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Structuring Your Workout: Intensity

In the world of working out, there are hundreds of misconceptions that keep people from really starting their total health overhaul. Something that sounds doable when you’re fired up on New Year’s Eve but it might not actually make it past the resolution stage when you realize how intimidating it can be to actually change your own life – and exercising is one of the number one most broken New Year’s Resolutions!

One of the most prominent misconceptions is whether or not it is better to work out less during the week, but have those workouts be highly intensive, or if it’s more productive to workout with less intensity more often. When many people fall under the false realization that they have to be doing extreme workouts daily, it decreases their chance of fitness success and depletes their motivation. Often, when it comes to questions that are similar to this, the best thing to do is to refer to our own sense of physical wellness in order to come up with a personalized result. So much of health is intimate and individual, and one size fits all answers have proven time and time again to be failures in terms of giving broad accurate advice. While it will differ depending on your body type, strength, and overall health, there are some guidelines for you to consider.

No matter where you are in your journey, regular workouts are going to benefit you. Personal training Miami classes and group training Miami classes are great ways of getting structured, intensive exercise into your fitness routine. However, it is important to keep a varied schedule when it comes to which muscle groups are being targeted and in what ways. The same boot camp Miami style workout daily will result in the same muscles being torn without time to heal and grow stronger. Walking on days you’re not doing boot camp, however, keeps you flexible and fit. In contrast, only walking will not help you build the kind of muscle you’d get in an intensive fitness program. Ultimately, the answer to our initial question is that a mix of both low and high intensity workouts in an alternating schedule is the best way to keep yourself where you need to be in your fitness journey.

At the end of the day, it seems that moderation and careful attention is the key to making the most out of any structured exercise practices you may engage in. Keep an eye on how your body feels during and after working out, and always adjust to your own limits, boundaries and goals. Total mind body wellness is dependent on having access to information like this that allows you to understand your health and wellness experiences, and to make informed decisions based on those experiences. Finding the right gym is one of the most sure ways you can gain the information and the tools to keep yourself on track with your fitness goals – whether it was a New Year’s promise or not!

The Benefits of Finding a Gym

Choosing the right gym for you can be incredibly difficult. We all know that working out and changing our diets can be an impossible task if we’re doing it on our own and are new to the process. Many of us have let ourselves get pretty out of shape before we make and actually commit to those New Year’s resolutions, promising good health and regular exercise to our future selves. Being rooted in a sense of community can be a lifesaver. Working side by side with sports performance professionals and other individuals on their way to good health is a great way to stay inspired, especially when things are difficult.

While there are plenty of things you can do outside of gyms that will help you maintain your physical health, there’s no replacement for a state of the art gym experience. Not only do you have access to professionals and personal training Miami classes, but you also have access to the incredible wealth of expensive machines and weights that can aid you in finding the workout routine that works for you. Especially if you are just starting out, there is no way that you can really sample the vast amount of different types of exercises that you might fall in love with and want to pursue – at least, not on your own. Group training Miami classes can be everything from kickboxing to Pilates, and the equipment for working out on your own is just as diverse. This is a fantastic way of narrowing down what kind of work you are interested in, and what it takes to succeed in these different areas.

Boot camp Miami style workouts are as intense as it gets. They aren’t for everyone, at least, not at first. Different muscle groups are targeted throughout this workout cycle, creating something that is exhausting and rewarding. Boot camp style workouts are worth working up to if you have the time, commitment and energy to put into working really hard multiple times a week to achieve extreme results. Each session gives you several different targeted workouts designed to provide tension in multiple parts of the body. That’s why the results are so visible so quickly – there are all kinds of different ways in which the muscles are aggressively targeted and worked. Boot camp classes are some of the most fun, engaging and difficult types of routines you can put your body through and if you can gather the motivation and willpower to stick with it, the results are amazing.

Gyms are community resources that are invaluable when you are just starting your workout journey. There’s no comparison. Sure, walking, jogging, and even working out in personal home gyms can be great for your health, but there’s nothing quite like working out in an environment that is supportive and diverse in its offerings for both classes and equipment. Whether you are a seasoned sports professional or an amateur looking to start your workout journey, a gym is the place that you need to start. Find the right one in your community and change your life today.

