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How To Live A Happy Life

By Joe Searle

Abundant Living In 2014

Dr. Stephen Covey told us that, “Every human has four endowments, self-awareness, conscience, independent will, and creative imagination. These give us the ultimate human freedom and the power to choose, to respond, and to change.” It is thoughts that can help us change our world and our lives. Thoughts coupled with our human emotions pack an even greater punch when it comes to challenging our beliefs and changing our lives. When it comes to money, for example, it’s not really about what money you have, or wish you had, it’s really more about how you feel about the money. Prosperity is a real hot button issue for many of us. Dale Carnegie said it best, “Success is getting what you want. Happiness is wanting what you have.”Emotions about our choices in life concerning money present us with a real challenge when it comes to realizing our capability for abundance.

There are emotions that can block the abundance from flowing in our direction. Fear, worry and anger, along with resentment, jealousy, self-pity and envy are all dangerous emotions that will positively shut off the flow of abundance to your life. While negative emotions can be helpful in life-threatening situations, aiding in our survival, it can seriously impact our lives when used inappropriately. You need that fear to tell you to run away or that anger to save a loved one, but when applied in the normal course of events, these negative emotions can be detrimental to your health, or even the health of others. It’s most assuredly detrimental to the flow of abundance in your life. Eliminating these debilitating emotions, and showing forgiveness for yourself, as well as for others in your life, will re-establish the abundant flow back into your world. You must rid yourself of all negative emotions; push aside the pettiness and resentment, the fear, anger, and worry.

Depression and doubt are extremely harmful to your body and your mind, and must be dealt with quickly and replaced with more positive emotions, before they can cause physical or mental illness. Jealousy, envy, and resentment hurt you as well as others and block the flow of abundance in your direction.You’ve heard the Latin phrase, ‘carpe diem.’ It means ‘seize the day.’ Grab the opportunity; don’t let it pass you by. You must live your life to the fullest, make each day count, and maximize the quality of your life. Remember, this is not a dress rehearsal; this is real life.

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How To Take Control Of Your Emotions

By Joe Searle

Do Emotions Control Your Life?

To a certain degree, yes I do think that emotions can control your life and for many people, they are also running their lives. Emotions are pre-determined and they make us human. Some people think that you can merely ignore your emotions or even worse, try eliminate all emotion from their life!

The problem with this belief is that no matter what you try to do, no matter how hard you try to supress the way you feel, your emotions will always win. They are banging on the door of your mind. The more you try to ignore it, the louder and louder they bang and the harder and harder they pound. This is where some people will inevitably bottle up these emotions until they explode and depending on their personality type, each person will respond in a different way, none of which are particularly pretty to witness. Some time ago, there was a lady who knew her husband was cheating on her, she knew and remained silent for the good of her kids, but also because she was so scared to lose him. The longer and longer this went on, the more and more it became apparent that the cycle of endless cheating would not end. More than a year down the line, she could not take being hurt any longer and just up and left.

Now why did this happen? Simple, she bottled up all the emotions that she had, which she subsequently decided to ignore. Emotions are not something that should be considered as a weakness or a negative thing, they are there to serve as a warning that one or more of your beliefs and life rules have been violated. This woman never pulled her husband up on the belief that he was cheating. If she had, she may well have found that actually, the husband was not cheating on her at all, he was working another job just to feed their family.

Now there was clearly a big issue with communication, as a matter of fact there was no communication and this was a big part of the problem. However this is not something that I will cover in this article. The point here is that emotions can not only be warning signs, they can be felt by people as a result of someone’s perception of a particular situation, even if the situation is being perceived completely wrong. This lady took her husband’s absence as a violation of her own rules, perceiving it to be that he didn’t care about her or want to be with her, she then created a story in her mind as to why he wasn’t spending time with her and showing her that he still cared, when really he was just incredibly burnt out.

Now, emotions serve as a very useful tool for anyone trying to improve the quality of their own life, their business, and their relationships, so let’s take a brief look at the 10 emotions I Belief to be directly responsible for the quality of one’s life.

