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Why The Ruling Elite’s ‘Dive and Conquer’ Principle Will Fail

By Paul A Philips

An escalating number of people are no longer accepting the general consensus of the masses. Instead they keep questioning those false or dubious authoritative tenets and hidden motives orchestrated by the ruling elite.

Many mass media outlets continue to experience further slumps in sales, suggesting some of this is proportional to the level of mistrust and lack of confidence given to them as truthful sources for reporting. How long will the meltdown last? Considering it is ruling elite owned and controlled I doubt if we’ll ever reallysee truthful courageous journalism emerging from mainstream media.

While the same could be said about voting: The decline in voters suggest a growing lack of confidence in political parties as more people realize that the politicians have been bought off, in the pockets of corporations and bankers…

The statement made by 18th century German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer “All truth passes through 3 stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident” has never rung so true for so many.

Consistent with the principle behind Schopenhauer’s statement we are nations divided by opinion on global governance:

There are those having realized the truth, that we have been massively deceived by the ruling elite using their mass media outlets and puppet politicians for their New World Order enslavement agenda trying to con us into the ‘illusion of choice…’

Then there’s those on the other side of the dividing fence who ridicule and may even violently oppose anything other than ‘everything’s fine that global governance is acting in our best interest…’

I have found that those having rigidly chosen the latter display certain behavioural characteristics. When mentioning the conspiracies related to the ruling elite’s dark agenda they may:

1. Invalidate or ridicule with little or no knowledge of the subject matter

2. Have strong opinions NOT based on fact

3. …be unreachable: No matter how knowledgeable you are, eloquent, or good at communication when dealing with that person’s idiosyncrasies… they simply just don’t get it

4. Forcibly refuse to listen (in denial?)

5. Use force or even violently oppose any related peaceful activism

-You know the types?

We know, as history has shown, that no matter how long it takes truth has stood and will stand the test of time. What I’m saying here is that many who had displayed the above characteristics have eventually listened to reason and they then saw the light. Yes, as Schopenhauer would say, they accepted the truth as self-evident.

This is indeed encouraging. The ruling elite’s ‘divide and conquer principle,’ to keep the masses ignorant; divided and against each other by false pretexts and opinions… and not seeing the ‘big picture,’ will fail.

Doomed to fail because as more and more people wake up and discover the self-evident truth, this will in turn create a major turnaround: The mass consciousness awakening when reached a certain threshold number will be enough to influence the outcome and give rise to a totally different world to the miserable tyranny planed for us by the ruling elite.

-There’s never been a time other than now to be part of the team of conscious co-creators of the new paradigm experience!

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Creating A Vitally Needed Humanitarian Future For You, Your Family and Friends

By Paul A Philips

Now, let me put you on the spot here. What sort of future would you like to see for you, your family and friends? More specifically, what could you do to make it happen?

A real future is not a mere projection of what’s to come: Take the saying ‘our children are the future.’ Yes, of course that’s true but we live in a world where our children are indoctrinated by the same things as their parents when they were growing up. With the same ideas, habits, viewpoints… the result is not a real future but merely a projection in time of the past, hence the saying ‘same old same old…’

A real future is based on creativity, new ideas, different behavioural patterns and viewpoints… that take us away from a mere projection of the past…

-In short, how could you create a humanitarian future not based on the past, but a future based on the future?

What are the qualities needed to create this real future?

1. Creativity

Creativity doesn’t just mean the ability to bring something new into existence, into being, thinking ‘outside of the box…’ You may be brilliant at this but often, there are other qualities needed to accompany creativity such as having the courage to take the risks to move forward with what you’ve created. Then there’s the ability to convince and confront people if they don’t see what you see or try to invalidate your creative vision…

2. Context

When you’ve created something what does it mean to you? Whether it’s for you, your family or friends, acting on something that means such a lot to you can indeed make all the difference in the world when it comes to being geared up for achievement. This is why the creation of context is so important: So, what’s your passion? What calls, moves and inspires you?

3. Commitment

Just how committed are you to making something happen? What are your intentions, plans of action, strategies, targets… would you be prepared to stay up all night to get a job done..?

4. Being a person of your word

An absolutely crucial ingredient for your success in achievement is to be a person of your word. How else do you expect to accomplish anything?! Live in a word-based world and you have the keys to success. Be specific and measureable when you state your targets for accomplishment: I will achieve X by time Y. This will indeed confirm that you would have done it.