The Ongoing Importance Of Physical Fitness

As children, we are told to get out and play as often as we can. It certainly seems to be of a greater importance with the latest generation, due to the amount of computer-based and screen-based entertainment that children seem to be obsessed with, but even previous generations had an emphasis placed on physical fitness. More than just a way to get us out from under their feet, parents encouraged physical activity both through organized sports like Little League baseball as well as informal neighborhood games like football and soccer. Even in school, this importance was stressed with daily classes in physical education and the annual Presidential Fitness tests.

As rates of childhood obesity continue to grow the current administration has placed a renewed focus on the aspect of physical exercise for our youth. Spearheaded by the first lady, the “Play 60” campaign has been embraced by a diverse number of organizations, from Major League Baseball to World Wrestling Entertainment. This emphasis on a healthy lifestyle tries to incorporate a wide variety of activities, including family hikes and competitive sports, to encourage kids to get an hour a day of physical exercise. The belief is that by encouraging a physically healthy lifestyle, they will feel motivated to be healthier in other parts of their life, especially their diet, and help to stem the tide of obesity.

Of course, a funny thing happens along the way. Kids grow up to become adults, and the carefree times of childhood are replaced with the overscheduled stressed out lifestyle of being an adult. Time becomes a premium, and very few people have the opportunity to continue participating in organized sporting activities, much less the access to any such league that might interest them in the first place. As with more job and career fields centered on the service industry and a more sedentary lifestyle, physical exercise is more important than ever.

Second only to time, and the lack of it, the biggest deterrent people cite when explaining why they do not exercise on a regular basis is a lack of motivation and knowledge. Without knowing the exercises they should be doing and the results they should be looking for, even with a membership to one of the many Miami gyms, they oftentimes fail to create a regimen on their own, and the only thing that gets lighter is their wallet.

Personal trainers are the key to long term success for people interested in living a healthy lifestyle. They have the knowledge and ability to help people from all walks of life to begin and maintain a healthy lifestyle. By continuing to be physically active and following a proper diet and exercise program long after they stop being a child, a person can expect to reap the benefits and enjoy a long and healthy life.

Getting Personal With Personal Training

There is a very good reason why there are so many fitness centers and gyms in Miami. It is because people respond to all different types of physical exercise and are looking for something that feels like a natural fit for them. The merits of weight lifting versus yoga, or spinning versus boot camp fitness classes can be argued forever, but the truth is what works for one person may not work as well for another. The same is equally true when it comes to hiring a personal trainer.

Possibly one of the most important aspects when hiring a personal trainer is understanding where they are coming from and what their background is. If they have been highly athletic their entire life, they may not understand the challenges faced by a person who is working out for the first time. That is to take nothing away from a particular trainer; they may be regarded as one of the best in the field and have extensive training and certification. It simply means their approach may not be the best fit for what a person is looking for, and having that commonality, something to bond over, is important in establishing a productive professional relationship.

The next step is deciding together what your goals are and how the two of you are going to go about obtaining them. The key element here is putting together a comprehensive plan, one that includes diet and exercise, that works for both of you. Once again, if your desire is to improve your flexibility and muscle tone and the trainer you have hired specializes in bulking up through intense muscle training, ultimately you are setting yourself up for failure.

The reason most people hire a personal trainer in the first place is because they recognize the need for accountability and motivation in order to stay focused. If the first decision you make is to align yourself with someone who does not share the same ideology that you do, no amount of blood, sweat and tears is going to overcome that. Eventually the two of you will part ways, and you will most likely left with a feeling of being defeated. That depression will carry over and make it that much harder to start fresh with a new personal trainer.

There are many things a personal trainer is not. They include best friend, private cheerleader, emotional confidant and Friday night drinking buddy. What they are, however, is a person, and the right personal training Miami has for you is the one that can relate to where you are coming from and understand how to get you to where you want to go. Hiring the right personal trainer is easily the most important step between success and failure when pursuing a healthy lifestyle.