The 10 Emotions

Discomfort – this is not an extreme emotion but will leave you feeling uneasy feeling as if something is not quite “right”

Fear – this is possibly one of the most useful as it is a clear warning sign for us. Scared, frightened, are words that could be used to described this emotion

Hurt – this could be when someone violates one of your rules that you live life by, this can also be linked to a feeling of loss, which could be tangible or intangible, depending on the situation that can caused this emotion

Anger – being enraged, livid and aggressive, this emotion can be the most externally shown emotion and can take many people by surprise through the actions of the person experiencing it

Frustration – this is an emotion that entrepreneurs and business people often experience and can stop even the most dedicated people in their tracks. This can be altered to serve you in your endeavours as with the other emotions which I will explain shortly.

Disappointment – a feeling of not quite making it, not performing at best or being let down are often used to describe this emotion.

Guilt – This is an emotion that you must act on quickly if you can to stop it from growing root. Sometimes this may not be possible because it has been left too long already, but this can potentially be another devastating emotion if people do not control it.

Inadequacy – the feeling of not being as good as the next person, not as smart, not as strong, not an equal.

Being overwhelmed/Depressed – sometimes people go into a state whereby they describe themselves as being depressed and overloaded in their life, it can also be a pre cursor to the next emotion

Loneliness – The last emotion is that of being lonely, you may feel like the walls are closing in, nobody is there to help you or talk to you. A feeling of being completely on your own can be horrible, especially as we humans are very social creatures and as such, we need connection and love from time to time

How to Utilize Your Emotions

So now you understand the 10 emotions, how do you go about changing them to help you create a better standard of life and increase your own happiness? There are two ways in which you can do this, changing either your perception of your emotion, or changing the situation you are in. For example if you are running your own business and all of a sudden the demand for your products takes a nosedive. You may well have emotions of fear, discomfort, anger, frustration, you could be feeling a number of different emotions depending on your past references and experiences and your own personality type.

So you have these feelings, but remember, they are there to serve you, they are telling you that you need to change the way you are looking at it and perceiving it, or you need to change the situation that you are in. In this case you could first change the perception of the situation and instead of looking at the sudden lack of demand as a bad thing, you can turn it around and say that now you know that demand is shifting so you may need to consider altering the product, changing the product or even the way that it is marketed. This way you will turn it around and potentially make an even bigger profit than before. Notice that after changing your perception, you are then already ready to change the situation that you are in.This may not be the case for every situation, so you need to be mindful as to what you are feeling and what is causing the emotion, then act accordingly to make that shift and change the quality of your life for the better.

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Becoming Wiser – Lessons In Personal Development

As the saying goes, “the wiser I become, the more I know how much more there is to know.” The tools I share worked for me. They are not the only way, but a way: a way that has guided me towards a level of internal peace and an unconditional love of self. This kind of love transcends judgment and blame. It doesn’t mean goody-goody, nicey-nicey. It does mean balanced sharing, acceptance of self and reality in all moments, service in a non-judgmental state, compassionate loving allowance. Important as the journey of unfolding the inner love through self-discovery and enlightenment is, it is a s important to enjoy life, to be able to develop the ability to laugh at our antics, play with our children, to have balanced sharing, laughter, and a joyful outlook on life while having the time of our lives all along the way. In short ‘lighten up’.

Do not get caught up in the process of attaining your dream where you forget to live life. Smile, laugh, and play like a child in the mystery of the breath that supports life. If your focus remains in attainment, you will always be attaining. See your dream as a reality. A reality you are already living internally by allowing the adventure to empower self through the passion of living wholly your moment-to-moment experiences.

Unfold an expanded level of self-awareness by being aware of the reality you are creating. Continue and build upon the knowing that all that is created is for purpose and good. The purpose is to learn what you are requiring to learn so you can project an expanded level of the internal love. Discover within the created situation what it is you desire to know. Check yourself emotionally; are you holding onto any fear? If so, remember: fear creates losses. If not, go beyond the quest, so you can see yourself as you desire to see yourself. Have faith that whatever is for your highest good will be given unto you. Then follow your heart, your first inclination of direction. Through your daily prayers and meditations, continue to ask for guidance, offer your concerns to a higher source, then go about your day in full faith that your highest good will unfold in perfect timing.

