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My Vital Humanitarian Message To You and Your Loved Ones In The Name Of Peace

By Paul A Philips

It doesn’t have to reach crisis point to enhance our awareness and realize who we really are as a humanitarian human race. While that said, our acquiescence is interpreted as an acceptance of the ruling elite’s mandates. So they carry on with their enslavement agenda and the related developments. Indeed it’s a spiritual, mental and physical warfare on humanity.

The key here is for us to realize that we must try to access our full physical empirical knowledge and non-physical ability. The world’s ruling elite and their associates are fully aware that if we accessed these abilities it would be their greatest threat to the war on humanity.

-Access this and we WILL break free from the controlling dominion.

Although still in the minority the growing awakening numbers required to reach that ‘critical mass’ are accelerating exponentially for creating the consciousness needed to make manifest a world that makes a difference for everyone, to free humanity from enslavement and take back our rightful sovereign ownership of this planet.

In light of this, it has gone beyond apparent and is a growing realization that the controllers are getting more and more desperate to try and stop us from this mass awakening.

Look at some of the ways in which the controllers are trying to shut us up, distract or inject fear…

‘Domestic extremists’

Remember not so long ago we had UK Prime Minister Cameron telling us that there would be no tolerance of ‘domestic extremists,’ referring to those ‘conspiracy kooks,’ in other words people who have woken up to the lies… in his overtly fascist language that was indeed disturbingly subject to interpretation… Clarifications, implications..?

Consequently, there were people turning themselves in arriving at police stations jokingly and mockingly with a toothbrush in hand saying they should be locked up overnight, claiming to be one of Cameron’s ‘non-violent domestic extremists.’ The police just told them to go away…

Political correctness

Political correctness is not about protecting minority people from being offended or hurt. Ultimately, it’s about shutting people up, stopping them from justly criticising anything and accusing them should they speak…


Shutting down the debate is of course not the only means of trying to keep us from awakening. Deliberate distraction is another form of trying to stop we-the- people from realizing that things are majorly not right in the world.

Fear mongering

Yes, there’s always some bogey man about that we should all be scared of: ISIS/ISIL, a possible fake alien invasion, some disease lacking in scientific credibility… all of which have been secretly manufactured for the purpose of fear mongering.

(On the subject of ISIS/ISIL, a hint: Why aren’t they attacking Israel? Why aren’t the massive funds/resources being used to attack Israel for perpetrating those atrocities on Palestinians??)

The mass awakening

In spite of humanity taking a physical, mental and spiritual pounding from the controllers there’s good news and then there’s… good news. Yes, we’re waking up en mass. More and more citizens are changing from slumbering mediocre pieces of meat into aware activists calling for a different politic. Calling for governance by the people for the people as was outlined in the ‘Declaration of Independence’ by the US Founding Fathers on the 4TH of July 1776: “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness…”

Much of the awakening can be attributed to the rise of the internet. The internet had originally come from the darkly secretive military industrial complex, but because they don’t have a heart their allowing of it to the people at large has backfired on them…

Evidence for the mass awakening can be found for examples in:

1. Falling sales in mainstream media indicating a lack of confidence

2. A rise in alternative media exposing the truth

3. Increasing mistrust in government while realizing that they serve the corporatocracy rather than our best interests

4. Growing awareness that mass surveillance has stepped beyond the boundaries from protection into intrusion

5. Growing mistrust in the police and an awareness of police militarization… with their indiscriminate violence and petty law enforcements…

The shift

Sure, old habits die hard, but this vitally important all-encompassing principle must be focussed on so that we can gauge and produce the necessary turnaround:

-From divided to united

-Sedated to educated

-Victim to victor

-Overly competitive to more willingly cooperative

-Dysfunctional to functional

-Secrecy to openness

… etc.

Just keep on keeping on in the name of humanitarian peaceful activism and peace then we’ll be unstoppable.

Much love


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Humanitarian Breakthrough The Power Lies Within You!

By Paul A Philips

Be it through education, mass media brainwashing or some other social engineering programme night and day there’s always someone trying to make you be somebody that’s really not you, making it easy to forget that you’re an individual and this individuality is your greatest strength.

-Dare you be yourself, thwart the plans of someone’s agenda to clone and control you?

It is easy to forget that the power lies within you. There are so many people trying to make you buy into something that takes away your power. See this for what it is; a potentially dangerous and disempowering trap:

Take for instance the doctor. He/she has been designated the power over one’s health. Someone who can ‘fix it’ if and when something goes wrong… No! There is no power for you in buying into that mindset! The control over your health ultimately lies within you. Responsibility is the key.