5. Communication

Communication brings together what you’ve created and how it can be achieved. There are 3 things that come into play here. They are:

1. What you’ve created (destiny, projects, targets…)

2. Fulfilment and

3. That which brings the first 2 together; the area of communication.

All in all

Currently humanity is experiencing the throes of birth pains. The same goes for our Mother Earth. Many people feel it, that something is not right but don’t know why: We as a race are undergoing major changes that will take us into a new paradigm experience where the world will be a much better place. How long will it be before this happens, nobody knows.

-So, here’s my appeal to you. To get involved in creating something that contributes to that vitally needed humanitarian future for you, your friends and family. Maybe you have a knowledge or level of expertise or great interest in an area that you could share with the world and contribute to humanity?

-Seeing this as an opportunity exactly what could you create here?

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Alleged Paedophilia Political and Royal: An Opportunity In Disguise For A Turnaround?

By Paul A Philips

We know there have been repeated failures to come up with a suitable investigatory panel needed to look into alleged historical child abuse at Westminster involving senior politicians. The UK has a population of around 60 million and you tell me that a small handful of suitable trustworthy and competent individuals can’t be found to investigate!?

-The allegations deeply steeped in evidence have basically been ignored, suggesting the whole thing stinks to high Heaven of cover-up and is a conspiracy of silence.

More bombshell claims

More recently we have an alleged child sex abuse scandal with a girl and The Duke of York Prince Andrew. The girl claims that the abuse was forced on her though Andrew’s friend and associate billionaire convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Although Prince Andrew emphatically denies the allegations this is not the first time a royal family member has been implicated in a scandal of this nature.

There was for instance the child hunting parties implicating European royal family members. Following the trial in 2011 at the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels, those claimed to have been sexually abused and survived the alleged ritual murders from the hunting practices did not have a voice to stand up against the mighty royals who were able to make the whole thing disappear as it was only based on allegation…

As for the Prince Andrew allegation many are saying that the truth will never come to light, like other alleged crimes such as the claim that Princess Diana was murdered implicating royals as perpetrators.

Further, it has been put forward that we are not living in a democracy. That the Queen is the head of the UK government and MI5 which in effect means she has the power to make the allegations related to Prince Andrew blow away. When the MI5 counter intelligence and security service is controlled like this then that makes the monarchy a law unto them self. They have the power to intervene in major political decisions…

They are protected from public scrutiny through exemption from the ‘freedom of information act.’ Then they’re able to manipulate public discourse through controlling mainstream media, like the vetoing of BBC programming.

-Such is the royal family’s power.

The idea of ruling royals, the divine right to rule goes back centuries. It is based on the idea that the ruling royals are chosen through the will of God and the people have no say. Should we have to put up with this archaic undemocratic and inequality-based nonsense?

An opportunity for a major turnaround?

Regarding the circumstances surrounding the alleged political and royal paedophilia, don’t make the mistake that these events are merely negative. Yes, it has been said that certain individuals in high places are getting away with the abuse or even murder of children. Anyone complicit in this such as the police having made no arrests could be said to be protecting these murderers. But these awful circumstances could be an opportunity for a major turnaround if we-the-people keep on questioning demand justice and don’t let it blow away.

Since the Jimmy Savile revelation the public are indeed finding out just how deep the rabbit hole runs with people in high places related to this with all the implications. As with other revelations of this kind it seems okay to uncover dead people but what about those still living and continuing to get away with it?!

As, however, the growing number of people demand that we get answers in the name of human rights and secure justice, in time, could this could turn into something overwhelming making the establishment cover ups futile? Could this be the key to reducing the establishment to rubble and usher in the beginning of a new paradigm?

Maybe in time this will not be as pie-in-the-sky as it may seem to some.

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What Humanitarian Changes Do You Wish To See In The World?

By Paul A Philips

We continue as a society to endure the toxic fallout effects of chemtrails, geo-engineering, heavy metals and fluoride, fracking, Fukushima radiation leaks and oil spillages in our seas. Then there are those other toxics assaults in the form of GMO’s, low-frequency EMF’s, radiation…

What about the Ebola virus allegedly another product of bio-warfare but some evidence suggests that its existence has not been genuinely confirmed because of insufficient testing protocol..?