Realize that any form of doubt is created through the limiting aspect of the mind, drawing from past experiences, or future fears of what ifs. Limitations that in reality, have nothing to do with the moment now. Create your dream through the knowing that your worth is not from anything external you place in your life, yet you are worth all things.

Employing a trust that crates a position of strength stability, abundance and the peaceful power that refined unconditional love (love in its purest form) always supports. Creating from fear, a dense for of one’s perception of love, may be a motivation to act (i.e., if I don’t do this, I won’t eat). It is however, the ability to move through the fear that dis-empowers self, so you can expanded your levels of self-realization, inner fulfillment, and abundance in all areas of life.

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Best Personal Development Tip – Accept Only What Brings You Joy, Yet Allow All

This article is about developing the most empowering approach, which is knowing that what you can learn and grow from expands your consciousness into a remembrance of the incredible power of love that lives within self. This type of allowance creates incredible joy and fulfillment because you are okay with yourself in all choices and in all moments.

Being okay with yourself in all situations doesn’t mean you have to like or accept what is occurring in your reality. Just be responsible that it was created exactly the way you wanted it because that is the way you have learned to give or receive your love/acceptance, worth or identity.

The mind is a computer and will only give back information you have given it. If you have recorded painful emotions surrounding your perception of love, it is those perceptions you project on any given subject, (i.e. relationships or money) that crate your outer reality. It is those buried, suppressed emotions that surround your beliefs on receiving or giving love projected on those subjects that keep you in reactive, robot-like behavior.

If you feel that the way you have learned to give or receive love will be taken away, it will be more painful for to receive what you say you desire, even if you are unaware of it. Therefore, you will continue to create what you perceive love to be, even if it is painful, until you are ready to be fully responsible for what you create.

To change how you are experiencing life, you must change how you feel about what you are creating. To be okay with whatever was created as purposeful and good. Finding the purpose and good allows an instant acceptance of self. In time each experience will build upon itself and the acceptance you seek from others will be found within. Do not misunderstand what I am saying, this doesn’t not mean complacency if you desire to continually grow.

Complacency is a killer to the human spirit and growth. This only means to create a space for yourself that allows self to be okay and thereby fulfilled in every given moment. What occurs within is a feeling of fulfillment; this creates a feeling of a continued abundance. In abundance there is a feeling of limitless options. One can begin to change their circumstances by creating a basic foundation of feeling abundant through taking the following steps:

1) Cultivate within self, a desire, motivation and discipline that allows your dreams to become a reality.

2) Be willing to put forth the effort required to have your dreams fulfilled.

3) Have an ongoing belief in yourself no matter the perceived obstacles.

4) Persevere throughout your journey. Know that you and only you are the creator of your reality and no one can do anything to you that you have not chosen to experience.

As harsh as that may sound, it is a prevailing truth. ‘As above, so below,’ reveals a continuing ancient metaphor that tells us that whatever is on the inside of us expresses itself on the outside. If you desire long-lasting and unshakeable results to be in your life, know that this only occurs through internal changes.

How To Build Confidence – The Foundation You Must First Have

There are many books available today that are motivational, inspirational and informational in regards to boosting your confidence level. Many of these tips range from acknowledging and appreciating your strengths to focusing only on positive thoughts. While these tips are helpful and can strengthen your self-confidence, if you don’t have the foundation for practices to be built upon, then many of these tips will not be long lasting. This can cause a tremendous amount of frustration for those that are using these tips and are not seeing any permanent improvement in their own level of self-confidence.

The foundation that needs to be in place before using a process to increase your confidence level is adopting the mindset of being unconditionally responsible. Being unconditionally responsible means that you realize that you are the creator of your experiences, whatever they appear to be. You come to know that you had a hand in influencing the outcome of what you are experiencing. When you embrace this frame of mind, you actually empower yourself because you can then begin to wrap your head around the fact that if you created or at least influenced your experience, you create it differently if you don’t like what you are currently experiencing. With that understanding, you begin to feel less like you are a victim to your circumstances and you actually have some say in what happens to you, the “good” and the “bad”. Using this concept on a day to day level is the beginning of the core foundation for having self-confidence.

