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Athletes, Cheerleaders And Personal Trainers In Miami

During a professional sporting event, cheerleaders are present to help fans root for their team when they are winning, and occasionally distract them if they are losing. Any professional athlete will tell you that there is a marked difference in how they perform when people are cheering versus when the audience is subdued. As physical as it all seems, there is a mental aspect to what they do as well, and without the support, they can feel undermined and less than motivated.

In a sense, that makes them no different than you or I when it comes to working out. Granted, they may have a few extra plates on the bar they are bench pressing, but some days, they can find the motivation hard to locate just like anyone else. They can question the results they are getting, wondering if it is worth it and fight the urge to just crawl back into bed. In other words, they can be human, too.

They might seem like the last people who would need personal training. Miami is full of athletes – college, professional and retired – and as much drive as they have on their own, they need the help and guidance just like everyone else. One part of personal training that helps people reach their goals is the ability of the trainer to mix up the regimen so a person keeps growing. After several weeks of doing the same routine over and over, a person’s body plateaus, and it requires more effort to get diminishing results. A personal trainer knows different programs, different ways to target various muscle groups, and also specific exercises designed to focus on weaknesses that the athlete needs to overcome.

That is, of course, a big part of what personal trainers do, but it is only one part. The other is to be that voice in the person’s ear. The voice that says “you can do this,” the voice that pushes them to make two more reps, the voice that challenges them to step it up in their boot camp class and the voice that gets them out of bed every morning. That support, that mental aspect of letting them know they are doing well, is just as crucial to their success as anything else.

Think about it. A professional athlete spends his or her offseason thinking about the goals they have for the upcoming year: returning as a starter, recording more sacks, winning the Super Bowl. Even with that to look forward to, they still need the physical and mental guidance of a personal trainer. What goals do you have set out for yourself? Lose ten pounds? Fit into that dress for your high school reunion? Or just to find a way to live a healthier lifestyle. If a professional athlete in Miami can ask for help, don’t you think you can, too?

Spice Up Your Workout!

Once you finally get into a good workout routine, there’s nothing like it. The rhythm of a good routine is so important to continuing to maintain that exercise habit. Once you fall out of it, starting up again is almost more difficult than starting in the first place! The trick is to make sure you are frequently updating your routine. Introducing new group training Miami classes, for example, every few months can be a great way of keeping things different. Stability and consistancy in your workout is necessary but too much of it can create a total lack of mental stimulation, and without that, motivation tends to run low. Staying in routine while staying out of total constricting predictability can be a hard balance to find. Here are some suggestions on how to keep that excitement going.

If you love to jog and have a favorite predictable route, it may be time to substitute every third run or so with a new location. This is one that has kept my routine alive for years! I’m blessed to live near several wonderful parks with many different trails. Every few jogs, I make a conscious decision to run somewhere I’ve either never run before, or haven’t run in a while. This deepens my appreciation for my regular route while also keeping things interesting. Although I never have been much of a fan of treadmills, I have been known to schedule a run at my local air conditioned gym just to give myself a break from the same scenery.

I also try and make time to use personal training Miami classes as a way of identifying my problem areas, or places I’d like to work on physically, and then trying new exercises or classes to focus on those areas. Boot camp style Miami workouts were a great suggestion made by a trainer at my local gym, and I’ve been a fan ever since. Sometimes, getting that outside sports performance professional opinion can be a lifesaver when it comes to breaking up the monotony of your own practice.

Keeping that mental energy up is just as important as the physical challenge, so I try to make time to watch documentaries, inspirational films, and read texts relating to the fitness world. It’s a great way of reminding me why I’m doing what I’m doing. I am striving for a better, healthier lifestyle, and when it starts to get boring, sometimes I just need a good underdog success story to boost me back up. Getting inspired to keep working out is vital for me and many others. It keeps us feeling good about the amount of time and energy we put into ourselves, especially when things start to feel scripted, too routine, or just plain boring.

Keeping ourselves in good workout habits can be a constant struggle. There is always more that we can do to keep our bodies and minds as attuned as possible to good health, better energy and great habits. Keep up the good work and don’t give up!