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5 Golden Statements for Handling Life Effectively!

By Paul A Philips

Living a life based on chosen words or statements can be truly empowering. Words, when lived by, not only exist to create the future by taking actions consistent with what you said you’d do but also they make things manifest with your way of being.

Put another way, words serve as a self-fulfilling prophecy. So be careful with what you say as it can have an effect on the outcome… For example, the statement ‘it’s just my luck that…’ could manifest something undesired because you said that would happen!

Living a life based on recognising the power of your word can mean the difference between being at cause with things as opposed to allowing yourself to be subject to the unpredictable wheel of circumstance. Which will you chose?

So, bearing this in mind, here are my 5 golden statements for handling life effectively.

1. I am responsible

Responsibility at least at times can be quite misunderstood. To some responsibility implies more burden; more problems to deal with… but it doesn’t have to be interpreted this way. Responsibility can be wholly embraced: The more responsibility embraced the more control you have in your life.

2. I am self-sufficient

Self-sufficiency is the key to life-handling. How can you ever really grow when you’re not self-sufficient? Self-sufficiency is stability, having a job, enough money, satisfying relationships… When people don’t achieve this they spend most of their time stuck on fear, anxiety, worry… living life one day at a time, preventing real growth, fulfilment and living a life that’s nurturing…

3. If I can’t see it I won’t handle it

In other words if there are things you cannot handle in life then it could be that you’re not aware of the full picture. For example, in business, companies know that having full visibility in the supply chain means minimising the risk. Or, if something is not working in your life then it’s necessary to have the realization that something’s missing; that you need to look outside of your current paradigm and see the bigger picture…

4. Face the communication

This golden statement can be compared to the old adage ‘what you resist will persist’ as in the case of communication. Someone willing to face the communication with whatever shows up in life is a person well and truly committed to living life to the full!

Someone who shy’s away or will not deal with a particular area of communication will have difficult or confronting situations forever showing up in life as patterns related to what it is they will not face the communication in.

For example, the woman who will not tolerate bad language around her will inevitably be forever shocked or offended… Then there’s those who ‘dry up’ in the conversation because someone has touched upon certain areas they cannot confront… This one may be an ego issue…

5. I will not be a victim

Life will show up as a consequence of where you are consciously at: Life manifests as a result of your thoughts, considerations, attitude, emotional behaviour, feelings… and if all this is to a certain extent associated with negativity then you could well end up in situations where you are a victim.

-What goes on internally will manifest externally.

I never underestimate the power to say to myself “I will not be a victim,” making sure that my thoughts, considerations, attitude, emotional behaviour, feelings… do not pull me in to victim conscious. Hence the saying “I am not a victim.” Since the world’s population has a truly overwhelming number of victims I would never underestimate this golden statement.

So, there you have my 5 golden statements for handling life effectively!

I’m sure you could think of other golden statements to live by like mottos… To this end I do hope that this has inspired you!

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Overcoming Victim Consciousness: The Power Lies Within You!

By Paul A Philips

For generation upon generation the human race has been mislead into thinking that cause and effect in life over many different things is something external to them and in doing so have become victims through their own making: Victims because they have designated the responsibility and power of cause and effect over things to someone or some other external source.

How do you expect to be effective in life if you think that the circumstances are outside of your control..?

To overcome the pains and frustrations of victimhood, to take control of their lives or rightful ownership, humans must realize that responsibility is something to be embraced, not shrugged. Thus, the power lies within you and it is from this the shift from ‘victim’ to ‘victor’ will result.

Here are some examples to explain.

The medical/pharmaceutical establishment has intervened in human health to such an extent that many only see the destiny of their wellbeing in the hands of a doctor… Truth is, doctors know a lot about illness but because they have had little training in nutrition or naturopathy know far less than many people realise when it comes to health and well-being.

The solution is to take responsibility for your health. Health and wellbeing exists in making sure you get yourself good nutrition, have an effective outlook on life, exercise and avoid toxicity.

In many religions the human race has been misleading into thinking that God is something external to them: the “Big Boss in the sky” concept comes up a lot. How can people blindly accept the idea that this unimaginably big God created them as tiny, tiny creatures then demands that they worship Him and gets angry and jealous along the way..? If this is the case then God has quite an ego problem! The “Big Boss in the sky” concept is a deception. It has been manufactured to mind control and manipulate people into passivity for power; profit and political gain.

Who you really are is an extension of God, Goddess, All-There-Is, so the power to make things manifest comes from within you.

Whether through ignorance, apathy, deception or laziness… the human race has allowed uncaring, highly corrupt and sometimes even psychotic individuals to run their political affairs. To take back our rightful ownership of this planet certain people are needed look into political affairs and assert themselves as genuine, caring, independent individuals, separate to the corrupt major political parties currently running for office…

This will take time to go into effect but as increasing numbers of successful independent candidates form, the more effective they will be at expressing the real voice of We-the-people united in a common humane cause.

On similar lines with politics, the lawmakers have made certain rules and regulations favouring the rich and powerful with their agendas receiving few responses in the way of protest from the people at large… Again We-the-people need to assert laws based what is decent, fair and honest.

Basically, in education, young people have been brought up and trained to fit into the boxes made for them by the system: After leaving the system, like a cog-in-the-wheel they will fit into and function in one of these boxes designed to make money for the corporate driven greed machine…

Who you really are is an ‘individual.’ When someone or something like the education system programmes you to become a cog-in-the-wheel you lose your power by not being able to think, feel and be yourself. Thus you become a victim. Indeed the solution is to escape; think, feel and be yourself.

Then there’s those who have been mislead into believing that ET’s will rescue the human race and their sinking ship planet Earth. One of the hallmarks of a victims is that they think they will be rescued. True, the people and the planet need serious attention but ultimately only we can recue ourselves and Mother Earth…

In summary

Like all the above circumstances, the shift from victim to victor starts with the realization that the power lies within you.

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