In addition to being responsible, you must also be unconditional. This is important because being unconditional allows you to be objective with what you are creating and experiencing as your reality. Being unconditional means you are not judging what you are experiencing and what you have created. There is no good or bad, right or wrong; it just is what it is. Look at all of your experiences in such a way as they are there only to clarify what you say you want in life and how you want to experience that life. Sometimes, you can’t know what you want until you experience what you don’t want. Judging the experience as something that you did or didn’t deserve, only keeps you from receiving the empowering message and insight that would allow you to move to the next level in understanding what you do need to do to have the kind of experiences you would love to have. If you look at your experiences as just experiences, then removing the judgment will truly increase your self-confidence because you are no longer engaging in the negative/destructive self talk that tears down your confidence.

Imagine how empowered you would feel if you went out into the world knowing that you have influence over your reality, and that nothing you do is a cause for judging yourself.

This brings up the third point of being unconditionally responsibile. Even though nothing you do is cause for judgment, it does not mean that you are released from any damage or harm that you would cause on another. If you have harmed another, you must be responsible for that damage you caused them. The good thing is, if you caused the damage, you have the ability to fix it.

Building self-confidence is simpler than you might think if you have the foundation of unconditional responsibility firmly in place. With that foundation in place, any other tips you may receive later on will be more long lasting and more effective in raising your confidence level to where the sky is the limit.

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Top 6 Questions People Have Before they Begin to think about Personal Development for Themselves

For most people, personal growth or personal development is not only a process in itself, but getting to the point of realizing that it may be something they want to incorporate into their lives is also a process. Most people don’t wake up one day out of the blue and decide that they want to focus on their own personal growth. There are usually questions and recurring situations they one continues to struggle with that will be the catalyst in starting them off in that direction. So what could those questions be?

1) How to stop the feelings of guilt and fear of the loss of those you love

This one is very common as most people are brought up do deal with situations through guilt or fear. However, because it is not our normal status quo way of being, over time, we begin to show the effects of carrying the guilt and fear through the deterioration of our health, wealth, or relationships.

2) How to silence the thoughts that carry you over self destruction

All of our thoughts were created and reinforced through our perceptions of experiences that we went through. Many of these thoughts are based on false perceptions, so therefor the thoughts will only reinforce these false perceptions and cause us to recreate the same types of experiences over and over again. False thoughts can only lead to destruction, which is why it is important to replace them with constructive thoughts based on the truth.

3) How do I find my passion and direction to live love no matter what

Many of us become so overwhelmed with false perceptions of ourselves, that over time, we begin to lose ourselves and what brings us joy in this world. Those of us that are lucky enough to realize that we are going through the motions and not living our lives through our love, have time to rekindle that passion and truly make a difference in our lives and those around us.

4) How do I overcome adversities and animosities without allowing them to devour me?

Live brings us challenges and experiences that we sometimes feel are not desirable. So how can we move through these experiences and see the silver lining in each situation so we can continue to move forward and not get stuck and mired in disappointments and doubts that can creep up.

5) How do I find and maintain lasting happiness?

To most of us, this is very important. many of us are not automatically happy in our lives. Most of us are pessimistic and see the wrong in things instead of the right. Seeing the wrong in things does not allow us to be happy and empower us into really creating the life we love.

6) How do I allow myself to live the real me?

If you have ever made a decision based on the approval of someone else in spite of what you wanted, you are not living the real you. If you have ever felt you had to hide a part of yourself because of what someone else may think about you, you are not living the real you. Finding the courage to live your life is one that many of us lack.

These are some of the most popular questions we ask ourselves that we want the answers to, and the desire to have the answers to these questions is the first step in our personal development journey.

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How Do You Achieve Stability In An Unstable World?