Our immune systems take a further hammering through the increasingly uncompromising demands of the stress-ridden western world reflected by rises in cancer, heart disease and other life-threatening illnesses…

Financial reports have been coming through that many people are worse off now than they were some years ago as the rift between the rich and the poor increases…

Then meanwhile the world’s elite Machiavellian architects of darkness continue their intentions to foment a world war using ISIS / ISIL false flag terrorism… as their global domination agenda surreptitiously advances towards the intended surveillance, militarized police state…

And by the way, It’s funny how the same mass media corporations giving hype to Ebola and ISIS have left out Fukushima.

-As all this goes on it may be difficult for some to realize that the changes you wish to see in the world CAN happen. The trick is to stay focussed on those changes and not be too distracted by the unfolding end-game drama. Or for that matter any other distraction.

Whatever those humanitarian changes you want to see in the world are, there’s a number of ‘common denominators’ needed to bring them into existence. Responsibility and intentionality are the keys involving a mind to heart shift. Thinking from the heart will only encourage what’s needed to be done.

Ultimately it’s about a fight for the survival of love, since the human race cannot allow what’s happening to go on like this, while it must be remembered that planet Earth is a sacred being and its destruction will not be tolerated.

No matter how gloomy the circumstances nothing can take away the fact that humans are creative beings. This is our greatest strength. To become part of the team of humanitarian co-creators needed to make the necessary turnaround, from prison planet to paradise, there are certain universal laws that can be applied. They are the commonly called the laws of attraction.

The universal laws of attraction involve 4 different applications they are 1.Attention, 2.Intention, 3.Allowance and 4.Balance. This reflects the nature of reality and how we can create it to change the planetary experience.

1. Attention – The cycle, what you’re giving and getting in life reflects those things that attract. Hence the saying like attracts like.

2. Intention – Okay, so there are things that attract your attention but how great is your intention to make those things manifest? As I have already said. Intention is the key.

3. Allowance – Is the hardest of these dynamic principle laws to apply. Allowance is the art of letting go, releasing the need to be fixed, rigid and controlling when related circumstances show up for you. For example, if something goes against a function of your intention then ‘its okay that it’s not okay.’ Keep holding the focus of attention on what you’ve set out to achieve.

4. Balance – To keep integrity it is necessary to maintain harmony and balance. Follow your intuitive guidelines.

Finally, a question: Exactly what humanitarian changes do you wish to see in the world that you could make happen by applying the laws of attraction?

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Is There Really A Revolution of Consciousness Going On?

By Paul A Philips

It has been said that we are in the midst of a large-scale global awakening. That many people are waking up left, right and centre to the realization there is a grand deception taking place perpetrated by elite corporate/banker ruling oligarchs: That more and more people are realizing the government is not acting in our best interest but is in power to serve these ruling oligarchs with plans that can only serve to enslave humanity.

Is there really a revolution of conscious going on acting as a catalyst that’s so desperately needed to bring about significant planetary changes away from the current destructive insanity?

First it must be remembered that this is not about a revolution as in rioting on the streets, seizing of property… etc. but creating the transformation needed to bring about liberty and the pursuit of happiness, as instilled hundreds of years ago by American forefathers, requiring governance by an honest government that serves to protect and promote truth, justice, liberty and equality.

-In short a government for the people by THE PEOPLE.

So, to answer the question is there really a revolution of conscious going on?’ let’s review the evidence.

1. Increasing alternative media popularity

Yes, the alternative media realm is gaining more and more of the lion’s share, presenting news, views and opinions that mainstream media would not be brave enough to publish. No longer are alternative media websites regarded merely as material for a few paranoid conspiracy theory kooks… People in increasing numbers are waking up to the realization that many of the so-called conspiracy theories are conspiracy facts: thus turning myth into reality by changing points of view, while discovering the propagandist lies and cover-ups by the mainstream media…

2. Alternative news related public speakers find increasing audiences

In line with the above I’ve heard it said from a number of alternative media related public speakers that their audiences are increasing in numbers. For example, alternative health author and speaker Phillip Day said that not only are his audiences increasing on his tours but are also questioning more, showing their increasing interest and alertness…

3. Decreasing ratings in mainstream media

In recent years there has been a continuing slump in mainstream media ratings. This includes some of the biggest names such as CNN, MSNBC and Fox News. For example, a recent study by Pew Research found that 3 mainstream media mega-corporations had their prime-time viewers’ fall in ratings by 11 percent. According to Michael Snyder in his report the slump is caused by American people increasingly losing faith in the establishment-controlled manipulated mainstream media with their political and corporate self-interests…

Consequentially, people are turning to alternative media sources for more truthful, honest reporting. This is quite significant when you realize that the entire mainstream media is owned and controlled by only 6 corporations!