More than Muscles: Expanding Health

It’s important to balance your gym time with self-care outside of the workout room. Health is a total package – there’s no way you can be healthy if you’re only focusing on developing your muscles and not your mind! Although brain and body work together in harmony to create a healthier you, we often don’t take into account the third factor – nourishment of the spirit – that keeps us feeling bright, clear, and well. When we don’t nourish our spirit, we fall victim to feeling unbalanced, lifeless, and in some cases, hopeless. Life loses its luster. It’s clear that for too long, fitness magazines and health and wellness organizations have neglected to prioritize this nourishment of the spirit the way it deserves. Expanding our definition of health helps us understand the role that our spirit plays in our daily lives.

If you are used to personal training Miami classes, group training Miami classes can be a great way to reinvigorate our physical workout routine. It brings in all elements of health – you’re working your body, which is helping your brain produce serotonin, dopamine, and all those good chemicals that keep you feeling balanced – but it also offers the opportunity to nourish the spirit. Community is one of the things that we need to live. Doing things that enrich our lives, like meeting new like-minded people who can inspire and encourage us in a given task or environment, can be a vital component in getting and staying healthy.

Taking care of ourselves isn’t limited to just things that make us happy. After all, if you are anything like me and have a sweet tooth, you know that pursuing what you love can ultimately lead you to total unhealthiness (cavities, anyone?).Spirit is about pursuing your human potential. Using the willpower, motivation, and mental fortitude regular workout routines help you build to achieve that end is ideal. It’s unhealthy to be too stuck in one place. We need to constantly expand our boundaries and pursue things that keep our mind exercised in the realm of ideas. Trying new things has been scientifically proven, for example, to create new neurological connections in the brain – it literally makes us smarter, faster, and better. This also leads to a feeling of capability even in – and sometimes in spite of – chaos. In other words, it makes us better problem solvers and helps us achieve a sense of comfort in challenging and less than ideal environments.

Keeping ourselves comfortable can lead to misery. Working out and maintaining a healthy diet is essential in keeping ourselves in the best shape possible, leaving us as ready as possible to deal with whatever life throws at us. Beyond the physical and neurological, though, there’s always the spirit, the soul, the wider purpose – whatever you want to call it – of rounding out your person. Just like physical fitness, this kind of spiritual work is a lifelong journey, and its challenges lead to a richer, fuller life.

My Workout Journey: Community Importance

I never liked working out. In high school, I was always trying to get out of gym class using a variety of excuses. As I got older and I began to witness my physical and mental health deteriorate as a result of poor workout and self-care habits, I returned to physical fitness as a way to improve myself and my body. I joined a local gym and on the days I did not work out there, I walked my neighborhood. I even took up a sport – a less intensive one, but a sport nonetheless – and found myself feeling and eating better as a result. I couldn’t figure out why, as a kid, I’d hated exercising so much. I realized it in the middle of my group training Miami class. Looking around at everyone, I could tell some of us were further in our fitness journey than others, but everyone was enthusiastic and encouraging as we worked side by side for self-improvement. In other words, it was community I was missing.

Sure, in gym class, we have a group of kids working towards a common goal – getting through the hour. I remember enjoying access to the weight room in high school, because it was an individually focused activity, but my school only allowed us to gain access to it senior year and even then, it was booked solid by athletes. Not having a natural talent for sports, I was among the last picked for teams and constantly picked on, made fun of, or forced to be the scorekeeper instead of being encouraged to try for success. It was an attitude I began to internalize, and I got used to ‘health’ and ‘exercise’ being synonymous with feeling lousy about myself. Of course I didn’t want to exercise!

The right gym knows that health is for everyone, and that our paths are individual. Even though I also engage in personal training Miami classes, just being in a room full of people dedicated to bettering themselves is enough to make me want to work my hardest. I will say that seeing sports performance Miami professionals working on the machines beside me can be intimidating, but I’ve never met any adult at the gym who has been less than friendly and encouraging. Sometimes, just sharing a smile with someone who gets how hard it is to start this journey can be enough to keep me going.