Then, in ignorance and apathy, we have given away our power to a small number of politicians who easily seduced by money and attention go by unchecked, allowing them to profiteer and make laws following an agenda that does not have our best interest at heart… The solution is getting rid of these con artists, decentralizing political power and quashing this disease called statism…

-I believe that community based societies are the answer and will be the future politics of the new paradigm. For every community to work it MUST have unity, self-sufficiency and the ability to discern.

Happiness is ‘just ’round the corner.’

There are always those trying to make you buy into something with the promise of when you finally obtain or achieve what they’re offering you’ll be happy, having reached your rainbow’s end. The obtainment or achievement of what’s being offered and the accompanying happiness is said to come through the result of exam passes, job promotions, political ideals, financial advisors, pyramid marketing schemes, religious cult gurus or some new found fad… etc.

However, from cradle to grave, for all that time, effort or money the promise of forever happiness as a reward never arrives. It’s always just ’round the corner, never in the here and now. That means you will be forever tail-chasing, going nowhere, never fulfilled or satisfied, having given your power away to those false promises and schemes created by a few select handfuls of individuals who benefit…

Discernment, selling and buying

A young child sees a cheetah and leopard as one of the same. That’s because the young child hasn’t yet learned to discern the differences between these 2 cats, but will of course be able to when it gets older and develops the necessary perception.

-My point is that the development of discernment is a wonderful thing, allowing you to be more effective in life:

When you fall sucker to the ‘one day I will be happy’ tail-chasing reward scheme scenario you haven’t discerned the differences between someone selling you something and your buying of it. You have just blindly accepted that this is the way it is and enter into the scheme. When you discern the fact that someone’s trying to sell, you may realize that it’s a disempowering con scheme and no longer become the affect of it by buying into it: Discerning selling from buying therefore means no longer giving your power away in this way.

In conclusion

-If you want to achieve a real humanitarian breakthrough then do realize that the power lies within you through your individuality and the ability to discern.

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Why Self-Help Courses Will Not Be Enough For Your Personal Growth

By Paul A Philips

There are a number of reasons why self-help (self-improvement, self-development, self-actualization etc) courses will not be enough for your overall personal growth. To understand this you have to see yourself and how you fit into the ‘big picture.’

Before explaining the big picture let me put things into perspective.

Whether it’s for finding out about themselves for personal growth, spiritual enhancement, enlightenment, effective communication in relationships, therapy, alternative health and healing… there are an increasing number of people going to these self-help type courses.

Sure, this is great. These individuals engaged in various practices like for examples group encounter therapy, reiki, meditation sessions, Indian head massage, healing crystals, nutrition guidance… do indeed come away feeling great.

However, I have one big question for these individuals: You may feel great within yourself for having done those practices but what are you doing for the world?

The big picture is that there’s a global crisis on. The planet and all the life forms on it are seriously under threat from the world’s ruling elite with their intentions to create a New World Order enslavement agenda likened to that of the Hunger Games movie dystopia with the help of their psychopath, lying through their teeth politicians…

We are getting poisoned with increasing toxic overloads of junk food, rising obesity, increasing disease rates, GMO’s, vaccines, heavy metal toxicity… low frequency electromagnetic pollution in various applications such as mobile phones and Wi-Fi … Environmental pollution from radiation leaks in our seas, fracking, bio-warfare… Then there’s the effect of GMO’s on wildlife which in turn threatens our ecology… the list goes on.

And most of the above mentioned people having participated in those self-help type practices are doing nothing about these things. That in effect means that they will never fully grow because of these serious rate-limiting factors which indeed could lead to dire straights…

Then, on similar lines, there are those who have no idea about the global conspiracies so in their ignorance they do nothing. Ignorance by the way is no excuse now because all the information needed to find out is available.

Then there are those who know about the global conspiracies. However, they sit and do nothing, making them worse than the above group in my books.

-This is the message that many people don’t want to hear. But this is the kind of realization and enlightenment we really need to get so that we end up doing something for the world, whatever it takes.

What could you do? The rewards and the growth we could achieve as a race for creating a world out of doing something that makes a difference for everyone could indeed be amazing!

– This is how you can fit into the big picture and transform beyond the current limitations.

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Are We A Spiritually Impoverished Nation? If So Then What Are The Solutions?