4. Public opinion prevented a war on Syria

We saw waves of protest and a groundswell of public opinion which had prevented Obama’s plans to order military intervention in Syria. British Prime Minister Cameron had also failed to get parliamentary backing for the strikes having been outvoted by MP’s. The call for military intervention was centred on the allegation that Syria had not handed over all their chemical weapon of mass destruction… now where had we heard all that before?!

5. There is a growing awareness of political corruption

More and more are getting the realization that political corruption is endemic and politicians are increasingly out-of-touch with the people their supposed to serve. More than ever people are seeing right through the lies and ulterior motives: Politicians continue to fail to maintain peace, are major culprits in preventing health’s biggest problems such heart disease, cancer and dementia getting solved… They aid and abet harmful technologies to us and the environment like GMO, fracking and geo-engineering while having a significant hand in the growing rift between the rich and poor…

-All this because of self-interest, corrupt governmental practices and monopolistic greed resulting in the ongoing planetary devastation, suffering and financial destitution of hundreds of millions of people.

To summarize

To answer the question ‘is there really a revolution of consciousness going on?’ the answer has to be yes. Will the threshold number of aware people be enough to influence the necessary planetary changes needed to take us away from the doom and gloom..? Well, that indeed remains to be seen.

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Reasons To Be The Change You Want To See In The World

By Paul A Philips

There comes a point at some time in one’s life when questions get asked like: ‘Who am I?’ ‘Why me?’ ‘Why NOW?’ or ‘How is it I am here..?’ Because of our limited viewpoint we cannot see the multidimensional ‘big picture’ and give completely satisfactory answers to these big questions.

However, go with me on this for a few moments. Let me say that we’re here to ‘break the spell.’ To snap people out of the hypnotic trance that’s rife throughout the world… be it through programming, brainwashing, ignorance, apathy or arrogance… Something has to be done to prevent this ship called planet Earth from sinking: Indeed, the hidden controllers of the world and their insane global domination agenda has to be stopped.

Having made the decision to serve others (as opposed to service to self) and do something about it, what could you do to make a difference for the world?

It’s true to say that one person alone cannot change the world, but is capable of creating ripples of cause and effect that push out far and wide, potentially influencing others more than can be imagined. The analogy I use is the result caused when throwing a pebble in a pond. Once the pebble hits the water the disturbances are little but it causes concentric ripples to spread out far and wide: And when we focus our energies in numbers on being the change we want to see in the world these ripples of cause and effect get strengthened synergistically.

With regard to the question ‘Who am I?’ Ask yourself ‘Who am I as a resource towards making a difference for the world?’ Do you have some area of expertise that can be used to enlighten others? Could you contribute in the long run to stopping the global domination agenda? What seeds of cause and effect could you plant today that will turn into great trees in the future? How about doing this for your family, your children and their children to be? What will they make of you when their old enough to realize that the hidden powers that be and their terrible global enslavement agenda has happened and you did nothing about it along the way?

Business, baking, finance, political, medical / pharmaceutical, politics, media, law, science, technology, religion… Since almost everything under the sun is based on deception it doesn’t matter what your expertise is. It can be used to expose the hidden powers that be and show how things can be traced back to their dark agenda and wake up enough people to want to see change, just like you.

-This is my plea. It’s time to listen to your heart and take action.

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Important Things You Should Know That Affect You, Your Family and Friends

By Paul A Philips

We know that everyone has a basic right to have a great life: one that’s nurturing, fulfilling and wholesome. However, what most people get out of life compared to that which they have the basic right to is as different as night and day. You only have look at the world at large and see this for yourself. Here are some eye-opening facts.

1. The extent of global wealth inequality is shown by the fact that the wealthiest 85 individuals on the planet have more than the poorest 3.5 billion (Global wealth report 2013).

2. The poorest 3.5 billion of the world population barely has 1% of the total global wealth.

3. The 10% wealthiest people in the world have 86% of the total wealth.

4. The 1% wealthiest have 46% of the total wealth.

5. Average wealth figures for each Western world country can be quite misleading because it masks inequality.

Then there are the rising credit card debts. The average USA person now owes $15,191, while the UK figure is $14,332 and there’s the rise in consequences related to those who can’t keep up with the payments such as homelessness, depression and other mental illnesses. -These debts are only topped by mortgage and student loans.