It’s still early. Even though I still want to give up – a lot – I know it’s going to get easier as I get used to my new routine. Not working out in a structured way for five years has really taken a toll on my willpower, self-esteem, and energy level. I had no idea all the great things I was missing out on by choosing to be inactive! I’ve been to a few gyms Miami has to offer, but I think I struck gold on the one I eventually signed up for. The boot camp Miami workout is as intense as it is rewarding.

Personal Training, Miami And Living A Healthy Lifestyle

Miami Florida is constantly ranked as one of the healthiest cities in the country. With the beautiful weather year round, abundant beaches and natural sights, a focus on outdoor sports and activities and accessibility to fresh produce and healthy eating, it seems like a natural fit to be ranked so high. Because it all seems to happen so naturally, people place a greater emphasis on living a healthy lifestyle, and that is why personal training Miami is such an integral part of the city’s dynamic.

The most challenging aspect of living a healthy lifestyle is having the commitment and dedication to see it through. It is easy to change a diet for a few days, or enroll in a gym membership or sign up for boot camp classes Miami and feel the thrill for a few weeks. After a while, the novelty starts to wear off, the anticipated results are not happening as quickly as they were expected to, and it becomes harder to keep a schedule going. People who have tried to make these changes on their own lose the motivation and fall back into old habits. This is why there needs to be a personal training Miami connection to make the changes stick.

Primarily, what a personal trainer in Miami is going to do with each client is develop an initial work out program. Not only will this include time at the gym with one on one personal training sessions and taking advantage of boot camp classes in Miami, it will also include a proper nutrition plan. Diet and exercise go hand in hand when trying to start living a new healthy lifestyle, and it is important that you hire a personal trainer who recognizes that and can help out with the meal planning, or at least has the references to steer you towards somebody who can help specifically with that.

The crucial step for personal training in Miami to be successful is for the trainer to be thinking long term and have several intermediate goals lined up as well as new exercise options. This way their client can measure their success more gradually but more consistently. On their own, a person might want to lose 25 pounds, but if it is not happening quickly enough, they feel like they failed. Personal training Miami focuses on smaller increments – every five pounds as a milestone – so results are being seen. Plus they will have the new workout options to help keep their clients engaged in the process. The longer they keep the commitment going, the more natural the new healthy lifestyle becomes.

Being healthy does not happen naturally, no matter how healthy a city might seem. That is why there is a definite connection between personal training and living a healthy lifestyle.

Choosing Personal Trainers In Miami

With health and fitness being such an important aspect of life in Miami, thanks to the number of professional athletes who call it home, it can be an overwhelming process when it comes to choosing a gym and selecting a personal trainer. Making the wrong choice might not be the end of the world, but making the right one will help you get the results you want faster and more completely.

Choosing a gym is easier, if only because it relies mostly on practical matters. A simple checklist would include some of the following questions:

How convenient is it? That may sound shallow to put at the top of the list, but studies show convenience is the first reason people give when asked why they stopped working out. Part of convenience includes hours of operation, availability of parking and nearby amenities.

What programs do they offer? Some fitness centers and gyms in Miami are designed to have something for everyone while others have a tight focus on a training regimen.

How much does it cost and how long is the membership? After convenience, cost is the next deciding factor in whether people continue to work out.

Do they offer personal trainers, and if not, do they allow outside trainers to use the facility with their clients?

This is where the decision gets tricky. As noted above, the two main reasons why people stop working out is not because they no longer want to, but because they find reasons not to. A personal trainer is certainly a much greater thing than a cheerleader, but part of a good trainer will be the ability to help their client keep the motivation. One of the ways they can do this is by mixing up the training program so the client feels continually engaged. People working out on their own usually stop after a ten week period because they have stopped seeing the quick early results that usually happen and now feel like they are not being productive. If they knew different programs they could start to follow, it might reduce the number of people who quit. Which brings up the final important question: does your trainer know more than one trick? Luckily, personal trainers in Miami tend to be more well-versed than those in other areas, thanks to the number of professional athletes they work with. It is important for them to be able to offer those clients the latest information and training techniques to keep them at the top of the game.

