslavement agenda. Taking the USA situation as one of a number of countless examples, there has been a lengthy list of steps planned to lead to the codification of martial law… Like the stage performers analogy, how long will it be before these powers that be drop their disguises and turn on the people? The saying ‘resistance is futile’ in a global fascist dictatorship rings true for them.

I would not be writing these messages if I considered this to be the case. I will be providing effective solutions later. In the meantime do not be in fear over the situation. Treat this as an opportunity for action, a clarion call. Join me and be part of a winning team that will stop the enslavement agenda and birth a new paradigm experience.

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Is This The World You Want For Yourself, Family and Friends?

By Paul A Philips

All things manifest as a result of where we are at spiritually. There has been a silent spiritual war going since time immemorial and this has now reached a critical juncture. The choice is freedom or tyranny.

Or, put another way, the direction for humanity will mean either living in the New World Order global domination fascist dictatorship where we will be enslaved, or through our co creation we can be part of the New Paradigm Experience, where love peace and light reigns.

The choice is up to us all. What is your choice?

Are you getting what my articles are really about? Have you seen the ‘big picture?’If you have read through and followed previous articles then you will realize that they are all about you. Indeed, these communications serve as your clarion call to action: To inspire you to urgently do something towards making the heart-felt and humanity driven new paradigm experience happen by:

1. Spreading the word

After learning that the world is steeped in massive lies and untruths, perpetuated by disinformation and mass media sources… etc then shining a light on the global elite dark cabal, exposing them for what they are, making others aware of what they’re doing to humanity… the next stage is:

2.Doing your ‘inner work’ – look into your inner being, spending some time in meditation, affirmations, prayers, controlled thoughts, intention for peace… acting on your conscience… whatever is appropriate to you. -All these things when carefully directed manifest reality.

When this is done by a critical mass number of individuals on the planet the desired outcome the new paradigm experience will manifest. Don’t leave it to others; the more individuals involved the more likely it will happen.

We will be assisted by higher dimensional beings of love and light. The greater your intentions in this project the greater their assistance.

3. Chose love over fear… – As your way of going about the above.

Have you carried out any of the above actions yet? What can you do..? If you haven’t done anything, then how about choosing three people in your life who you could make understand what this is all about…

Remember, without the critical mass number of individuals needed for the new paradigm experience to happen the future of the human race will look very bleak.

PS-The hidden powers that be with their tyrannical New World Order global domination agenda won’t mind if you ignore this message.

If you liked reading this article then go to www.NewParadigm.ws for more related articles including a free download PDF. NewParadigm is a portal to transformation, consciousness, spirituality, mind, body, health, alternative media and much more… Hosted by Paul A Philips. Once again the link is: http://www.newparadigm.ws/

The Right Word Is Worth A Thousand Pictures

Copyright © 2014 Bill Gager

Lately I’ve been reading Dashiell Hammett and Raymond Chandler. For fun I thought I’d take a crack at Blog Noir.

So here I was–staked out on another case. I walked into the store, watching. If looks could kill, I would’ve dropped dead in the doorway. From behind her counter, Jen’s eyes pierced me with a deathly stare. I was cast adrift in yet another situation with lackluster sales. Go figure. Just another face in the crowd on a dead end street–you know the story.

I was workin for a client. Sent to transform his stalled out service centers into a finely tuned retail machine. A junkyard dog of a Chevy into a high tech Porsche, so to speak… Here I walked into that store as a messenger of change. With this change came the requirement for the agents to actually begin selling. Oh yeah. Change is always a touchy subject. And, as a messenger of change, Jen wanted to shoot the messenger–me.

As I walked up to Jen, her eyes narrowed; takin on a look of deep suspicion. I felt the waves of resistance roll off her like heat off blacktop on an August afternoon in Phoenix. Whew. Jen had been especially resistant to change. The notion was going over like a lead balloon stuck in quicksand.

Despite her attempts to banish me, I ventured a hopeful “Good Morning.” Eyes rolled upward into her head, mumbling unintelligibly, Jen abruptly cast down her eyes. Suddenly, she seemed to find her computer monitor beyond fascinating.

Not to worry, I says to myself. Time to try another angle, “Gee, I thought I’d stop by today to see if we can figure out a way to help you pay off your wedding dress faster.”

Well, in a New York second–Jen’s world stopped on a thin dime. In the space of a breath, an hour passes. With a happy turn, her face lights up. She smiles and says, “How are we gonna do that?”