To summarize, the world and its adult population mainly consists of poverty liners, debt and wage slavers doing things they don’t want to do in their lives, trying to meet the cost of living.

No matter how long it takes, a time for change is needed in the world to end this madness. People, what sort of world do you want for you, your family, children to be, their children and friends? If nothing is done then things will only get worse, but remember, as I’ve been saying, we do have a basic right to a life that’s that’s nurturing, fulfilling and wholesome…

The Solution

-All the above facts and figures are just symptoms of a world not working. Just dealing with the symptoms and not treating the underlying root-cause guarantees that the problems related to the above will keep coming back: lifetime after lifetime, generation upon generation. People will be spending their lives in endless tail chasing scenarios (actually, people don’t go round and round in circles, they go in spirals. So, this would be the case of downward spiraling).

The first thing to understand is that the underlying root-cause related to the troubles of the world needs to be identified then dealt with. So, what is the underlying root cause and how do we deal with it? The answer lies in the wealthiest people on the planet.

These are the individuals controlling the planet by ownership of the banks and major corporations; weapons, gold, drugs and oil and will stop at nothing to usurp the wealth of other people. This is what they’ve been doing for generations. Now, it is time to take back our ownership of the planet by stopping these individuals and their mayhem by applying 3 principles that deal with the root-cause. Then, as a consequence, we will be given the chance to create the life that we really want.

How do we do this?

1. By educating ourselves and others on how the richest peoples play us with their mass deceptions; recognising the unfairness and injustice…

2. Then, start putting intentions in to create of world that is different to the one it is now. Without the planet’s greed-driven enslavers what would you like to see? What would the world look like to you? All these things, when engaged in on by a critical mass number of aware individuals through thoughts, prayers, meditations, and affirmations… the laws of attraction will create a new reality; the new paradigm experience so needed for the world and its inhabitants.

3. As Jimi Hendrix once said “When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.” This key statement reflects the intentions related to the above. If we want a world based on unconditional love; where corporation is above competition… then we have to go about making the transformation peacefully.

I know that the task is enormous, but I hope this has inspired the reader to want to do something.

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What Happens When We Die: Is Death the Greatest Con?

By Paul A Philips

In my view, fear of death and ignorance go together quite well. Most people go throughout their entire lives not questioning or really looking into what happens when they die. Many blindly accept what they’ve been programmed into believing since childhood yes, religion or even atheism has got a lot to answer for.

A sure fire way of manipulating the masses into passivity is by the fear of death and the threat of going to Hell if religious following and compliance is not achieved. This is something many religions have played on, by the manufacture of Hell. Sure, many religions and their authorities have claimed that they save souls by providing the opportunity for eternal life. However, I put it to you that Hell does not exist and here are my reasons.

The New Testament Jesus character was an invention by the Roman Empire to form the new Christian religion in 325 AD at the Council of Nicaea. The Jesus biography: Prophesised Messiah, Christmas day virgin birth, grows up a humble preacher, then causes a political stir, gets crucified and rises again from the dead… etc had been around years before:

Evidence shows that many mythological characters, mainly based around the Mediterranean area; all having this biography was used in the pre-Christian Gnostic religion. For example Dionysus of Greece 625 BC had the same biography, and like his later and also made up counterpart, Jesus, was known as a saviour, ‘the light’ and ‘the way…’

My point to this is if the people at large found out that the Jesus character never existed then it would follow on that there’s no judgement day; no such place as Hell… The pre-Christian Gnostic religion like many other ancient cultures worldwide with their spiritual practices all recognised reincarnation. This means if reincarnation exists, people finding out through various spiritual practices; deep meditation, astral projection, and near-death experiences… that they’ve lived lifetime over lifetime then both Heaven and Hell doesn’t exist because they would have gone there by now!

The founders of the Roman Catholic Church new this, which is why they went to great lengths to destroy the evidence for reincarnation and the Gnostic pre-Christian religions… The manipulation of people by getting them to fear death with the threat of going to Hell allowed them with their bogus claims of having connections to God through Jesus to make a lot of money and political gain. Does this, in a way, make death the greatest con?

Cultures throughout the world that have looked in to death by the above mentioned various practices make a number of common claims regarding what happens when we die. For example, the Tibetan Buddhists say that after death our spirit departs our body and starts to ‘roam around,’ accepting this unusually different circumstance rather like strange or impossible things are accepted in a dream.