By Paul A Philips

On a global level we get more than our fair share of instability reported by the mass media. With the war between Palestine and Israel, the Iraq crisis, the Russia and Ukraine conflict, the Ebola outbreak… If you don’t live in these areas and are not affected circumstantially I’m sure you get enough instability reported in the place you live by your local media. Then, on a personal level, you have to deal with the threat of or the actual instability related to things such as unemployment, relationship problems and financial debt… etc.

Instability, Instability and more Instability!

The mass media can be nothing more than merchants of gross instability. Many people find it hard not to be the effect of all the negative reporting and then again, reacting to all this doesn’t make any difference either. When something terrible is reported like, for example, 2 children were killed by a missile attack in Gaza, the fact you reacted with sadness or sympathy… is meaningless: The 2 children are still dead and there’s nothing you could have done about it, so why react? You see? You’re being played by media merchandising of gross instability. They’re making huge amounts of money by creating an ether of negativity throughout the world by this kind of reporting.

To not be the effect of this you may want to consider boycotting it. If your telly starts blurting out negative media reports then switch the darn thing off then after a short while notice how you feel a lot better. Sure, if there’s a crisis somewhere in the world, if you want to help in some way then do so but if it is beyond your control and influence then leave it at that.

Achieving stability

Achieving stability means finding a reliable boat to stay afloat on a choppy unstable sea. In this analogy this means achieving stability by first identifying that which needs to be taken care of the most in and amongst the chaos or disruption in your life. Then, identifying the next most important thing to achieve stability with and the next and so on…

Using an example to clarify, let’s say that for some reason, you have ended up in a new area. It could be a new town or different country, whatever. The first thing that’s needed to achieve stability is for you to identify what needs to be taken care of the most at this point in time. Let’s say its finding accommodation. So you get accommodation, then the next thing to achieve for stability is to identify what’s needed next in the order of importance. Let’s say it’s finding a job. Then let’s say the next thing is making friends and so on…

Achieving stability in an unstable world also means finding one’s self in a stable state: Remember, thoughts, feelings, emotions… your way of being can affect the outcome in your life. A calm stable inner being is capable of producing a calm stable outer world surrounding you.

If you liked reading this article then go to www.NewParadigm.ws for more related articles including a free download PDF. NewParadigm is a portal to transformation, consciousness, spirituality, mind, body, health, alternative media and much more… Hosted by Paul A Philips. Once again the link is: http://www.newparadigm.ws/

How Enlightened Are You? Do These 10 Questions Describe You?

By Paul A Philips

In recent years, with increasing communications technologies and more readily available information, there’s been a rise in the number of people doing self-growth related courses. Whether it comes from online seminars, through discussion groups, websites, personal gurus of sorts, meditation classes, therapy, or books… more and more are choosing the pathway of enlightenment!

In spite of the enlightenment coming from many disciplines the effects or common denominators that manifest from this state have been said to be basically the same. This is not my attempt to make a full list but here are my 10 questions to find out if you consider yourself an enlightened person.

1. Do you find that you have a greater awareness of the world about you but don’t feel like you’re part of it? In effect you feel like you’re removed but have a greater broader viewpoint, recognising that who you really are is an observer.

2. Are you clearer on what you want to achieve in life and have a greater sense of purpose? Time wasting is now an even lesser option. You value your targets for achievement greater, like developing your relationships and furthering skills…

3. Do you find that you no longer want to be with certain people, some you’ve know for a long time, but because they don’t reflect the new enlightened you? They may be regarded as negative people or company you no longer want to be with?

4. Do you have a greater realization that responsibility is not so much something to shrug but embrace?

5. Does your health mean more to you than ever? You’ve become more aware of the importance of having good nutrition, getting regular exercise, avoiding toxins and focusing more on your attitude for health and well-being.

6. Do you find yourself questioning more? You have a greater want for knowledge, not just what may be regarded as meaningless facts, but really questioning things with regards to the world about you. You’re less likely to believe what the general consensus is on things and also possibly challenge what authorities tell you…

7. Following on from the above point, have you gained a stronger sense of identity in so much you have a greater idea of the realization that your individuality is your biggest strength?