When it comes to personal training in Miami there are plenty to choose from, perhaps too many at first. Keep in mind that the right trainer is out there for you, and you are hiring them. Take your time, make your choice and see the results.

Finding New Ways To Reach Your Fitness Goals

One of the biggest challenges for people who start a workout program is the “plateau” effect that usually occurs after about six weeks. Simply put, once a workout routine becomes, well, routine, the body stops responding with the same level of accomplishment that it had been earlier. While this is not completely unexpected, especially for people who have just gotten back into physical exercise after a long break or are starting a fitness regimen for the first time, it can be discouraging. People stop seeing results and, frustrated, they give up. This is one of the major reasons why a personal trainer should be engaged if a person wants to make a serious effort at maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Compare these two situations:

A person decides they are going to work out on their own. They look up a series of exercises they think they will enjoy, join a gym and begin their workout. They see some results rather quickly, but soon, the changes taper off. Discouraged by the diminishing results, and not having anyone they can ask for advice, they keep doing the only exercises they know, which results in them becoming bored. Deciding that it is no longer worth the time and effort, they give up.

Another person decides that they want to begin living a healthier lifestyle. They meet with a personal trainer and together they discuss their goals. The trainer puts together a workout plan to get started with and helps their client work through the exercises. As results start to be achieved, the trainer begins to switch out some of the old exercises for new ones. These new exercises engage the muscles in different ways, helping to keep the results moving forward. The change in routine helps to keep the exercising fresh and engaging, and the person continues to grow into a healthier lifestyle.

When these two situations are compared side to side, it is easy to see which one is the better option for long term success. A personal trainer provides accountability and motivation, but far more importantly, they also have the knowledge of what exercises will work the best for people on an individual basis. They have a wealth of knowledge to tailor the workout to be the most effective, and they can tell when it is time to switch from a barbell and aerobic program to a bootcamp and cross training one. By working to keep the total body engaged, both physically and mentally, they can help people turn their desire for a healthier lifestyle into a reality.

Putting Smart Money Down On Fitness

People always want to think that they are getting the most for their money. In a world where a television show about extreme couponing is popular, everyone is looking for what they think is the best deal, regardless of what they are shopping for. This even includes when what they are interested in is a healthier lifestyle. In their own minds, they weigh out the pros and cons and, in many cases, make a decision that is bad for them in the long run both financially and physically.

They see a fitness center that offers a membership special. Enticing them in with a low introductory rate and unlimited access, many people do not think of how often they will go, but simply how often they can. Without any outside guidance, like that of a personal trainer, they believe they will go from not working out at all to visiting the gym several times a week. In their mind, this makes the cost per visit very low, much less than it would be to hire their own personal trainer or even enroll in a series of fitness classes.

The greatest irony in this current atmosphere of working out is that these people balk at the thought of spending money on a personal trainer in Miami, and yet almost 70 percent of people who pay for a monthly gym membership and do not include any personal training sessions in that package work out less than three times a month. Part of the reason they call it “working out” is that exercise is a physically taxing activity. It takes a lot of will power for an individual to maintain a new healthy lifestyle on their own.

Studies show that people who have the most success when it comes to beginning a successful workout program have two things in common. They have a strong personal motivation factor – health issues in the family or extreme weight they need to lose – and they find a way to make themselves accountable to keep up with the exercising. Having regularly scheduled sessions with a personal trainer not only gives them that responsibility, it also allows for a program to be designed that fits their needs perfectly. Alternatively, people who attend the same fitness classes or bootcamp on a weekly basis build up a community of support. Classmates encourage each other, and they share in each other’s triumph.

The old saying goes that you get what you pay for. If you want to start living a healthy lifestyle, it does not matter how much money you think you are saving on an annual membership. If you are not going on a regular basis, it is just money you are wasting… money that could get you much better results if spent on a personal trainer.