Initially, they say, we still have our ego identity with us and would naturally go to people and places related to it. Further on into death our ego identities fade away. Later, before reincarnation we take on certain agreements or plans for the next life… The next life will be affected by the previous.

Some people during near-death experiences claim certain things happened to them related to their religion. However, it has been said that none of these things can be relied on as proof for any religion because the religious experiences happen in cultures all over the world. All these religions with their contradictions of each other cannot all be true.

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Finding Personal, Group and Global Solutions Through Multidimensionalism

By Paul A Philips

Do you have a persistent problem constantly digging at your ribs? Well, maybe this article might just be enough to give you the edge on what’s needed to solve it. The article addresses the nature of problems and how it is possible to see things differently and find solutions. It therefore requires your participation…

The problem

Before looking at solutions using multidimensionality, be it for personal, group or global effectiveness, first it is necessary to identify the nature of a problem.

What is the nature of a problem?

Basically, it goes like this. A person finds they have a problem in life: Something’s happened and the situation they now find themselves in gets interpreted as a problem. The interpretation is the operative here. The interpretation has the effect of limiting one’s self: It’s like gluing one foot to the ground greatly restricting freedom of movement…

Indeed, there are other ways of seeing the situation, but many people find it hard to see outside of their interpretation and limited viewpoint. Comments like ‘It’s just the way it is…’ may only highlight this. Indeed, the interpretation may extend to upset, disappointment and all the dramas displayed; anger tantrums, frustrations, moans and groans…etc., which only keeps them even more stuck through the negativity.

The solution

The solution is to realize the restrictedness of the interpretation, that there are other ways of seeing the situation… What happens when we are open to the possibility that there are other ways of seeing things which could provide a solution? The answer lies in realizing the nature of reality and who we really are.

When people get the realization that who we really are is not just material ‘meat and wire bodies’ having 5 senses confined in a material world; that we are multidimensional spiritual beings then a shift can occur that allows us to operate on a higher level.

We do this by not getting stuck on the interpretation. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the limited viewpoint is wrong, but just acknowledge that something may be going on that cannot be seen at the moment. So, instead of just thinking about the problem the main focus of attention goes to finding a solution.

Multidimensional consciousness operates on a level we may not be aware of or know how. However, a willingness to be in touch with it but escaping the restrictions of the interpretation allows cause and effect to happen.

Whether it’s for personal, group, or global effectiveness, this is a real opportunity.

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Is This The World You Want For Yourself, Family and Friends?

By Paul A Philips

All things manifest as a result of where we are at spiritually. There has been a silent spiritual war going since time immemorial and this has now reached a critical juncture. The choice is freedom or tyranny.

Or, put another way, the direction for humanity will mean either living in the New World Order global domination fascist dictatorship where we will be enslaved, or through our co creation we can be part of the New Paradigm Experience, where love peace and light reigns.

The choice is up to us all. What is your choice?

Are you getting what my articles are really about? Have you seen the ‘big picture?’If you have read through and followed previous articles then you will realize that they are all about you. Indeed, these communications serve as your clarion call to action: To inspire you to urgently do something towards making the heart-felt and humanity driven new paradigm experience happen by:

1. Spreading the word

After learning that the world is steeped in massive lies and untruths, perpetuated by disinformation and mass media sources… etc then shining a light on the global elite dark cabal, exposing them for what they are, making others aware of what they’re doing to humanity… the next stage is:

2.Doing your ‘inner work’ – look into your inner being, spending some time in meditation, affirmations, prayers, controlled thoughts, intention for peace… acting on your conscience… whatever is appropriate to you. -All these things when carefully directed manifest reality.

When this is done by a critical mass number of individuals on the planet the desired outcome the new paradigm experience will manifest. Don’t leave it to others; the more individuals involved the more likely it will happen.

We will be assisted by higher dimensional beings of love and light. The greater your intentions in this project the greater their assistance.

3. Chose love over fear… – As your way of going about the above.

Have you carried out any of the above actions yet? What can you do..? If you haven’t done anything, then how about choosing three people in your life who you could make understand what this is all about…

Remember, without the critical mass number of individuals needed for the new paradigm experience to happen the future of the human race will look very bleak.

PS-The hidden powers that be with their tyrannical New World Order global domination agenda won’t mind if you ignore this message.

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