By Paul A Philips

No statistics

There are plenty of statistics for material poverty. For example, Oxfam reports that 1 in 5 in the UK live below the official poverty line. It’s roughly the same for the USA and that includes children.

However, there exists another kind of poverty. It’s not the kind related to a lack of material things but an inner spiritual poverty for which there are no statistics. Who knows how this could be gauged but I will say that it exists in epidemic proportions, 85% plus… yes, it’s that serious:

Yes, we have become a spiritually impoverished nation. Stimulus junkies addicted to worldly things twenty-four seven to make us feel good and in doing so, by whatever form it is, has left a great empty void in our inner spiritual being.

Stimulus junkies receive their payoff from whatever the worldly fixes are, but with this comes a cost. The cost is the impression that something is greatly lacking in life: Having no purpose, feelings of worthlessness, or even despair… are symptoms from living a gratification based life derived solely from the outer world leaving a great void in the inner spiritual being.

The stimulus

Addiction to pornography: There are those who cannot go very long without pornography and would prefer this and be lost in their fantasies rather than have real meaningful loving relationships…

Watching too much TV or playing computer games: rather than do something with their lives that’s nurturing or fulfilling…

Constantly seeking the approval of others: verbal compliments, Facebook hits, Tweets, text messages, smiling faces… getting off on attention seeking…

More money… Working purely for that day when the monthly pay check finally arrives or an unexpected bonus comes along or the share price increases…

-Whatever the stimulus is, happiness or even elation means how much of these things got in a time period, making us a nation full of junkies begging for more and if any of this doesn’t happen then we are unhappy.

As Shakespeare wrote “They are but beggars that can’t count their own worth.”

The solution

The first step is the realization that these things are happening and something needs to be done. The solution means kicking the related habits and involves making simple, gradual changes over time to stop existing as a stimulus junkie beggar.

Getting in touch again with your inner spiritual being, living a life based on achieving happiness from within means addressing the required needs. Meditation, prayer, affirmation, controlling thoughts, feelings and emotions… are all ways in which we can guide ourselves back to God.

Be yourself, stop constantly seeking approval from others and live a life based on what you want, but at the same time give generously. Live a life whereby you take on things that will bring wholeness, completion and fulfilment…

How could you bring this about? I will leave the rest up to you.

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Are You Achieving Personal Growth and Development? Do These 8 Signs Describe You?

By Paul A Philips

Personal growth and development means carving out for yourself a life that is nurturing, fulfilling and whole, allowing your self-expression. Indeed, all these things are related to personal freedom, which I consider to be the only thing worth living for.

No matter what practices you undertake to achieve this; whether it’s through finding yourself a mentor, life-coach, guru, therapist or some course related… the outcome, the desired effects are basically the same. That is, there are a number of ‘common denominators’ or signs indicating you are in that ongoing state of personal growth and development.

Not an exhaustive list but here are 8 signs indicating you are achieving personal growth and development. Do you see yourself in any of these signs?

1. You’re in the world but not part of it

You find yourself more aware and have a greater panoramic view of the world than before. However, you get the idea that you’re in the world but not part of it. In short, you feel like you’re more in a detached ‘observer mode’ with regards to the circumstances surrounding.

2. You have a greater sense of purpose

Having a greater sense of purpose in life means that you are clearer than before about what goals to achieve and spend less time related to things that are the opposite, considered to be time wasting. You want to spend more time on developing skills, getting healthier… etc.

3. Splitting from old relationships and finding new ones

The ‘new you’ no longer wants to be with people consistent with the ‘old you.’ You want to find relationships supportive of your personal growth and development.

4. Greater feeling of responsibility

From having a greater understanding of how you can be ‘at cause’ in your life there comes a greater feeling of responsibility. For personal effectiveness, one of life’s golden statements is the saying ‘I am responsible.’

5. Always questioning

You find yourself questioning things more, not easily accepting the consensus of the masses or authority figures. If something comes up contrary to your gut feeling, findings or opinion you have to enquire… and don’t fall shy of expressing your views. You find that life is something to be lived as an enquiry, allowing you to gain more insight.

6. Have a stronger sense of identity

You realise that your individuality is your biggest strength and will speak up for yourself and act accordingly. However, appropriateness comes into play and your increased communication skills allow you to deal more effectively with situations than before, having a greater sense of acceptance for others at the same time.