Part two: The Secret of the M-Key

Two weeks prior to this event, I met with Jen and her sales cohorts. Each agent disclosed his or her secret motivational key, or M-Key for short. Jen’s M-Key was, “to pay off my wedding dress.”

An M-Key is a word or phrase that, when spoken, sparks an instant emotional connection with the listener. A person can then use this word or phrase as a code. Emotional meaning attached to this code goes beyond any logical definition of the words themselves. In Jen’s case, her wedding dress was the symbol that codified the complex set of emotions she felt regarding her upcoming wedding.

M-Keys are tied to whatever is most pressing, and important to the person with whom you are speaking. Are you catching my drift here? M-Keys provide a means to accomplish the two most important, yet difficult things to achieve when you are communicating:

-Grab the listener’s attention

-Establish an instant emotional connection.

Do you wan to know the secret to being a great communicator? Here it is, folks– and it is so simple: Every word paints a picture, and every picture tells a story. Do you want to know the next secret? Again, simple: Paint a picture people will care about. You see, the problem is–we often paint a picture with our words about which a person couldn’t care less!

How often have you been trapped, captive, in some sad audience… falling half asleep… while the speaker shares a vision having little or no meaning for you? Eyes drooping, you toss and turn to the hum of words that serve only to disconnect you further. The speaker, as leader, drones on about his vision–to increase revenue by 15%. Yet, he fails to understand your M-Key; your emotional motivation. You are part of his front line team. You are part of the flight crew being prepared for a lift off. Your leader emotionally connects to his motivation to increasing revenue. Yet, his flight is doomed– never to take off– for he has failed to emotionally connect with you, his front line team…

The beauty of using the words of a person’s M-Key is: An M-Key automatically triggers the perfect picture–the one the listener cares most about. This way, we connect our intention to the emotions of the person we rely upon to achieve our purpose/goal.

Another year, another case… So, I meet with Bob, President of a wealth management firm. I intend to sign his company as a client. During our 90-minute conversation, he says, “Get to $95 million in new business revenue”–a hundred times. What ignited his passion every time he said these words? He poured a lifetime of emotional connection into that M-Key, thus encoding it. What was the reason behind Bob’s lifetime of emotional connection? — Bob’s deep love for his family, and his desire to provide them with the best life he could.

Taking extra time, paying close attention to Bob’s motivation, proved to be powerful. A strong, united bond was created between us– A shared purpose. Oh– and by the way–Bob’s company provided me with my (then) single largest contract ever! I was able to connect my intention of his becoming my client to achieving his M-Key.

Here’s a tip: Truly listen to people. You will hear them repeatedly say the words–the M-Keys– which will enable you to achieve your intention with their M-Keys. Just as you are there to support another, he/she can support you in the achievement of your intention with his/her M-Key. Got it? I proclaim this case closed!

I have found, if you listen to people, you will hear them repeatedly say the words–the M-Keys–that will enable you to link the achievement of your intention with his/her M-Key. This facilitates your ability to influence a person(s) to support you in the achievement of your intention. Let’s take a look at the different situations in which M-Keys can make all the difference:


A sales leader makes it his first priority to identify each new sales person’s M-Key when they come on board. He uses those M-Keys to position the execution of the sales behaviors that will insure success. His contribution played a pivotal role in his region going from worst to first in the national rankings of a Fortune 50 company.


A top performing sales rep prospects business owners by using an M-Key that is universal to his medium sized business owner prospects: more control over the future of their business. Once he sets an appointment he uses that appointment to identify the business owner’s personal M-Key. He then links his intended solution to the owner’s ability to achieve that M-Key.

Public Speaking

One of my clients asked me speak at their national sales meeting. It was held on a cruise to Mexico. I was looking forward to the opportunity until I found out I was on the agenda for 9 a.m. on Sunday morning following an all day beach party on Saturday.

I found myself in front of 400 hung over sales people! Fortunately, I happened to be boarding the ship on Saturday evening when the busses returned with the partygoers. I witnessed the senior vice-president on his stateroom balcony shirtlessly singing at the top of his lungs. I opened my talk by positioning my message as helping the audience to return next year to see what the SVP would sing then. The audience went from sullen and hung over to laughing and cheering.

Using the right words–the M-Key–is worth a thousand random pictures. It enables you to instantly connect to the picture that is most important to the listeners– theirs.

Bill Gager is a consultant, coach, and speaker who helps organizations and individuals to communicate to influence the thoughts, beliefs, and actions of others. http://gager360.com