8. Do you appreciate your life more than before? Having been enlightened you’re more likely to express the attitude of gratitude. Your idea of a real good time doesn’t necessarily mean spending a lot of money because you can find enjoyment in the simpler or finer things…

9. Are you more willing to confront things? For examples, you’re more willing to challenge people’s points of view or be more willing to take on new things.

10. Do you have a stronger sense of the spiritual? Many enlightened people say they feel a greater sense of unconditional love and want to help others more.

-Like I said, this is not the complete A-Z list questioning how enlightened you have become but does give at least some indication.

If you liked reading this article then go to www.NewParadigm.ws for more related articles including a free download PDF. NewParadigm is a portal to transformation, consciousness, spirituality, mind, body, health, alternative media and much more… Hosted by Paul A Philips. Once again the link is: http://www.newparadigm.ws/

Are You Achieving Personal Growth and Development? Do These 8 Signs Describe You?

By Paul A Philips

Personal growth and development means carving out for yourself a life that is nurturing, fulfilling and whole, allowing your self-expression. Indeed, all these things are related to personal freedom, which I consider to be the only thing worth living for.

No matter what practices you undertake to achieve this; whether it’s through finding yourself a mentor, life-coach, guru, therapist or some course related… the outcome, the desired effects are basically the same. That is, there are a number of ‘common denominators’ or signs indicating you are in that ongoing state of personal growth and development.

Not an exhaustive list but here are 8 signs indicating you are achieving personal growth and development. Do you see yourself in any of these signs?

1. You’re in the world but not part of it

You find yourself more aware and have a greater panoramic view of the world than before. However, you get the idea that you’re in the world but not part of it. In short, you feel like you’re more in a detached ‘observer mode’ with regards to the circumstances surrounding.

2. You have a greater sense of purpose

Having a greater sense of purpose in life means that you are clearer than before about what goals to achieve and spend less time related to things that are the opposite, considered to be time wasting. You want to spend more time on developing skills, getting healthier… etc.

3. Splitting from old relationships and finding new ones

The ‘new you’ no longer wants to be with people consistent with the ‘old you.’ You want to find relationships supportive of your personal growth and development.

4. Greater feeling of responsibility

From having a greater understanding of how you can be ‘at cause’ in your life there comes a greater feeling of responsibility. For personal effectiveness, one of life’s golden statements is the saying ‘I am responsible.’

5. Always questioning

You find yourself questioning things more, not easily accepting the consensus of the masses or authority figures. If something comes up contrary to your gut feeling, findings or opinion you have to enquire… and don’t fall shy of expressing your views. You find that life is something to be lived as an enquiry, allowing you to gain more insight.

6. Have a stronger sense of identity

You realise that your individuality is your biggest strength and will speak up for yourself and act accordingly. However, appropriateness comes into play and your increased communication skills allow you to deal more effectively with situations than before, having a greater sense of acceptance for others at the same time.

7. Get more from the simpler or finer things in life

You have a greater realisation that having a good time doesn’t necessarily mean spending a lot of money. Your increased awareness allows you to appreciate the finer or simpler things in life. You see beauty in so many things surrounding such as that in nature or people…

8. Closer to God

People I’ve spoken to who have taught personal growth and development say that the enlightenment attained gets reported by many participants saying they find themselves closer to God. Indeed the report that they are closer to God is subject to much interpretation but there are common denominators: Some say that they have a stronger sense of what is love, whether it’s in relationships or unconditional. From this it is reported that enlightened individuals find themselves more caring.

-So that concludes my 8 signs indicating achievement of personal growth and development. Like I said this is not an exhaustive account and you may have different ideas or perhaps thought of other signs. How did you do? Did you see yourself in any of these signs?

After reading this perhaps you might want to start your own life-changing personal growth and development plan?

If you liked reading this article then go to www.NewParadigm.ws for more related articles including a free download PDF. NewParadigm is a portal to transformation, consciousness, spirituality, mind, body, health, alternative media and much more… Hosted by Paul A Philips. Once again the link is: http://www.newparadigm.ws/