7. Get more from the simpler or finer things in life

You have a greater realisation that having a good time doesn’t necessarily mean spending a lot of money. Your increased awareness allows you to appreciate the finer or simpler things in life. You see beauty in so many things surrounding such as that in nature or people…

8. Closer to God

People I’ve spoken to who have taught personal growth and development say that the enlightenment attained gets reported by many participants saying they find themselves closer to God. Indeed the report that they are closer to God is subject to much interpretation but there are common denominators: Some say that they have a stronger sense of what is love, whether it’s in relationships or unconditional. From this it is reported that enlightened individuals find themselves more caring.

-So that concludes my 8 signs indicating achievement of personal growth and development. Like I said this is not an exhaustive account and you may have different ideas or perhaps thought of other signs. How did you do? Did you see yourself in any of these signs?

After reading this perhaps you might want to start your own life-changing personal growth and development plan?

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Finding Personal, Group and Global Solutions Through Multidimensionalism

By Paul A Philips

Do you have a persistent problem constantly digging at your ribs? Well, maybe this article might just be enough to give you the edge on what’s needed to solve it. The article addresses the nature of problems and how it is possible to see things differently and find solutions. It therefore requires your participation…

The problem

Before looking at solutions using multidimensionality, be it for personal, group or global effectiveness, first it is necessary to identify the nature of a problem.

What is the nature of a problem?

Basically, it goes like this. A person finds they have a problem in life: Something’s happened and the situation they now find themselves in gets interpreted as a problem. The interpretation is the operative here. The interpretation has the effect of limiting one’s self: It’s like gluing one foot to the ground greatly restricting freedom of movement…

Indeed, there are other ways of seeing the situation, but many people find it hard to see outside of their interpretation and limited viewpoint. Comments like ‘It’s just the way it is…’ may only highlight this. Indeed, the interpretation may extend to upset, disappointment and all the dramas displayed; anger tantrums, frustrations, moans and groans…etc., which only keeps them even more stuck through the negativity.

The solution

The solution is to realize the restrictedness of the interpretation, that there are other ways of seeing the situation… What happens when we are open to the possibility that there are other ways of seeing things which could provide a solution? The answer lies in realizing the nature of reality and who we really are.

When people get the realization that who we really are is not just material ‘meat and wire bodies’ having 5 senses confined in a material world; that we are multidimensional spiritual beings then a shift can occur that allows us to operate on a higher level.

We do this by not getting stuck on the interpretation. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the limited viewpoint is wrong, but just acknowledge that something may be going on that cannot be seen at the moment. So, instead of just thinking about the problem the main focus of attention goes to finding a solution.

Multidimensional consciousness operates on a level we may not be aware of or know how. However, a willingness to be in touch with it but escaping the restrictions of the interpretation allows cause and effect to happen.

Whether it’s for personal, group, or global effectiveness, this is a real opportunity.

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Are You Of Service To Self Or Others?

By Paul A Philips

Just Imagine for a moment drawing a large rectangle. This rectangle represents everything the average person says in a day or a week or a month or in year… Now, in your mind’s eye imagine shading in a very small area within the rectangle. The small shaded area represents what the average person says that actually means something in his/her life. -Is this how you see yourself?

The point is if you have read my other articles then you’ll know that this is my way of reaching out to you. To get you into action and do something about this sinking ship called planet Earth with its inhabitants. Most people have no idea about the awful plans the hidden powers that be have for the human race with their secret dehumanisation program intended for you, your children and their children to be.

This is your clarion call to action to do something about it. Indeed, it’s a ‘do or die’ situation and to reiterate what I’ve been saying in previous articles, there are 3 things needed to be done.

1. Spreading the word

Shine a light on the criminal cabal to expose the deception and their heinous crimes. Let your friends and family know… Let the world know what’s really going behind the ‘theatre of illusion’ believed by many to be real and encourage others to spread the word just like you. The world needs this more than anything.

2. Do your inner work

The world ‘out there’ is only a mirror reflection of what’s going on with us ‘in there’ with you. In other words, though changing our inner world by monitoring our thoughts, feelings, emotions and intentions, the power of manifestation, meditation, prayer… we can create synergistically an outcome where there will be love, peace and light in the world and the criminal cabal will no longer have an effect.

3. Chose

This one simply means a way of going about the above 2 things. Chose love over fear, calmness instead anger, peace not war, communication over silence and freedom over tyranny…

Don’t underestimate yourself. Insignificance is an illusion. You are more than just a 5 sense meat-and-wires body. There are higher multidimensional levels of reality and you as a conscious being operates on these levels. You can make a difference to the world.

The choice is up to you. Are you in or out?

-Like I said: Are you of service to self or others?

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